Egypt’s caretaker Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said that deposed President Mohamed Morsi, whose current location is unknown, is receiving good treatment.

Amr told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on that Morsi “is not free to go around, but he is treated very well.”


“And this is also for his own safety; we are going through a very turbulent time,” the new FM pointed out.

So much caring.

FM Amr, who resigned from Morsi’s government as mass protests against his rule had begun, but agreed to continue temporarily as a caretaker minister, would not disclose the former president’s location.

“I do not know exactly where he is,” he claimed.

Some in Egypt believe Morsi is being held at the Republican Guard HQ in Cairo. Many of his supporters, members of his Muslim Brotherhood movement, staged a sit-in outside the building that ended in clashes with the Armed Forces on Monday, resulting in 51 dead and at least 435 injured.