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November 23, 2014 / 1 Kislev, 5775
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NY Islamists Object to ‘Jihad’, Muslim Descriptions of al-Qaeda Terrorists

Just don't mention that the terrorists were Muslims

Just don't mention that the terrorists were Muslims
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Radical Islamist groups in the United States have asked curators at the National September 11 Memorial Museum, set to open on May 21, to censor derogatory references about al-Qaeda in order not to offend Muslims.

Islamist groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and at least one imam from a mosque in lower Manhattan say a six-minute film entitled The Rise of al-Qaeda would “greatly offend” Muslim visitors to the museum because it refers to Jihad and the fact that the hijackers were Muslim.

“Unsophisticated visitors who do not understand the difference between al-Qaeda and Muslims may come away (from the movie) with a prejudiced view of Islam, leading to antagonism and even confrontation toward Muslim believers near the site,” said Sheikh Mustafa Elazabawy,an imam at  Masjib Manhattan, a mosque located about a mile from the site where Muslim terrorists murdered nearly 3000 people in the Twin Towers attack a decade ago.

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Elazabawy has not shown the acceptance of Jews that he now demands on behalf of Muslims. His past statements include an accusation that Jews “killed the Prophets and Messengers” and that they are a”cancer … in every generation as they get in power.”

The IPT website also said that during the 2008 Operation Cast Lead, Elazabawy quoted Quranic verses depicting Jews as mischievous and corrupt. He has also blamed Jews for unrest in Afghanistan,  Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and Somalia.He also reportedly accused Israeli leaders Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon of murdering pregnant Palestinian women for sport.

“They kill our children. It’s halal [kosher] for them. It is a hero. It is a victory … Begin and Sharon in 1967, they used to bring the Palestinian women, pregnant Palestinian women. They used to bet between both of them is it son or girl, boy or girl, between Sharon and Begin. And then after all what they did, they killed with a knife, and they opened the belly of the woman to find out if there is a boy or there is a girl. If they found it’s a boy, they killed the boy and they leave it exactly the same what Pharaoh did with them before,” Elazabawy reportedly said.

Notably, Elazabawy is clearly not anti-Semitic. He has reportedly embraced Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, head of the radical anti-Zionist Netuei Karta who has said that that Zionism is ”rooted in… a rebellion against God.

About the Author: Avi is a news writer for The Jewish Press. In the past, he has covered Israel and the Jewish world for Israel National News, Ami magazine and other international media.

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78 Responses to “NY Islamists Object to ‘Jihad’, Muslim Descriptions of al-Qaeda Terrorists”

  1. Irene Solnik says:

    it is what it is………so………..

  2. Really dumb for them to request this being as these a Devils are the cause of 9/11 !

  3. Why don’t they just ask to say it was a bunch of homeless people?? What crap.

  4. I would offend those SOB’s every day.What they caused in this country on 9/11 with the thousands killed horribly and billions in losses-maybe we should kiss their filthy butts and say we forget.

  5. WTF….these are the guys that did it Right

  6. Alan Saul says:

    Who the F cares what they want now. It was okay for they to bring the buildings down, killing 2700 innocents and then their buddies danced in the streets world wide in celebration, but they might now be offended.

  7. Rohan Menon says:

    Why would these radicals want to censor derogatory statements about al Qaeda? What al Qaeda did that day was a horrible act of terror and as an american I’d UNCENSOR those statements

  8. The truth hurts but needs to be stated even just for historical accuracy my friends…..when have we seen action on your part to get your Muslim friends to legitimize the State of Israel and seek peace not just with Israelis and Palestinians, but with all that surround Israel too.

  9. Jim Crawford says:

    If the shoe fits…

  10. This is the plight of shariah. They are beginning the attempt to revise history.

  11. Mike Stewart says:

    When those twin towers fell all of America was offended so get over it.

  12. John Wests says:

    Truth hurts doesn’t it monsters

  13. Jean Kinney says:


  14. Stuart Wragg says:

    What is it that they need to be ashamed of I wonder?

  15. Islam is not a religion, is pure terrorism, you must fight against this malignant ideology.

  16. sad commentary they need to wake up and figure out why this is happening and fix it

  17. The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me G-d. For the sake of the mankind.
    Don’t let them( liars) to rewrite what happens.
    Do it for the sake of our future generations.
    America deserves it.

  18. Please don’t make me throw up they don’t like it let them move back to their sand huts

  19. Karen Bryant says:

    It will be interesting to see what they do.

  20. I object them being here and trying to tell us what and what not to do. We as a America need to stand up to this Mess. Send them all packing back to there own country’s. we will wave our flags say our prayers and read our bibles . Deport all of them

  21. Screw you! We don’t care if you are offended or not.

  22. The sedition they practice is constant insipid and destructive.
    It’s time to call a terrorist organization a terrorist organization.

  23. Debi Lovell says:

    wth, they better not bow down to these people

  24. its a wonder they dont try to blame israel

  25. Carolin Knox says:

    This is like leaving out Hitler at the Holocaust Museum.

  26. i for one want to offend every Muslim.

  27. A “RADICAL” Muslim is an “Obedient” to the Qur’an and Hadiths Muslim…They Devour Their OWN…Don’t be Offended..But Know they are NOT Obeying the Commandment to LEAVE that Place where “THEY” Are Being “OFFENDING”..SO They Play AT BEING The VICTIMS …Say Goodbye to YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM OF WORSHIP.

  28. Jim Little says:

    Wow,did I offend you?

  29. Satan was on top of the building, and if you censor, you are not helping.

  30. JoAnn Morris says:

    If it was not jihad, then what the hell was it!!

  31. Of course. How can we offend muslims? They will only perpetuate terrorism more. Or is there “more”?

  32. Haley Chace says:

    Not a Chance you Murdering Freaks!

  33. Tough is right!!!

  34. James C Baer says:

    Okay, say it anyway you want to. all Americans know it was radical ISLAMIST terrorists. There were zero white, Irish Catholic terrorists, African American Baptists, Indian Hindus…they were Muslims.

  35. I am not sure it was islamists who made the atack, I think it was self inflicted.

  36. These people are so offensive.

  37. Usani Utum says:

    The mission of religion of peace is to killed, they should be expelled from USA

  38. what a question to ask…. do they think they’ll get a free pass for doing this?

  39. Too bad, they can go back to their countries if they disagree. Whenever they allow churches, synagogues and equal rights to non-Mohammedans in their lands, they can ask for special dispensations on language here.

  40. I bet the Towers were apartheid buildings occupied by Zionists and had to be liberated before they started a holocaust. The city of New York, the US, and families of all those people imprisoned by Zionists liberated (killed) by those planes are not even grateful to Al-Qaeda.

  41. How about “pilot error”?

  42. Grateful for your rapist lust prophet followers?

  43. Right! How could such a charge be acknowledged without extreme satire? These folk cannot be serious. They are probably laugh hysterically that anyone took them seriously.

  44. All of those Terrorist Groups and these Muslim Fundamentalists Groups who want to distort, control and pressure those to think like they do…can all BLOW ME!

  45. Mandy Jacobs says:

    It’s becoming like the UK this all seems to be happening more and more since OBAMA
    Becoming Pesident . It’s surprising they haven’t asked
    To build a mosque on Ground Ziro !!!

  46. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Funny they leave the countries they run away from come to the west and then they try to change the west and try to make it an Islamic country
    That’s what there doing in England and there geting away with it don’t let it happen to the USA .

  47. Gail Sados says:

    Can this really be true…shows their true colors and their association with the terrorists!

  48. John Wayne says:


  49. Gene Strong says:

    Muslims do not want peace with Israel
    Muslims want another holocaust
    Stop trying to appease them.
    Appeasement did not work on Hitler.
    Take full control.and annex Jerusalem Gaza and west bank. Remove all dissidents and their families immediately. No more Muslim enclaves. Syria is about to become a.serious danger. Liberal American Jews are a cancer in israel.

  50. Gideon Jones says:

    This just in. The German government objects to German’s being associated with the Holocaust and have asked curators to remove all associations made between The Holocaust and Germany. Any mention of Hitler, Germany, The SS or other german sounding items will only further Germanophobia and and discriminatory.

  51. Gideon Jones says:

    This just in. The German government objects to German’s being associated with the Holocaust and have asked curators to remove all associations made between The Holocaust and Germany. Any mention of Hitler, Germany, The SS or other german sounding items will only further Germanophobia and and discriminatory.

  52. Little Joe says:

    Screw Islam – Allah ****s pigs

  53. Little Joe says:

    Screw Islam – Allah ****s pigs

  54. Ohhh i see, All praise their sacrificed sons…

  55. It seems like the Muslims are succeeding to to dictate policy in the US. BAD news for us if we give in. Tell them to return the their country of origin if they do not like it here or want to live under OUR Constitution.

  56. It seems like the Muslims are succeeding to to dictate policy in the US. BAD news for us if we give in. Tell them to return the their country of origin if they do not like it here or want to live under OUR Constitution.

  57. It seems like the Muslims are succeeding to to dictate policy in the US. BAD news for us if we give in. Tell them to return the their country of origin if they do not like it here or want to live under OUR Constitution.


  59. Who cares what they object to. Leave!

  60. Who cares what they object to. Leave!

  61. Who cares what they object to. Leave!

  62. hate the truth, do they??

  63. What is "peas", and why must we give vegetables a chance?

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