The New York Police Department several years investigated Kahane Chai, a militant Jewish group, for threats against Rabbi Shmuley Boteach but never told him, according to internal NYPD documents obtained by the Tablet website.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) asked the NYPD’s intelligence division to monitor the group in the late 2000s after anti-Boteach comments were posted on,


“He commits incessant chilluley hashem and for that imho deserves death,” a website moderator on wrote in 2007, using the online name Doom777. “Someone shoot Shmuley Boteach,” the individual wrote a year later.

The NYPD launched a Terrorism Enterprise Investigation into the postings, enabling it to use informants and undercover officers to monitor Kahane Chai, which the State Department designated as a terrorist group in 1994. The NYPD’s investigation appears to have focused on web postings and online forums rather than infiltration of Kahanist groups, Tablet reported.

Boteach, a celebrity rabbi who wrote “Kosher Sex” and ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year from New Jersey, told Tablet that he was never informed of the threats.

Nobody appears to have been charged in connection with the online postings, according to the documents.



  1. Aged 18, I arrived in Israel from the UK to study at Hebrew University in 1978. One of my first experiences was hearing Meir Kahane speak in the car park (he was banned from campus). I did not know who he was. He spoke with an increasing crescendo, accompanied by a drummer getting louder and louder. He offered to personally drive all the arabs to the Jordan border. His vocal style was like that of a fascist dictator. It felt weird that a Jew could speak like that. I presume these people are his disciples. Oy vey.

  2. Anthony, your mother must cry that she gave mirth to you as a fool.
    Rabbi Kahane was the first Jew since Judah Maccabee that fought back against attacks on Jews and instilled pride to Jews – whether they wanted to know it or not. I remember his chant and I shout it today:
    " Jewish blood is not cheap". He was there protesting for Soviet Jewry, protecting Jewish institutions, etc. I was with him. Where were you? I guess you owe your cozy protection to your mom who did not encourage you to stand together and protect Jews wherever they needed it. So you came to Israel to enjoy the safety of the Jewish homeland with other Jews protecting you as Israeli soldiers while you enjoyed your youth and then went home to the UK.
    When you returned to the UK< did the queen and her subjects welcome you be as royality or as a parasite?

  3. Oi vey! Gantze tzuris! Kahane Chai didn't kill nobody in 20+ years, but if it still exists, it may kill somebody every 100 years or so. There may be a long list of targets headed by Zawahiri & Nosair who are still alive. List is a few million names long. No? All the Soney Yisroel are there. Is Boteach a goy? Whom did he pissed off?

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