Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90
IAF launches flares over Gaza.

Overnight the IDF expanded its operations against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

The IDF spokesperson tweeted,

“We are currently expanding our ground operation against Hamas in Gaza. Our goal remains, to strike a significant blow to Hamas’ terror capabilities so that the citizens of Israel can live in safety and security.”


Israeli citizens along the Gaza border reported seeing Gaza all lit up for hours, and hearing a lot of loud explosions.

Two additional IDF soldiers were killed yesterday in separate incidents:

2nd Lt. Bar Rahav HY”D killed by anti-tank fire (RPG)

Sgt. Bnaya Rubel HY”D killed by a terrorist who popped out of a terror tunnel.

21 IDF soldiers are currently hospitalized with various degrees of injuries.

For the first time since Operation Protective Edge began, despite 14 rockets launched at Israel which landed in open areas, there was no need to launch Iron Dome to intercept any rockets overnight.

Since the ground operation began:

36 terror tunnels have been found so far, filled with weapons, explosives and booby-traps.

85 terrorists have been killed. 20 on Saturday.

450 terror targets have been eliminated.

Hamas is showing signs that it might be trying to get a cease fire through Egypt, without losing face.



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