Two rockets were fired from the Hamas controlled area of Gaza during the controversial release of 26 terrorists, as a gesture to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

One rocket hit in an open area near Sderot. No injuries were reported.


The second rocket landed within Gaza.



  1. SOLUTION: Rather than to bus the murding terrorists to Gaza and Ramalahh, the mode of trandsport shoudl be attaching these murders to missles and firing them to Gaza and Ramallah satisfying everyone. Jews will not have to pay for the welfare-feeding, clothing the terrorists inside the warm coze Israeli jails(with things they do not have in Gaza), cant be used to placate the Arabs, these terorists then can go to hell and satisfy their lust for 70 virgins since they cannot satisfy their own living women, the splattered blood on the Gazans and Ramallah is then a reality, Guards at the jail can serve in the defence of Israeli borders. the economy not not pay for guarding these murderers and re-allocating the funds to the Holocaust survivors. Hence, everyone is happy.

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