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Three soldiers were killed in a blast rigged with explosives in southern Gaza, the IDF announced Wednesday evening. An confirmed rumor stated that the building belonged to UNRWA, and The Jewish Press will update the report if it is verified.

The death toll in the Protect Edge counter-terror war now stands at 56.


Two of the fallen soldiers were identified as Staff Sergeant Matan Gotlib, 21, from Rishon LeZion and Staff Sergeant, Omer Hay, 21, from Savion. Both soldiers were from the ‘Maglan’ elite combat unit and were killed in combat in southern Gaza.

The name of the third soldier has yet to be published.

IDF soldiers on Wednesday also  detonated the route of a tunnel in Gaza, uncovered several additional tunnel access points and killed two terrorists emerging from one of them.

The IAF also targeted a squad of over five terrorists who were planting a concealed explosive device in southe

At least 27 soldiers were injured in clashes in Gaza on Wednesday, which was supposed to feature a four-hour truce that never happened.

Hamas continued to shoot rockets at Israel, firing 27 after the humanitarian truce was supposed to start at 3 p.m.(8 a.m. EDT).



  1. Is is so sad that an entire generation of children have been raised and brainwashed into believing its right to kill and sacrifice themselves for evil purposes. I pray that Truth will come to light and a nation of people will be free and saved from useless, senseless killing and sacrificing of women and children and young men. My heart breaks for these people. I do not hate them…..I am sorry for them. How horrible to have such hate rule your life daily and bring you no peace… education……….no food……….no shelter…… love or family to care for………………only death and funerals and talk of more killing and hating others who know they have been taught wrong!

  2. Sad.while we wish the brave soldier restorative healing we also hope that this scenerio would reveal to the world the ill utopia intention of hamas and all its supporters who fabricated the ideology as they are against humanity

  3. Prayer for IDF…… G-d of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, bless Israel Defense Forces soldiers, who stand on guard of our country and our God from the Lebanon border to Egypt and the great thing to come West on land and in the air. Let God grant us the ability and victory. Hakadosh, Baruch Hashem will save us from all trouble and distress and affliction and sickness and send blessing and prosperity every handiwork. Appeal to Him, so that greater the salvation and victory will be ours. Do not be afraid: because the Lord your God goes with you to fight your enemies to save you: Amen.

  4. May the Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, please protect the IDF, the Israeli people (place a special hedge around the elderly, the children and the disabled), and the land of Israel, as the apple of Your eye, also please protect the pets and the animals, hide them under the shadow of Your wings, from the wicked that oppress them, from Israels deadly enemies who compass around them. Amein.

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