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May 23, 2015 / 5 Sivan, 5775
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Two Arrested for Anti-Pope Posters

Israeli police have arrested 2 Jerusalem residents on Friday, for posters that called on the Pope to leave Israel, and return all the looted artifact that the Romans stole from the Second Temple, according to a Jerusalem Post report.

Many believe that the stolen artifacts ended up in the Vatican.

Either way, so much for free speech.

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51 Responses to “Two Arrested for Anti-Pope Posters”

  1. Religious Tolerance..Peace. PLEASE

  2. David Brooks says:

    Arrest all thought criminals!

  3. Jaden Perry says:

    More Jews should call for this.

  4. Rob Eskanos says:

    I agree with the posters. they have a right to be right and arresting those that are right is wrong.

  5. they should be given an award, there is no peace, unless you want to surrender and get your head kicked it, all in peace

  6. Peaceful protest is a cornerstone of democracy!

  7. Shame on Israel for having laws that allow people to be arrested for this .

  8. Hmm, no free speech? Dictatorship in Israel?

  9. Irene Solnik says:

    they have a right to protest……..shame on Israel.

  10. bless Yah for those who will risk jail to tell the truth …… the pope is and false prophet and evil

  11. Mitzi Green says:

    Why are they being arrested ..for speaking what should have been said eons ago

  12. Stella Webby says:

    They should NOT have been arrested for this poster protest. And the pope should willingly give back to Israel any artifacts that belong to Israel.

  13. Commentary is just that – history is that too! Everything in every museum and gallery strictly Israeli? If not ya think they will like the song says “Give it away give it away now?” I betcha not….

  14. Jane Folkard says:

    Yes. Return the stolen artifacts. Now! What’s the pope doing there? He’s just a man.

  15. Kimesu Ibrah says:

    Theproblem is that may be the Protesters were extremely correct, that only makes them vulnerable to politicians b’se No Politician Speaks the truth

  16. Verona John says:

    God’s Nation: the Kingdom! trust the Word of God.

  17. -
    That’s the real face of the “Israeli” gov’t behind Bibi’s bull**** for you.
    Just in case you had any doubts whose side the “Israeli” gov’t is on.

  18. Gil Gilman says:

    They should return all their looted treasures.

  19. Mary Hale says:

    the pope does not represent me or thousands of other Christians,he is a Roman and the head of the Roman church..a church that the Spanish inquisition took place under, crusades that murdered and butchered thousands of Jewish people..as far as I'm concerned, the Roman church will be a part of the anti -Christ in the last days..and they also took part in the Holocaust..


  21. Judith Dowla says:

    Free Speech within reason(s). I suppose the people involved in the Anti-Pope episode need to find out for the next time what is acceptable and what is not. In other words find out the rules first before taking a stand. Do it legally I presume. Yes, I have heard over time too that the Vatican has stolen items in it collected over time. What can anyone to about that? Suppose they could find out the legal way to obtain the so called stolen items. I wish them good luck.

  22. Judith Dowla says:

    Mary, all the different Christian groups can be very confusing from Mormans to Jehovah Witnesses to Baptist to Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Who has it right. Which group of Christians is on the right pathway? An inquiring mind would like to know.

  23. Judith Dowla says:

    That is news to me. Guess I better do a bit more excavating.

  24. Jacob Maslow says:

    While many are shunning israel the pope is coming to visit. We need all the friends we can get. This is also a pretty good pope who is willing to engage in dialogue. There are jewish organizations that have access to the pope. The protesters can work with them. I agree that people should be free to express themselves.

  25. Judith Dowla says:

    A building is only a building, an artifact only an artifact. What really counts is the Complete Jewish Bible and the information within it. The pathway to life is where it is at.

  26. Judith Dowla says:

    Yes, Sientje, you would take them down carefully, shred them in a shredder and pop them in a bag and into the recycle bin they would go. You are such a lady with a good sense of humor.

  27. I see the two arrested as terrorist. Saluna

  28. They’re right. Why should they be arrested?

  29. Arrest those faithful lovers of truth??!! Why respect the butchers of thy people?!

  30. Judith Dowla
    Scroll down to the English on this page if you don't read Hebrew:

  31. The pope should return any artifacts taken.

  32. Gene Strong says:

    How about throwing the Muslims off of the temple mount first.?

  33. they told the truth! Some brave people. I am sure that major pieces are hidden in his basements that belong to the Jewish people, open your safes!

  34. they told the truth! Some brave people. I am sure that major pieces are hidden in his basements that belong to the Jewish people, open your safes!

  35. they told the truth! Some brave people. I am sure that major pieces are hidden in his basements that belong to the Jewish people, open your safes!

  36. ok, this is dumb. The Romans that stole artifacts are now Italians. It has nothing to do with the Vatican. There was not even a Vatican or Roman Catholic church at that time! Even though I don’t support the Pope’s travel and meetings with terrorists, this is a stupid and silly thing. It’s ok to protest, but get your facts right!

  37. You all have your facts wrong. The Vatican has no stolen artifacts from Israel. If they are even still there, Italy has them.

  38. The protestors were NOT correct, that is the issue here anyway

  39. They should be allowed to protest

  40. You may have noticed by now how almost no one does their research, checks history, or bothers to find out if the story is true. Have you also noticed how they don’t read your posts but they sure like to comment?

  41. Everyone should be allowed to protest – just make sure you have your facts straight and aren’t blindly following propaganda.

  42. I know….. for many people it is just ‘love to like’ ‘love to air my opinion’ and they think everything they see on the internet is true (as long as it confirms what they think or feel). Many people have become members of a brainless generation, bowing over their phones at Starbucks making pictures of their coffee and getting angry within a second without knowing what they are angry about.

  43. get your facts right!

  44. get your facts right!

  45. get your facts right

  46. Let them protest the Pope should get the church to return any stolen artifacts back to Israel

  47. I believe that there are artifacts in the Vatican that should be returned to Israel I don’t like statements for the sake of it. I have been to Israel and have seen so much of the artifacts that are for all Christians with Catholic sites over them such as the birth place of Jesus or the home of Peter these are for all Christians not just Catholics. I know that these are not in the Vatican but there would artifacts that are.

  48. Kay Xiarras says:

    basically, two arrested for crying out the truth…

  49. Jesus says I AM the Way,The Truth and the Life.John 14 :6 By faith believe.

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