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October 22, 2016 / 20 Tishri, 5777
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Ukrainian Jews Urged to Leave Kiev

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Riots in Kiev, February 2014

Riots in Kiev, February 2014
Photo Credit: totallycoolpix.com

In the wake of an escalation in clashes between Ukrainian protesters and government forces that have claimed the lives of more than 120 people in the past week, the Ukrainian Parliament voted Saturday to remove President Viktor Yanukovich from office and hold a new election on May 25. The Parliament also voted to free jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was then released Saturday from a prison hospital, Reuters reported. Yanukovich has fled his Kiev office.

On Friday Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman asked Kiev Jews to leave the city and, if possible, the country, due to fears that Jews might be targeted in the ongoing chaos. The Israel National News reported Friday that some Jewish shops have been vandalized and other threats to the Jewish community have been received.

“I told my congregation to leave the city center or the city all together and if possible the country too…I don’t want to tempt fate…but there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions,” Rabbi Azman told Maariv.

Protesters first flooded Kiev’s Independence Square, known as “Maidan,” in November 2013 to protest Yanukovych’s decision to freeze plans to join a free trade agreement with the European Union. Instead, Yanukovych indicated an intention to join the Eurasian Customs Union, an economic union envisioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin that is viewed as a precursor to a wider Eurasian Union of Eastern European countries and the Caucausus.

Until Monday, the opposition and the Ukrainian government appeared to be working toward an agreement, but the deal fell through. On Tuesday, protesters and government forces violently clashed again, leading to many casualties on both sides of the conflict in the past week.

“We contacted (Israeli) Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman requesting he assist us with securing the community,” said Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization of Ukraine’s Jews.

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  1. Ronny Mol says:

    Jewish history repeat. Like US and Euopean Jews they wait until the crisis, sell their homes and businesses for .10 cents on the dollar to survive another day. Wake up, your homeland is only Israel.

  2. Ukraine. scum of the earth nazi lovers and eager murder partners in the killing of Jews. especially Jewish children.

  3. Aryeh Sax says:

    Jewish Liberals rooting for one side or the other don't forget both sides hate you, and these people made great guards at Nazi Concentration Camps.

  4. Edward Lobel says:

    What is wrong with you? Don't conservatives have an opinion on which side wins? Or do you just hate Liberals so much that you have to denigrate them at every opportunity. If you ever lived In the United States you should be thankful that there are liberal as they gave you all your freedoms and working benefits you ever had.

    I am sure you are to ignorant to understand the America's founding fathers were all liberals! Yup, every single one of them, not a conservative in the bunch! And it was liberals who gave you social security, Medicare (which conservatives simply want to do away with,) 5 day work week (which some conservatives not want to do away with and institute a 7 day work week!) You should also thank liberals for vacation time, sick pay, getting health insurance through your employer at big discounts, so many other benefits can be attributed to liberals. Just think Liberals are responsible for child labor laws, no longer would a child have to work. Are you simply so ignorant that you have no idea of what you say

  5. And this is based on what exactly? Ukraine is 50 million of hard-working, peaceful people that were repressed, discriminated against, famined, and occupied by the soviets for oh so long. You sound like an angry old lady. Anger begets anger. Forgive them already. God bless you.

  6. Edward Lobel says:

    Vlad Khomutov My wife's grandparents fled Kiev because of the progroms against the Jews in the beginning of the 20th century. Then in the after the war they continued being Anti-Semitic, making life miserable for Jews. I may be inclined to forgive those who are still alive and participated in this anti-Semitism, but forget NEVER!

  7. where is your proof founding fathers were liberals.u lie conservatives want to take away ss how about trying to keep it solvent for future generations
    your illk represent what can i get for free . now. not caring about future american generations

  8. There are too few Jews to actually hate in Ukraine these days. This is a de facto justification of killing on the basis of race/ethnicity. The real targets are Russian ethnics, moved there originally by Stalin. 10,000,000 Russians! Let's get our fellow Jews out of there, but also beware of dangers to others as well; in the end, our concern for our non-brethren is important in this matter.

  9. Unfortunately, when the Jews tried to leave Germany after Hitler's election, barriers were increasingly erected. It is different now. The Jews are free to leave, as far as one can gather. They will do so soon.

  10. First of all – Roxanne – where are you getting your facts that someone is killing jews and russians in Ukraine? Would love to see those sources.

    Secondly, I think you people are missing the point entirely – the events in Ukraine are about removing the corrupt, rotten dictators and establishing a real democracy. No one is talking about any ethnic killing except fear mongers and media manipulators under Putin's control.

    What happened nearly 100 years ago under communist repression (USSR) and fascist propaganda (Germany) is hardly a reason to label an entire nation "scum of the earth" when they are fighting for their own freedom from the very kind of people who should be on the receiving end of your fury.

    In 1932 and 1933, Ukrainian language was made illegal in Ukraine, under the soviet rule. Millions of people were made to work the fields harvesting wheat, but they were shot if anyone was found with just a few grains. Literally millions died of famine on the richest, most fertile land in Europe, in fear of being thrown in concentration camps or shot without trial.

    So don't give me your unjustified hate based on rumors of those who benefit from your fear.

  11. Edward Lobel says:

    Vlad Khomutov, First of all, who are you referring to when you say "you people?" Secondly the progroms were not started under the communists but under the tsar.

    When it comes to killing Jews, I NEVER MISS THE POINT! The mere fact that there is political unrest in the Ukraine makes it a possibility that Jews will be blames (they always are,) and if other Jews want to help them get away safely, that should be none of your business and if you think it is, then perhaps you should help.

  12. Edward Lobel says:

    Irwin Stolzenberg How did an ignorant idiot like you ever get into dental school?

    It is obvious you know nothing about US history or our founding fathers. They were all Liberals. Had they been conservatives they would have never fought for independence against the British. If you have any associates who are born, raised and educated in the US, ask them! Or better still look it up on the internet.

    As for Social Security, without having to go through the entire history, Ronald Reagan took trillions of dollars in the original Social Security Trust and moved it into the general funds promising to pay it back. Now the republicans and the tea party (all conservatives,) simply do not want to raise the taxes required to pay this money back. Right now Social Security is being paid out of general funds and this is putting a strain on the amount of money that is collected. It is because of this that money is running out. It is the Democrats and Liberals who want to increase the amount of money that people pay into Social Security, along with business and this will keep the fund going virtually forever. Republicans and tea party are against this because they view it as a tax!

    It is ignorant people like you who say things they know nothing about and make up LIES to cover their ignorance. You can ask any of your dental school associates, or anyone else who was born, raised and educated in the United States, or simply look it up on the internet!

    I strongly suggest before you respond to anyone else that you really know what you are talking about before everyone knows just how ignorant you really are!

  13. Edward Lobel – helping people avoid trouble is one thing, calling an entire nation "scum" is another.

  14. Edward Lobel says:

    It seems to me the only one calling Ukrainians scum is you!
    Exactly where did I say any such thing? NOWHERE!
    Perhaps you should reread the posts and then apologize for your false statement!

  15. Edward Lobel – you replied "so true" to Judith at the beginning of this thread. Why don't you re-read what her comment says. Perhaps you should stay on your meds – forgetting what happened 2 days ago, but passionately remembering things that happened over a century ago?

  16. Edward Lobel says:

    Good morning Vlad Khomutov, I guess you are correct that I agreed with Judith! I really only wanted to say that Nazi's are the scum of the earth!
    Anyway, I take some GREAT meds and only wish you would take some also. Perhaps your life would be better, if you knew the things you talk about.

  17. Ed Ciaccio says:

    My recent readings about the Framers of the U.S. Constitution have dispelled the myth that the Framers (NOT all of whom were the Founders during the Revolution) wanted active, engaged citizens OF ALL CLASSES.

    Most of the Framers, especially James Madison, distrusted popular democracy and had contempt for the masses who were not property owners or wealthy merchants.

    So they created a Constitution of checks and balances which effectively protects the wealth of the upper class and prevents true democracy, while appearing to be democratic. They chose a republic over a democracy, with only the House of Representatives elected directly by the people.

    Until 1913, Senators were chosen by state legislatures, and most legislators were, then as now, beholden to the wealthy.

    The Supreme Court justices are still chosen by the President and then ratified or not by Congress.

    The President is still not voted on directly by the people. The Electoral College votes for the President.

    All these "checks" were actually inserted as obstacles to direct democracy because the Framers so distrusted the people.

    Now, with the decades-long dumbing-down of the populace via entertainment media (rarely is it informative), the Framers' fears have been confirmed: most USans know very little about their own nation's history and the way government functions.

    If you are interested, these books recently taught me much I never learned about the Constitution:

    An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of The United States by Charles A. Beard
    The Case Against the Constitution: From the Anti-Federalists to the Present by John F. Manley
    Toward An American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution & Other Illusions by Jerry Fresia

    Taming Democracy: "The People," the Founders, and the Troubled Ending of the American Revolution by Terry Bouton

    A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

  18. Edward Lobel says:

    Ed Ciaccio Hi Ed, I am bewildered by your comments as relates to what has been discussed. The fact of the matter is that our founding fathers were all Liberals and had they not been we would still be flying the Union Jack. The conversation has had nothing to do about checks and balances or what Monroe, Madison, Adams, or Jefferson had to say about anything!

    BTW I am not disagreeing with anything that you said although I would reserve the right to question all your comments.

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