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September 22, 2014 / 27 Elul, 5774
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US Refuses to Admit Palestinian Authority Involved in Terror

“If I shoot you at the same time as saying I renounce violence, that doesn’t really make much sense” – AP reporter
Would you accept a ceasefire from these people?

Would you accept a ceasefire from these people?

The U.S. State Dept.’s position is that it does not know that Hamas was involved in the kidnap murder of three Israeli teenagers and that despite continuing missile attacks from Gaza, it is “reviewing” events to determine if the Palestinian Authority unity government is “abiding by…the pledges that they made” to refrain from violence.

Israel has categorically identified the terrorists as members of Hamas, and it is no secret that the terrorists from Gaza, where Hamas officially is part of the unity government with Fatah headed by Mahmoud Abbas, but – no – the government of the United States  is “reviewing…circumstances on the ground.”

Hamas terrorists kidnap and kill children and try to kill Israelis with missiles, blowing up factories and hoping to blow up children in a kindergarten, and the United States is “reviewing  circumstances on the ground,” as if it is has a front row seat in a horror movie, except that this is live action.

“Would Hamas’s involvement in something like this[kidnap-murders] be cause for the Administration to rethink its support for the Palestinian – the new Palestinian Government?” Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked State Dept. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

She solemnly answered, “We do look at all kinds of information as it relates to our relationship with the Palestinians, our relationship with any entity that we work with. So I’m not going to make a prediction. I don’t know what the outcome will be of the final findings.”

That is what the State Dept. does – it looks at information. If it furthers its agenda to expel Jews from all of Judea and Samaria and most of Jerusalem, Foggy Bottom doles it out to the hunger media hacks looking for more ammunition to shoot down Israel. If it does not further agenda, it files it away under “delete.”

That explains Psaki’s comments on missile attacks.

Lee asked, “There were also, I think, 14 – more than a dozen rockets that were fired into southern Israel from Gaza today. Is that something that would make you rethink your position as it relates to the Palestinian Government?”

No chance, at least not for now.

First of all, Psaki explained from her agenda pamphlet, the United States is going to take the really bold action to “review” circumstances to see if the Palestinian Authority renounces violence.

So does kidnapping and murdering three young yeshiva students and shooting missiles at Israeli mean that the unity government has not renounced violence?

No need to worry.

Psaki reassured everyone, “We expect, and President Abbas has on many occasions also renounced this type of action. And there’s a certain responsibility in conveying that to any entities that the Palestinians are tied with.”

But not even the State Dept. can fool all of the people all of the time.

“If I shoot you at the same time as saying I renounce violence, that doesn’t really make much sense,” AP reporter Lee said and then added, “what you’re saying, though, is that apart from the teenagers – because we don’t – you don’t know – you’re not sure of the circumstances – just the rocket attacks themselves are not cause to have you rethink your relationship with the government.

“You think right now that they are abiding by the requirements?”

Guess what? Hamas is not involved in the government.

Psaki, reading from her Agenda 101 book, recalled that the “technocratic” government “doesn’t involve members of Hamas… [and] obviously, when there are incidents of violence, when there are rocket attacks, those are certainly cause for concern and we take every incident into consideration.”

Thank God, the Obama administration will show its “concern” but it also can save face for the Palestinian Authority.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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63 Responses to “US Refuses to Admit Palestinian Authority Involved in Terror”

  1. Geela Gordon says:

    What is the us covering up

  2. You mean Obama doesn’t want to admit PA are terrorists. His juvenile thinking is dangerous to US. All aid should be stopped to PA.

  3. Marcus Dean says:

    I apologize for my government having their head up their ass. GOD bless Israel

  4. Fran London says:

    I guess the rocks thrown at the ambulance carrying the boys bodies were fabricated and thrown by Israeli’s or the fact that bombs were cast from Gaza was Israel’s doing as well. Obama and company should take the blinders off and see what is really happening.

  5. Joanne Adams says:

    This is Bull ****!

  6. Migo Steirer says:

    That proves again that they have absolutely no idea about the Middle East in general and Abbas in special!

  7. Migo Steirer says:

    That proves again that they have absolutely no idea about the Middle East in general and Abbas in special!

  8. Simon Holm says:

    Whats wrong with the obama regime,Kick the idiot out of office

  9. Jim Haran says:

    Are they Blind I like Geela Gordon statement & that of Shirley Santanello

  10. Jim Haran says:

    Are they Blind I like Geela Gordon statement & that of Shirley Santanello

  11. Sheik Obama knows exactly what’s going on! The trouble is that he is a part of it. Just look at his support for PA Hamas and Brotherhood

  12. They have no idea about anything in the US, and the tired, repetitive ignorant rhetoric only fools a few.

  13. Mazal Henry says:

    What does that tells us about Obama?……….don’t have to guess…………..Muslim

  14. No, the administration refuses. Americans generally get it.

  15. The us has a Muslim loving president and a week Secretary of State. Neither have courage like the dead young man who tried to save his friends and himself.yesterday the animals tried to kidnap 2 girls.

  16. I want to listen the American Jews who voted twice for Obuma and now are wishing to vote for Kilary. Please say something like tea Party is worst or something about abortion, economy…

  17. **** that US administration

  18. CBS News: “…Israel says Hamas is responsible…” “Israel claims….”

  19. Not the US who refuses to admit! It’s the dictator who refuses

  20. They dont want to admit hamas are terrorists

  21. support for the PA

  22. Wake up . Obama is Palestines friend : not yours . It is not good

  23. Those of you that voted for Obama, got what you deserve and this is part of it. I did not deserve what I got.

  24. Obama… Drop dead. If it were your girls, what would you do?

  25. Joyce Myers says:

    Obama will regret this act…forever..it will haunt him

  26. Why cover their faces? Only cowards cover their faces…COWARDS!!!

  27. Dean Hulsey says:

    Needs to admit that P.L.O. involved with murder upon 3boys connection with the Hamas enclaves. .

  28. Obama is a radical in the making he is evil as the day is long and I hope the radicals lop off his head!!!1

  29. Adou Abel says:

    What do you want us to expect from them???

    We have been told to have restraint in a case NEVER USA will have restraint…

    They will tell us what they want…!!!

  30. Kim Sloan says:

    I don’t know why the US is not telling the world that Hamas was involved in all this terror regarding the murders of the three boys, and the rockets, attack on the ambulance etc? It is so disgusting that we know the truth, that Hamas is the one behind all of this!

  31. The US has failed To do anything

  32. Karen Bryant says:

    The U. S has gone right down the toilet since this president took office.

  33. They have lost any brains they had!

  34. Uzi Kattan says:

    What do you expect from an Arab Muslim occupying the White House? He said that he would side with Islam and that’s one of the few times he told the truth.

  35. Mort Rosen says:

    Obama is a muslim terrorist

  36. Not even for one American so not for any Israeli

  37. I firmly believe b.0. is doing his bet to expand the islamic caliphate using the US tax payers money .

  38. I firmly believe b.0. is doing his bet to expand the islamic caliphate using the US tax payers money .

  39. Susie Suzi G says:

    Wake up America you know good and well these are haters of God HolyPeople why are denying it

  40. Susie Suzi G says:

    Not all of us and like them I stand on the Lord’s side and with you Israel I pledged to do my bes

  41. Susie Suzi G says:

    Not all of us and like them I stand on the Lord’s side and with you Israel I pledged to do my bes

  42. Fran London says:

    I don’t think anything concerning Israel will haunt him.

  43. Fran London says:

    I don’t think anything concerning Israel will haunt him.

  44. Susie Suzi G says:

    Best to help in what I can I know you are redeemed by God even if the rest of america won’t God bless Israel

  45. Susie Suzi G says:

    Best to help in what I can I know you are redeemed by God even if the rest of america won’t God bless Israel

  46. The USA is covering up the fact that they are funding and arming terrorist organisations.

  47. Patti Smart says:

    Tell DC not to share their ignorance and bias towards the PLO and Hamas.

  48. Our response to Israel is a shame and obama is shameful….their blinders are off and do see what is happening……..

  49. Obama’s doings. Well known terrorist

  50. They can’t admit that their whole premise for peace isn’t working, hasn’t ever worked, or will ever work….As an american I love my country, and the good people in it, but lord, do I sometimes wonder if my ‘leaders’ have an ounce of brains collectively!

  51. Judith Ross says:

    The USA, at least Obama and Kerry are getting closer and closer to the PA and Hamas and refuse to call them Terrorist, thus becoming terrorist themselves.

  52. The Hitlerpimp has no blinders on. This is what he WANTS to happen. Try to understand that he’s helping to orchestrate all the horror that is happening. He’s celebrating this horror, and he’s a huge part of what’s now happening. We have to get rid of him. NOW!

  53. Well President Ovomit IS a MUSLIM.

  54. When PA left peace talk on the table and went and joined Hamas, what exactly was Abbas looking for apart from bloodshed? It’s action that count not empty words. Fool no more terrorist sympathizer.

Comments are closed.

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