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October 23, 2014 / 29 Tishri, 5775
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‘Voice of American Jewry’: Israel Guilty of Arab Teen’s Murder

The JCPA rushed to put out a public statement less than 24 hours after the death was discovered. And in that statement the JCPA presented itself as judge, jury and sound system with a verdict of guilt for Israel.
Arabs burn tires in Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Arabs burn tires in Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Photo Credit: Hadas Parush / Flash 90

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) claims on its site and its Facebook page that it “is the representative voice of the organized American Jewish community.” While that may be news to many American Jews, even more of them will be loathe to accept that description after reviewing the JCPA’s latest press release.

The public statement, “JCPA Mourns Palestinian Teenager, Calls for an End to Violence,” was posted on its website just after mid-day on Wednesday, July 2, less than 12 hours after news that an Arab teenage boy had been found dead in Jerusalem.

And yet, although JCPA President Rabbi Steven Gutow noted in the statement that, “the circumstances of his death remain uncertain,” the same sentence then takes a sharp turn and places the blame squarely on Israel: “it appears that Mohammed was not a party to nor instigator of the tragic events of recent days and weeks. But he now has paid the ultimate price regardless.”

So although no one yet knows for certain how the teenager died or who was responsible, the JCPA publicly drew a target on the back of the Jewish State. Not content to simply act as judge and jury, the JCPA proceeded to send out the statement to its members across the country, inviting everyone to embrace its judgment – that Israel or individual Israelis are responsible for the abu Khaider’s murder, and pronouncing the murder a revenge attack.

It is important to mourn the loss of a teenager’s life whether it is a member of your own family or a stranger, and true leaders take the opportunity to model that behavior. Many of Israel’s top leadership immediately condemned the murder of abu Khaider, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barakat and several Knesset members. Even, and most incredibly, the Yifrach family, the family of Eyal Yifrach – one of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered and buried just yesterday – condemned the killing. That statement was unequivocal:

There is no differentiating between blood and blood, murder is murder, whatever the nationality or age. There’s no justification, no forgiveness, and no redemption for any murder.

It may be, when the investigation is complete, that Israelis were responsible and that it was an act of revenge for the kidnapping and murder of Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar. And if that is the case, the guilty must be condemned and punished. The murder of innocents is always tragic, whether the guilty are our friends or the victims are our family.

But until the investigation is complete, no one can – and no one should – say why Mohammed abu Khaider was killed, or by whom.

And yet, the JCPA rushed to put out a public statement less than 24 hours after the death was discovered. And in that statement the JCPA presented itself as judge, jury and sound system with a verdict of guilt for Israel.

Why the rush? It took the JCPA 3 days to condemn the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers. Perhaps that was due to an abundance of caution – one would not want to falsely accuse anyone. If so, why the different standard here?

Perhaps the JCPA’s goal was to present themselves as the “good Jews,” the ones who not only condemn the murder of an Arab but who rush blindly forward with its finger pointed at the “bad Jews,” the Israeli Jews, the ugly, violent Israeli Jews who would do such a thing, and to heck with truth and facts and evidence.

Because if the goal was to help to reduce violence, to help shepherd the masses poised to strike back to a path towards calm, the JCPA statement will only achieve the opposite. The statement will fuel the fire of hatred by anti-Semites who readily believe Israelis should be punished for Mohammad’s death, whether or not Israelis are guilty. And look, here’s an official Jewish coalition, officially blaming Israel! It will also inflame anger towards those whom JCPA claims to represent by supporters of Israel who believe that the Jewish State is entitled to the presumption of innocence at least until strong evidence is produced pointing in the opposite direction.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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50 Responses to “‘Voice of American Jewry’: Israel Guilty of Arab Teen’s Murder”

  1. I’ve never heard of that group. They do not speak for the community.

  2. Loren Renee says:

    I’ve never heard of that group. I am with Israel 110%. They don’t speak for me, everyone I know, Jew or not is with Israel. This group is unknown. At least pick a group respected by most Jews like Weisenthal center- then we can discuss if we agree or not.

  3. Nena Sullins says:

    I heard it was a honor killing by his own father because he was Gay and they wanted the Jewish people to take the blame

  4. Nena, where did you hear the interview?

  5. Nena Sullins says:

    one article is posted on my wall I think, ypur welcome to go look for it

  6. Nena Sullins says:

    no matter who did it , Israel always gets the blame

  7. Michael Mark says:

    We know who is behind these absurd comments-come and live in Israel, live with enemies around the corner-and how exact the IDF has to be to make sure the innocent are protected and then use propaganda such as this to lay blame as soon as possible with little facts or information-just learned hatred-

  8. Livia Shagam says:

    American jews have gone so far from Judaism they do not even know what it is they have lost. how sad is that.

  9. Father denies this allegation, but it does not mean it is true. Blaming the Jewish folk for this just causes more violence. I wish ppl would wait to find out who killed him before attacking Jews/Israel. And Rice’s comments are of little worth– she should not even be in her political position. https://news.vice.com/article/the-killing-of-a-palestinian-teen-in-jerusalem-has-sparked-more-violence

  10. If indeed that group is Jewish, it’s proof that sometimes Jews are their own worst enemy.

  11. Why do Jews do this to themselves? We have more than our share of enemies, we don’t need our own against us.

  12. Marcus Dean says:

    Hamas probably did it just to blame and put the heat on Israel

  13. It seems to me that the Saudi money has bought all of the people involved in politics in the Western countries. Islam is being defended and its institutions are spreading like fire wherever the Western powers are involved.

  14. Roger Gove says:

    Seems likely, but I’d like an investigation.

  15. Roger Gove says:

    However, I am saddened by the death of any child.

  16. Roger Gove says:

    However, I am saddened by the death of any child.

  17. Killed by their own.

  18. sometimes our worst enemies come from within……… people like this are traitors….

  19. David Adda says:

    Liberal American Jews are a liability to Israel and to world Jewry. They are shameful useful idiots, they not only cause harm to Israel but to good Jews living in the United States. They have banked the two elections of obama and are already planning the election of queen clinton! There is nothing more despicable than a demented American liberal Jew!

  20. they don’t act like that

  21. Those JCPA folks don’t represent me.

  22. Suzy Baim says:

    it’s not known if it was Israel or a Palestinian, people shouldn’t assume

  23. Where was this group when our boys were killed???

  24. Another Hamas killing to blame on Israel.

  25. Yes you are right Nena.

  26. Lisa Kamins says:

    thought you might like to read this Lori, a link confirming that he was murdered because he was gay: https://www.facebook.com/Live.News.Israel/posts/904633842883918


  28. Lisa Herzog says:

    Who the f-ck do they think they are?? They DO NOT REPRESENT ME!!!

  29. It is logical. Jews are ther root of all trouble. If in doubt just blame them. I`m sure they are to blame for the conditions in Iran/Irak – why? Because Abraham left those Countries to fend for themselves (LOL)

  30. It is logical. Jews are ther root of all trouble. If in doubt just blame them. I`m sure they are to blame for the conditions in Iran/Irak – why? Because Abraham left those Countries to fend for themselves (LOL)

  31. So the Zionists killed the teens to put the heat on Hamas;THINK

  32. Trix Koome says:

    What else do you expect ! It is easy to point a finger at someone without thinking .

  33. Jacob Maslow says:

    Eyewitness and video surveillance point to Jews and discredit the initial rumors.

  34. Tony Mark says:

    Jews do not Burn Cadavres. Muslims do, Hamas, does, Al Aqsa does, Alqaida does,, Palestinians do.Read the story of the Fathers “Grief” in “Having “Proof” of the Israelis being involved”, He says he has Pictures of the Car, the License plates, and could even have followed his son because of his telephone. BUT,, when he phoned the Police they did not Believe his story.,,,, Sounds A bit familiar?
    Why are the Medias Not Talking about this , Why is there no Palestinian Follow up on these “Proofs”?

  35. Beth Kaufman says:

    Acceptance of guilt, apologizing is a weakness before the world when the answers are not yet known.
    This Jewish group DOES NoT SPEAK FOR THE JEWISH AMERICANS! Definitive is ThEY DO NOT SPEAK for me.

  36. If the group really esist,we have the confermation that not all the jew are clever and honest

  37. If the group really esist,we have the confermation that not all the jew are clever and honest

  38. If the group really esist,we have the confermation that not all the jew are clever and honest

  39. This people (the JCPA) are the same kind of Jews who thought that because they would betray fellow Jews in Nazi germany, their useless lives would be spared. We all know what happened…In this case, their stupid behavior helps Hamas and Arab murderers in general, whatever be the terrorist organization they belong to. Also, there is the possibility that this group does not even exist and is a mere facade for Arab propaganda.

  40. They say they are Jews but they are not, they sit with the evils of islam against Israel…the words they speak are without sound and easily ignored for their treason is against G-d. As for the islamics: "They Must Go!"

  41. Gil Gilman says:

    The child could very well have been killed by one of his own. They kill each other every day. The spokesman for the JCPA is a case study in the self-righteousness attributable to the ignorant. So, if it turns out that they discover a Jew killed the boy how would that be attributable to the nation? Do you see anyone cheering in Israel? Yet when Hamas killed the three Jewish boys, there was cheering before, during, and after, not only by Hamas, but also by a significant portion of palestinians, and by an arab member of the Knesset. Meanwhile, the spokesman for the JCPA relaxed on his righteous round rump!

  42. Noel Eliscu says:

    The Jews of US for the most part are liberal and find fault always. The Arabs riot their and the Israel people say its bad but the Arabs rejoice when its an Israelite that is killed. The world says Israel is a bad country for doing this but no comments about the rockets.

  43. Sientje Seinen says:

    If the boy was an arab and Islamic : Dont the Islamic people disapprove of homosexuality and do not suffer these people to live? I thought this was their law.

  44. Sientje Seinen says:

    that would the same as >Peter denying the Lord three times, cowardly thinking their lives are more precious than anyone elses. Lets hope no such group exists.

  45. Rae Sharfman says:


Comments are closed.

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