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October 21, 2016 / 19 Tishri, 5777
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White House Statement, Finally, on Terror Kidnapping

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The White House has finally managed to ‘catch up’ on the terrorist kidnapping of three Israeli teens last week — one of whom was also an American citizen.

In a tepid statement posted on the Twitter social networking site, President Barack Obama (at least it appears to have been written by or for the president) said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of 3 Israeli teens who were kidnapped last week. May they be reunited with their sons soon.”

But although the statement was clearly written to be as neutral as possible, a quick glance at the comments posted in response makes it obvious the president is ‘damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.’

A flurry of condemnations followed the statement, including screams of protest about ‘prayers’ (‘Can we leave prayer out of this please. You’re the White House.”) Others demanded to know “What about Palestinian kids???”

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Jesse Lane says:

    Muslim culture is a savage culture, brutalized everyone involved in it. It is a religion of hate. Sunni hate the ties(I think I spelled that wrong). They kill rape, kidnap, enslave and torture people will do not believe as they do. The Koran teaches them this is alright. Xxx

  2. We live in a country of idiots.

  3. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Yep, thats what happens in our country made of of so many differences..the president is damned if he does or damned if he doesnt..good choice of words from this writer..

  4. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Athiests are hard st work, destroying anything of prayer and especially our Christian religions…Christians need to learn to fight back, we are taught to be like lambs for slaughter…I dont think that means

  5. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    Being totally annilated from planet earth..

  6. Nancy Tobi says:

    A twitter post is not an official statement. Obama is an ass and a traitor.

  7. a tweet is not a statement.

  8. Bring back the boys

  9. The worst president and administration EVER!!!

  10. The worst president and administration EVER!!!

  11. Thomas Lundh says:

    Pathetic! Later than the EU, even when one of the boys is an American citizen. 😕

  12. Thomas Lundh says:

    Pathetic! Later than the EU, even when one of the boys is an American citizen. 😕

  13. Jade Stone says:

    That’s because he only cares about blacks and Muslims he proved that with Trevon and he’s proving it with Benghazi

  14. Jade Stone says:

    That’s because he only cares about blacks and Muslims he proved that with Trevon and he’s proving it with Benghazi

  15. Took long enough.

  16. Took long enough.

  17. Robin Buxton says:

    How about a strong personal statement of condemnation.
    He was quick to condemn the Boston policeman for supposed racial bias

  18. Expect nothing good to come out of this most islamic POTUS…he is a liar and the father of lies, with the cowardly Kerry they put up the politically correct front of 'diversity' and non commitment to anything right and moral…shun them, they hate us.

  19. Obama… too little, too late.

  20. I think this is one of those times where Obama made a good decision to weigh in late. And that's good

  21. Kenneth Schreier says:

    Obama's weak stand on terrorism, nuclear negotiations with Iran, chemical attacks by the dictator Assad of Syria on his own people, Russia's invasion of the Ukraine and the support of the union of Hamas with the palestinian Fatah government is the major cause of the terrorist takeover of Iraq, the kidnapping of the 3 Jewish boys and the rise of anti-Israel/Jewish prejudice in europe! The USA has become a paper tiger and is no longer feared by the terrorist or other governments who wish to go nuclear or invade other peoples countries.
    Obama's has conducted a failed foreign policy but could not care less.
    He just wants to finish his term and go on $200,000 speaking engagements and travel the world.
    What a let down for being the 1st African-American president in the US.

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