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12 Tishri 5779 -
? Friday, September 21, 2018

Israeli Security Cabinet Instructs IDF to ‘Act With Force’

Israeli fighter pilots bombed and destroyed a five-story building used as Hamas Internal Security Headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

IDF Cancels Weekend Leave for Combat Soldiers

The soldiers were ordered to remain on base due to the situation in southern Israel.

IAF Bombs Hamas Internal Security HQ in Northern Gaza

The interior security unit of Hamas is "considered to be an executive branch of Hamas' political leadership."

Watch: This Is What Gaza Looks Like after Thursday’s IDF Raids

The extensive attacks carried out by the IDF resulted in the destruction of about 150 military and strategic targets of the Hamas terrorist organization, delivering a severe blow to the terrorist organization.

Rocket Hits Near Be’er Sheva

The Red Alert was heard in Be'er Sheva for the first time in years.

Senior IDF Officer: We’re Close to War in Gaza

"Hamas is moving away from a settlement, and approaching a campaign in which it will receive a severe blow."

IDF Targets 140 Hamas Positions Overnight in Gaza While Israelis Sleep in Bomb Shelters

The IDF has begun to deploy additional Iron Dome aerial defense batteries around major Israeli cities in the south.

Report: IDF Eliminates Senior Hamas Rocket Expert

The targeted assassination allegedly took placed during one of Israel's retaliatory attacks in Gaza early Thursday morning.

UN Envoy ‘Deeply Alarmed’ by Escalation on Gaza-Israel Border

He went on to say that if the current escalation "isn't contained immediately, [the] situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences [for] all."

Israel Attacks 12 Terror Targets in Gaza, Including Tunnel-Building Factory

"Shortly you'll be hearing explosions resulting from IDF activity in the Gaza Strip," Eshkol Regional Council leaders told residents.

Code Red Siren Triggered in Gaza Belt Region

Israelis went scrambling for cover in the Jewish communities of Yad Mordechai and Netiv Ha'Asara, Ohr HaNer, and Erez, among others.

Gaza Rocket Attacks on Sderot Leaves Multiple Wounded, Home and Cars Damaged

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted two of the rockets.

Terrorists Attack Civilian Engineers Along Gaza Border

The engineers were working on the security barrier at the time of the attack.

Hamas Source: 5-Year Truce to Include Return of 4 Israelis at Some Point

The Anadolu report did not specify at which stage of the truce the release would be carried out, nor whether or not it would involve releasing Hamas terrorists who are behind bars in Israel.

Gazans Open Fire Across Border; No Israeli Injuries Reported

The incident was the third shooting attack in less than a month.

Hamas Discusses Readiness for Full-Scale Conflict with Israel

The IDF said they are prepared for any scenario in Gaza.”

IDF Attacks Terror Squad in Gaza, 2 Injured

The air strike took place near the security fence along the border with eastern Gaza.

Much Hype But Little Progress on Ceasefire Talks with Hamas

Hamas believes Fatah is hoping Gaza will remain embattled in order to avoid its negotiating its own independent peace terms with Israel.

WATCH: New Gaza Maritime Security Barrier Revealed

"With every day that passes, our counter terrorism capabilities around the Gaza Strip are growing stronger."

IDF Air Strikes Target Gaza Terror Balloon Squads

The arson attacks are continuing unabated as Israel continues the merits of another so-called "ceasefire" with Hamas.

Families of Missing Israelis: Netanyahu Surrendered to Hamas

"The surrender agreement with Gaza took effect three days ago and does not include soldiers and civilians."

IDF Attacks 2 Gaza Incendiary Balloon Terror Squads

Both attacks used drones that fired on the terrorists, one in the morning hours, the other around noon.

IDF Shells Hamas Position After Gazans Breach Border

Gazans breached the fence, hurled firebombs and an explosive device in the border fence area and then returned into the Gaza Strip.

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