Photo Credit: Yaakov Naumi / Flash 90
Jewish men pray at the Tomb of Joshua bin Nun in the Arab village of Kifl Haret near the Jewish city of Ariel, early Friday, April 16, 2012. (file)

IDF soldiers with the ‘Ephraim’ Brigade, Border Guard Police and Israel Police all accompanied 1,000 Jewish worshipers on a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Joshua bin Nun in the wee hours of Monday for prayers.

The holy site is located in the Arab village of Kfil Harat in Samaria, near the Jewish city of Ariel.


The village is situated in Area B, whose security is jointly administered by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, but whose civil administration falls solely under the Palestinian Authority.

Israelis are technically allowed to enter the village, and it is accessible via roads branching from Highway 60, which leads some people to make the mistake of thinking they can go there on their own — which they can’t.

One must make arrangements with the IDF and security forces in order to make a trip to the Tomb of Joshua Bin Nun.

It is true that the village is technically accessible to Israelis; but that doesn’t make it safe.


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