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Consistent morals, even in the face of rocket fire: then-President Shimon Peres visits a Sderot summer day camp. (archive)

President Shimon Peres said there would be no attempts on Israel’s part to blur the investigation into the death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Arab teenager from Shuafat who was murdered last week, or to sweep the results of the investigation under the carpet.

Speaking at a press conference of foreign journalists in Sderot, the president stressed that there is no difference between Jewish and Arab blood, and that Israel would not rest and not remain silent until this issue is cleared up.


Somehow, however, the journalists failed to print Peres’ message that Israel would investigate last Wednesday’s incident.

Israeli police protect Muslims at prayer on first Friday of Ramadan. Somehow, the photo never made it to the international media.

Instead, news outlets such as Agence France Presse (AFP) found space to stress the Palestinian accusation, levelled by PA Prosecutor General Abed al-Ghani al-Aweiwei, that Khdeir was burned alive, as well as a comment by Suha Abu Khdeir, the Mohammed’s mother, Suha, that she had little faith in the Israeli justice system. “I don’t have any peace in my heart. Even if they captured who they say killed my son,” she said. “They’re only going to ask them questions and then release them. What’s the point?”

In addition, nearly all international media featured prominently the fact that six Jews will apparently be charged this afternoon with the murder of Abu Khdeir, without mentioning the wall-to-wall condemnation the killing engendered in Israeli society. Right-wing politicians including Uri Ariel and Yesha Council Head Dani Dayan condemned the attack in strong, clear terms, as did former Yisrael Beteinu MK Danny Danon.



  1. Missing the point of the story?? Here is the point: No matter what Israel says, no matter what Jews say, the “world” press sees only the same culprit whether it is their newspapers and media, the Qur’an, the Christian writings, or Nazis, no matter what the actual truth is–its our fault, we did it, we’re wrong, we’re liable, because our crime is not being gentiles. We look for justice and right among those not wired for it.

  2. Poor ol’ Bush. I never voted for him but he’s like a cartoon character. Americans do that. Now they do the same to Obama. I hate to see Jews caught up in that type of thing. I think it really reveals a quasi-Christian tendency. Leaders as vicarious representatives and sin-bearers. People as worshipful dupes who love to worship gods as long as they give them everything they want and just as much they love to knock them down if they don’t.

  3. Jews know how to value life…. for all we know this arab boy gave his life to his “allah” and had his parents be paid for it. No different than the self bombers with the exception…. they did it in a different way to blame the Jews….

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