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July 29, 2015 / 13 Av, 5775
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Reform Movement: Give J’lem Site to Church

The former head of Israel’s Reform movement has called on the Israeli government to cede part of the David’s Tomb compount, located on Mount Zion, to the Catholic church.

“Rabbi” Uri Regev, the former director of the Israel Reform Action Committee and now the head of the Hiddush- Freedom of Religion for Israel NGO, said in a press release that ceding control of the Last Supper Room, located one floor above the site that many Jews believe is the burial spot of King David, could be a “forward looking gesture” that could give the Jewish People  ability “to move beyond past disputes and persecutions … experienced in specific Christian and Muslim communities throughout generations.

However, Mr Regev stopped short of making similar demands of the Vatican to return religious objects and manuscripts stolen from Jewish communities around Europe, beginning with the beginning of the Chrstian era nearly 2000 years ago. Instead, Regev said he “expects” the church to make “similar gestures towards the Jewish community, such as returning the Jewish cultural and religious treasures looted from Jewish communities throughout history that are now stored in the Vatican.”

The Vatican is believed to posses cups, gold, the Menorah and other vessels stolen from the Beit Hamikdash during the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70. The church is also believed manuscripts writen by Maimonides and other medieval rabbinic authorities.

Church officials continue to deny researchers access to Vatican archives and storage vaults.

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34 Responses to “Reform Movement: Give J’lem Site to Church”

  1. David Blatt says:

    “It wouldn’t be so terrible

  2. It would be terrible.

  3. What an excellent way for him to lose potential supporters

  4. Why does the Catholic church want part of Davids Tomb area?

  5. Colin Fuller says:

    Israel doe’s not have to give any part of Jerusalem to anyone, Israel belongs to Israel and no-one else.

  6. Aviv Itzhaky says:

    כמי שלא מכיר את התורה, הוא אינו מכיר את האסור שבדבר

  7. Joseph Grino says:

    Christian Jews must take possesion and be in charge of christian sites and piligrimage sites in Jerusalem and Israel. Especially the families of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Joseph, Levi and Judah, David, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  8. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine. There’s only one thing they “give away” but it’s never free and you’ll lose it all.

  9. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Unecessary. It is in Israel and Israel will take care of it for all religions

  10. No no no don’t do it not one inch.


  12. Tany Berman says:

    This bare-headed black robed “jew ” is a disgrace to Judaism. Let him go back to his assimilated ” synagogue ” and preach love of muslims

  13. Insane. The Catholic church has no right to that which belongs to Israel in any way.

  14. Insane. The Catholic church has no right to that which belongs to Israel in any way.

  15. Karen Bryant says:

    What nonsense. Israel needs to stay caretaker of all that God has entrusted to Israel.

  16. Karen Bryant says:

    What nonsense. Israel needs to stay caretaker of all that God has entrusted to Israel.

  17. Violet Helms says:

    How about the Vatican give back the Jewish children they took? No sharing of our holy sites, you saw what happened with the Temple Mount.

  18. Shut up, traitor.
    A rabbi that wants to do that is not a Jew.
    Specially catholics that always Hated us.

  19. Don’t forget Hashem Wrath.
    Catholic are idolaters.

  20. Nancy Cook says:

    The bible,Gods Word says not to remove landmarks.

  21. The Jewish sites for Jewish. The other religions rejected and kidnapped Judaism.

  22. Reform is not Judaism.
    They changed HaShem Words.

  23. Judaism , don’t have Mary, Jesus and Joseph

  24. Stuart Wragg says:

    Christians do not need his tomb or even a portion of it. If it is special to Jews then do not even entertain the idea. Any Christian who tries to justify or lay claim to this can not truly be a Christian.

  25. Jim Haran says:

    What belongs to the Jewish people belongs to God it is a Holy Land it was given by God AND no man has the right to it AWAY

  26. I agree with Vera Lucia Zeitune Ylvisaker! Give the Catholics nothing and don’t even talk to them unless they are prepared to give Israel their Vatican City as compensation for their assistance to Hitler not so long ago! They knew what was happening and they kept silent, so when their new leader turns up in Jerusalem let’s hope he brings the keys to his vaults with him. An apology is not enough as the score is still -6 million!

  27. Gene Strong says:

    Deport Rabbi Regev to Italy.

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