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February 27, 2015 / 8 Adar , 5775
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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The picture above is of a Russian MiG-35. It is Russia’s most advanced fighter jet.

Reports say that Israel’s neighbors to the south will be getting 24 of them.

In case you see one flying overhead, now you’ll know what it is.

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52 Responses to “MiG-35”

  1. egypt the traitor…

  2. It can be destroyed by missiles

  3. God bless Israel…

  4. Don Hansen says:

    Did we sell or give these to Russia?

  5. Egypt was denied F-15 jets, while Israel is getting f-35s. Why is Egypt a traitor for trying to defend it’s own airspace?

  6. Israel is getting the joint strike fighter.


  8. Yaakov Adam says:

    You do know that Russia did manufacture arms during the Cold War right?

  9. Well the Holy bible doesn’t lies when it clearly stated that Israel will be once again taken over by foreign powers from the north. It’s not the Muslim cause they from south of Israel. Russian start to supply this southern Kingdom as America lose its power. This Muslims will do something for the European Union take over them by war

  10. Gene Strong says:

    Is Obama to be trusted to.deliver F 35 or F 22 advanced fighters.???
    Obama is not a friend of israel.
    American Jews support obama.

  11. Don Hansen says:

    Very well aware of this.

  12. Has Israel attacked Egypt?

  13. The Holy Bible also talks about Psalm 83 war and Isaiah 17 – A Prophecy Against Damascus friend :) God bless <3

  14. Bill Ades says:

    Congratulations to Jimmy carter for no longer being the worst president in US history. I am sure even carter the serial Israel hater is pissed considering bringing Egypt into America’s orbit was his only accomplishment. Now that’s been reversed buh bye!

  15. Iran gets the goods, Russia’s S-400 and 300 missiles, 100% accuracy

  16. Jacob Nixon says:

    Not all american jews support obama. Generalizing makes you look stupid, sir.

  17. I can’t see Israel attacking Egypt I am sure that Egypt would attack Israel again as they did in 1967

  18. Israel shoot them down

  19. Bill Ades says:

    Not all Jews support Obama, however the vast majority of American Jews did vote for him in both elections. Sadly the majority of American Jews place social issues over Israel’s welfare

  20. The vast majority = 65%

  21. Russia’s ability to develop advanced weaponry is amazing!

  22. Except for huge amounts of cheap gas, I can’t think of anything else that had crossed our borders to your side since 1973.

  23. Jacob his right Most Jews support Obama & they are anti Israel

  24. In no time Israel will get one MIG- 35 like they get the 15,17,19 & 21 time people time

  25. Jade Stone says:

    All the middle east country did attack on Isreal and they will do the same mistake again. So Isreal has every right to defend it self.

  26. Usani Utum says:

    Russian jets are toy compare to samson

  27. Obama was to busy bowing before the King of Islam and they pulled to rug out from under his feet so he could fall flat on his face.

  28. I didn’t vote for him sometimes it pays to do some research on the people you are voting for. Now look at the Huge mess!

  29. Obama isn’t a friend of any ones but his own agenda

  30. Well they got threw under the bus buy the very man they voted for also. And now its a bit late to fix their misstate !

  31. The Arabs attacked in 48. Israel, France and GB attacked in 56, then Israel attacked again in 67 and took Sinai over, in Yom Kippor 73 Egyptians took Sinai back and at that point both parties decided to sit down and talk, and Camp David peace treaty happened, and that was the end of it… Now the question here is: How, and on what basis do you call Egyptians traitors?

  32. The Arabs attacked in 48. Israel, France and GB attacked in 56, then Israel attacked again in 67 and took Sinai over, in Yom Kippor 73 Egyptians took Sinai back and at that point both parties decided to sit down and talk, and Camp David peace treaty happened, and that was the end of it… Now the question here is: How, and on what basis do you call Egyptians traitors?

  33. Omar A. Omar says:

    it is useless for Egypt to have they will not use it

  34. Omar A. Omar says:

    it is useless for Egypt to have they will not use it

  35. You know what anyone who calls Israheck is good for? Being blocked on sight!

  36. Not that anyone who would use that term would care, or that I would care if they cared

  37. Even a Russian Mig is no match for Gods people! <3

  38. Les Buss says:

    Lol lol, Israeli AF is the best trained air force in the world nd can copy nd improve on that design nd shoot thise scum down

  39. Wayne Hughes says:

    We will have one before Christmas.

  40. Anayo Amako says:

    Why would these Isreal neighbours ask for education. Isreal is INTACT!

  41. MTVF is about 4 hours… Very maintenance intensive to keep it airborne. Towelheads will never be able to keep them in the air.

  42. So what? The Egyptians had advanced MIGS in 1967 and the Israelis wiped them out. If we gave them F-16′s or the Russians MIG 35′s what difference would it make? Firstly, Egypt would never attack Israel and if it ever did their Air Force would get destroyed.

  43. Bill Ades says:

    Egypt is not a traitor. It is really the US to blame for suspending aid – although the US has now agreed to resume it probably because they are realizing the repercussions. From what I read in other sources Egypt plans to uphold the treaty.

  44. YIKES! But God is on the side of Israel!

  45. Jean Perles says:

    Israel is God Almighty’s land
    Israel belongs to GOD given by GOD to the jews

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