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July 23, 2014 / 25 Tammuz, 5774
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Scarlett Johansson’s Silence Enrages ‘Boycott SodaStream’ Campaign

The world’s most enticing woman inadvertently is exposing the BDS as being bad for Arabs.

Pro-Arab websites such as Electronic Intifada have gone on emergency alert to control the damage that Johansson has inadvertently caused the BDS campaign.

Pro-Arab websites such as Electronic Intifada have gone on emergency alert to control the damage that Johansson has inadvertently caused the BDS campaign.
Photo Credit: SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson’s agreement to promote Israel-based SodaStream in a Super Bowl ad next month has driven the BDS movement up the wall and attracted attention to the economic opportunities that the company has given to Palestinian Authority Arabs working at its factory in a “settlement” east of Jerusalem.

Johansson is far from a raging nationalist. She is, in fact, an Oxfam ambassador, which makes the BDS folks’ blood boil over.

SodaStream has 20 factories all over the world. One of them is located in Mishor Adumim, an industrial area east of the city of Ma’aleh Adumim that is home to nearly 50,000 “settlers” whom the lefties want to expel on behalf of people who call it home even though they never have lived there.

SodaStream’s American-born CEO Daniel Birnbaum takes pride that the Mishor Adumim factory employs hundreds of Palestinian Authority Arabs who work and eat alongside Jews, with the same pay, benefits and privileges.

Last year, when Birnbaum attended a government event joined by one of his Arab staff, he demanded that security personnel put him through the same thorough check to which the Arab was subjected.

Pro-Arab websites such as Electronic Intifada have gone on emergency alert to control the damage that Johansson has inadvertently caused the BDS campaign.

It accused SodaStream of distributing a pack of “lies” in a video posted in December 2012, in which he refers to Palestinian Authority Arabs and states, “We give them an opportunity to not only have a job and health insurance, but also social benefits and a very high pay scale which they could never achieve in the West Bank.” The video points out their pay is “often four or five times what they’d earn elsewhere.”

Electronic Intifada charged that the video is “clearly part of SodaStream’s public relations campaign” to fight the Boycott SodaStream movement.

It quoted one worker, identified only by an initial, as saying that “we Palestinian workers in this factory always feel like we are enslaved.”

Enter Johansson. She has a SodaStream machine in her home. She likes the stuff, so she agreed to sign a multi-million dollar contract to be the company’s ambassador for five years.

The Hollywood bombshell has steadfastly remained silent since she signed up and the leftists screamed “foul.” The whole issue is so ridiculous that silence is the right answer, but the anti-Israel crowd won’t shut up. The more they cry and scream, the more damage the better off for Israel because they look ridiculous.

The Dubai-based Al Arabiya posted an article Thursday that led off with the common sense fact that “the boycott of SodaStream, which has cost the firm losses in the past year, has raised questions over whether Palestinians employed at the Israel-based factory are feeling the pinch.”

“We reject any suggestion that the reality that Palestinians are sometimes left with no choice but to work in illegal Israeli settlements is a reason not to take action to end international complicity in human rights violations,” a BDS spokesperson told Al Arabiya.

What really ticks off BDS is that Johansson had the nerve to sign up for a product she likes without checking in with the Boycott Israel movement for permission.

“It was very surprising that Scarlett Johansson has decided to become the new face of Israeli apartheid, especially given that she is also an Oxfam ambassador,” said the BDS spokesperson. “We’re sure she’ll soon realize that there’s nothing green about Israeli apartheid.”

The bubble over Johansson and SodaStream just get  worse for the BDS crowd. They are letting everyone know they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Kat Stoeffel wrote in New York Magazine this week that after she handed a bottle of seltzer from her SodaStream machine to her co-host at a holiday party, a “left-wing reporter said to the vodka drinkers, ‘enjoy your Palestinian blood cocktails.’”

Stoeffel, who now says she tells friends that her machine was a gift rather than having to own up to the truth hat she actually bought something from that awful factory occupied by Palestinian Authority workers, offered another nice quote.

“A lefty journalist friend of mine in Tel Aviv has a machine he keeps under his kitchen sink so that he doesn’t get embarrassed when other lefties come over for dinner,” said Ali Gharib, a reporter covering Middle East issues.

That is how ridiculous the Bash Israel crowd looks when it tries to keep up a fashion that gets uglier with time.

One of these days, when Intel, or Google or some other high-tech company in Israel realizes that they could a lot more good for Arabs by locating in Judea and Samaria and employing Palestinian Authority workers, the BDS can start boycotting computers.

But by that time, the Boycott folks will have gone the way of the peace process because SodaStream, soon with Johansson’s help, has done more for peaceful co-existence than anyone else.

In case you missed Johansson’s promo, here it is:

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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56 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson’s Silence Enrages ‘Boycott SodaStream’ Campaign”

  1. Sounds like we're back in Junior High School again "with the girls". It just got very childish. Grow up and get a job like the SodaStream employees.

  2. I say that they should be employing robots and jews. Let the arabs feed themselves. Enough trying to satisfy the haters. MOVE ON ALREADY

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think her mother is Jewish making her Jewish believe it or not!

  4. "Oxfam slams Scarlett Johansson over SodaStream ad campaign" http://www.haaretz.com/news/world/1.570292

  5. Lani Lowell says:

    That would be the NY **** you

  6. Lani Lowell says:

    Scarlett's silence that is.

  7. Daniel Quinn says:

    The movement to boycott and divest from Israeli apartheid is hardly affected by the publicity-seeking actions of a second-rate actress. Entire governments are withdrawing their financial support from Israel as have much more well-respected and intelligent individuals such as Alice Walker and Stephen Hawking. Ms. Johansson's box office failures will continue apace. And so shall the noble cause of BDS.

  8. Michelle Rod says:

    give the filistines their own country and with no access to or from Israel – not for work, food, medicines, hospitals, electricity which they get foc, water)and see how long they last, pathetic little wimps hiding behind females skirts the BDS should pack up and go home or fight serious battles for the down trodden in Syria, Pakistan, Iran and all those other scum filled camel loving terrorist countries

  9. Liza Tilley says:

    its about time they faced up to the fact that they are just a bunch of losers. total losers.

  10. Erez Sela says:

    Imagine my surprise when I saw that a dumb cow commented on my post, my surprise was doubled when I discovered it was a dumb racist cow.

  11. Michelle Rod says:

    Erez Sela – I had the same dumb racist cow commenting on mine … amazing how low the americans have stooped since the buma is in the WH

  12. Michelle Rod says:

    Kristina Leffy – I am disgusting? that means you are pro camel loving terrorists. Wonder why I am not surprised…. I mean .. Hollywood – is that even in the real world? And I suppose 9/11 also only happened in a movie

  13. Erez Sela says:

    Michelle Rod – naaa 99% of them are great people, I have alot of friends there, its that 1 rejected % of people that act like her.

  14. Michelle Rod says:

    Erez Sela don't agree about the 99% and of course there are great peeps there, have plenty friends myself over there. But the problem is the WH which gives them the go ahead to behave like they do

  15. Erez Sela says:

    And she is not American btw

  16. Michelle Rod says:

    Erez Sela Manchester is no better

  17. Erez Sela says:

    Michelle Rod the United Kingdom is a whole different story, their laws are turning into the sharia law's in some area's.

  18. Erez Sela says:

    Kristina Leffy Unlike you I am not racist, I have arab friends here in Israel, you are just plain stupid and you actually represent pretty well the BDS movement, I hope more people will see your last comment and understand exactly what the BDS movement stands for.

  19. Michelle Rod says:

    Erez Sela I am so not racist – I have been to Arab countries where I have worked with Arabs who work for Israeli companies, I have friends from all religions in Israel, that is the difference – we who understand what is right and what is wrong and those who are brainwashed and can't think for themselves.

  20. Erez Sela says:

    Michelle Rod my last comment was not directed to you, it was directed for kristines last comment, it made her delete all of her comments.

  21. Moishe Pupik says:

    Daniel Quinn – Second rate actress? based on what? What kind of boorish nonsense is that? Why do you have to insult her art to make your point? Who raised you? Wolves? Apologize at once to Scarlett, or you'll have to answer to ME!

  22. Gil Gilman says:

    I haven't bought a SodaStream yet. I want to make sure it comes from Mishor Adumim. Any way to do that?

  23. Gil Gilman says:

    I must add..who gives a rip about Oxfam? It seems that when you organize for even seemingly worthwhile purposes, the organizers and the organized all seem to think you owe them something, rather than them owing you something. They think they own your body, your brain, and your mouth. Just another reason that I am an independent in every way possible. Truth stands on its own against all comers and doesn't ned cheerleaders and a bandwagon to gain the upper hand.

  24. Gil Gilman says:

    I must add..who gives a rip about Oxfam? It seems that when you organize for even seemingly worthwhile purposes, the organizers and the organized all seem to think you owe them something, rather than them owing you something. They think they own your body, your brain, and your mouth. Just another reason that I am an independent in every way possible. Truth stands on its own against all comers and doesn't ned cheerleaders and a bandwagon to gain the upper hand.

  25. Anonymous says:

    When I think of the opposing peoples of Isreal and their gorilla media tactics, I can't help but think of
    PInky and the Brain….Narf!

  26. Daniel – you are a f*cking idiot !!!!!

  27. let them divest. Israel is Blessed by G-D A-lMighty and is independent economically. Its' innovations give life and pleasure to those who benefit from Israe-l such as the latest biotech advances.
    Israe-l is not apartheid Arab countries are!
    in Israe-l there are Arab mks all arabs vote,but among muslim arabs only arabs have rights and only muslims can vote.
    the arabs of samaria insist on not having one Jew live among them,
    they aren't just apartheid they are worse than Nazis.
    lying duplicitous arabs do evil and accuse the Jews of their own crimes.
    if you are a Christian ask yourself-why are Christians murdered in arab muslim lands? why in Bethlehem have the 80% of population that were Christian dwindled to 20%%.because of muslim love?
    muslim democracy?
    hypocrites all of you!
    Israe-l will prosper and your economies will tank

  28. it isn't their country. there was never such a country!
    they have no history with the land, except that when
    Jews started coming back and brought economic opportunity
    Arabs started coming from Syria, Tunisia,iraq etc..for the new
    before then it was a wasteland with a few landowners and Bedouins.

  29. Daniel,

    YoU are the most stupid idiot.
    Have you ever been to Israel to experience the truth?
    NO? so you fall in line with what the Arabs have to say. What those Jew hating scum have to say.
    I suggest that you, and others like you, should pay a visit to Israel, and see for yourself the truth, not the lies of the Arabs and some academics who fal in line with others, but have never been to israel to learn the truth.
    Visit Israel, and you will become an ambassador for IIsrael. not acccept all the lies. Remember what the Nazi Goebbels said. "The bigger the lie, the more often told, the more the world will believe it.
    "A yiou and others like you accept the Arab Nazi propaganda.

  30. Steve Brown says:

    Gil Gilman – Moreover, I'd like to see Oxfam's ROI on the % of every dollar that actually goes to charitable events. I'll bet they're right up there with the United Way and other money hungry organizations that devour a majority % of donations and send a pittance to the supposed targets of their "charity."

  31. Artur Dvořák says:

    Stephen HAwking clearly stated, that he is pro-Israeli, stop this propaganda pls :)

  32. Daniel Quinn says:

    Chaim Moshe Bergstein: Recall the words of the ancient Hebrew prophet Amos who proclaimed woe unto Israel for its great injustice and oppression of the poor. Zionist apartheid is anathema to ethical Judaism. BDS is here to stay: May justice roll down like a mighty river, and righteousness like an everlasting stream.

  33. As stated in the article, there was one Pal. worker who said he was enslaved and his name was not given. I do not remember who it was and where I read it, but someone tried to identify this worker and asked for information about him. It turned out there was no such person!

  34. Daniel Quinn says:

    Artur Dvořák — Wrong. Fact check and do your homework. The text of a letter sent from Hawking to the organisers of the high-profile conference in Jerusalem, clearly states that he was withdrawing from the conference in order to respect the call for a boycott by Palestinian academics.

    The full text of the letter, dated 3 May, said: "I accepted the invitation to the Presidential Conference with the intention that this would not only allow me to express my opinion on the prospects for a peace settlement but also because it would allow me to lecture on the West Bank. However, I have received a number of emails from Palestinian academics. They are unanimous that I should respect the boycott. In view of this, I must withdraw from the conference. Had I attended, I would have stated my opinion that the policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster."

  35. The best resources are human, the arab and the BDS they live from petro dollars and are jelous of Israel's succes.Scarlet go forwards, doesn't leasen this dead hunger peaple (muertos de hambre).

Comments are closed.

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