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December 8, 2016 / 8 Kislev, 5777

The JewishPress.com Rosh Hashanah Petition to God

There is a Jewish concept of “The king’s glory is intensified by the size of His assembly,” meaning that in approaching God, the bigger the crowd, the better.

This year, we’ve decided to appeal to the Creator of the Universe as a group, so that He might give priority to our requests. So, go ahead, ask away, just make sure to leave your real name and email (the latter we will keep from public view, of course).

One request per customer, please, but they don’t have to be solemn and dignified. (Just don’t enter rude stuff, because it’ll get flagged and deleted.)

OK, then, you have until Sunday night, Sept. 16.

Dear God, as the New Year is upon us, my personal request is…

JewishPress.com Readers' Petition to the Almighty

This petition is now closed.

End date: Sep 16, 2012

Signatures collected: 125

125 signatures

Latest Signatures
125Tibbi SingerPlease help me live in the moment.Sep 16, 2012
124Ivan VargasLet your chosen people and all the nations be enlightened by your Torah and by Yahoshua, our Jewish Messiah.Sep 16, 2012
123Ed FleischmanPeace for Jerusalem!Sep 16, 2012
122Mary TodaroGetting closer to you and practicing your jewish ways!Sep 16, 2012
121Fred WeisbergRemove obama...the worst person who ever lived! AMEN!Sep 16, 2012
120Dina MoskowitzMay it be Your will to restore my body to the level of health it needs to carry out Your will while on the path You have designated for me in this life; that you protect all of Am Israel from harm!Sep 15, 2012
119Ron KatzoffDear G-d my petition to you this year is two fold, to extend the good quality of life for mywife who was just diagnosed with pancreatic/liver cancer and that JERUSALEM is now and forever the capitalSep 15, 2012
118Tabitha Elkinssafety for the Jewish people, truth to be revealed, enemies of the Jewish people to be silenced.Sep 15, 2012
117Angie HaydenDear God my petition to you almighty is will you make my new business increase and be very successful. I also ask the good Lord Jesus to protect my family and remain healthy. Thank you amenSep 15, 2012
116Amy CooperPlease G-d, help my husband to recover from prostate cancer. Thank you for your help with my son who has autism, and please continue to help and guide him in middle school.Sep 15, 2012
115leslie innispeace of Jerusalem, wisdom for the prim minister, bind satan off Jerusalem,rebuild of the house of God prosperity Isreal ,me my familySep 15, 2012
114Jayesh J. Kinariwala."Paritranay sadhunam, vinashay cha duskrutam, Darma sansthapanarthay sambhawami yuge yuge" Please, fulfil your commitment as early as possible.Sep 15, 2012
113Dawn PhillipsProtect the land of the children of G-d, let them know that they are not aloneSep 15, 2012
112mary kernodleI would like to live in Israel and have a volunteer job thereSep 15, 2012
111ceciliahrl@gmail.com rochaajuda-me a louvar a ti.. protege minha filha.. shalom para o mundo. thank very much HS.Sep 15, 2012
110Letty FisherPlease Lord protect IsraelSep 15, 2012
109Walter SteinlaufSep 15, 2012
108David FakheriThe Anti-Israel need understand there hasn't been always " the bravery of our great Soldiers " to win the wars against our enemies ,but It is always with the kindness of the GREAT GOD to his peopleSep 15, 2012
107Irma MendozaMay the Iranian leader be stopped before tradgedy. May United States gain a leader that loves Israel.Sep 14, 2012
106Marco de la RosaMay G-d protect his people, Israel, and all the Righteous... May Pres. Obama free Jonathan Jay Pollard from illegal and brutal confinement... May G-d guide angels to crush enemy nukes......Sep 14, 2012
105Koorosh SetarehHealth , Happiness & peace for the people all over the world.Sep 14, 2012
104david bonin (abitbol)If Obama is a moslem, pleasae let him come out with it.. TodaSep 14, 2012
103Pastor Larry CoffinSend the Mashiach soon to bring Peace to the whole world, especially for Israel. Thank YOU.Sep 14, 2012
102herbert albinI want to wish all my new family that I di not know existed a peacful new yearSep 14, 2012
101Esther VercareFather God, protect us from the temptations of evil, open peoples eyes to not re-elect Obama, continue to bless Israel with peace, thank you for your blessings and pray for our loved ones.Sep 14, 2012
100Adriana TlacuiloHashem forgives our sins and reveliones not turn your face from me or your people and all Israel and humanities do not get this grant, save them, and they see that you are GD, who made heaven and eartSep 14, 2012
99Bonnie Kallen1. To keep my daughter safe while she is in Israel. 2. To please help the scientist find the right medicine for my stage !V cancer before I run out of time.Sep 14, 2012
98Earl LuatThat all Israel maybe saved, may they be brought to their Promised Land. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered...Sep 14, 2012
97Santiago SolpicoThat Obama not be re-elected.Sep 14, 2012
96William TraderRe-election of President Obama, protection of Israel, and the reconciliation of Jews and African-AmericansSep 14, 2012
95Ederlinda Solpicothat my husband and I receive complete healing for our sicknesses, my husband from enlargement of the heart, and me from rheumatism, arthritis, for health to continue serving the Yeshua.Sep 14, 2012
94Naomi WeinerPlease HaShem, return total health and healing to my body, mind and soul. I need your shalom and rest. Please help my family as well. Our country needs to acknowledge you as well.Sep 14, 2012
93Olivia HemmingMay we acknowledge, remember always that every human is G-D's child who deserves a piece of land to grow food to sustain him, shelter & right livelihood, regardless of religion, color, genderSep 14, 2012
92julane jazziqueThank you G-D... Baruch Hashem, please, I know you are real, my sincere apology for the Democrats doing with out you. Please watch over our nations. Please watch over my momSep 14, 2012
91Stella LunaSalvation for my family. Pay up our debts. For health issues. peace and joy in our lives and to serve you better.Sep 14, 2012
90Janice WilliamsThe manifestations of the petitions physically, financially, economically that are before Father God.Sep 14, 2012
89elizabeth allweissI send out the prayer to YAHWEH, in the true name of God, to REELECT Obama to protect majority of Americans,Also HELP ALL Christians,Jews get OUT OFISLAMIC MIDEAST COUNTRIES NOWSep 14, 2012
88Peggy Harrismy personal request is that you, please stand by Israel and help her when no one else will and to let your will be done even in the face of the United States, thank you Father.Sep 14, 2012
87Esther Lerner- BrennerLife.Sep 14, 2012
86Joseph GreenbergPlease bring some sanity and common sense to those Jews who are voting for Obama.Sep 14, 2012
85Robert GoldbergPlease let me know how I can help bring peace and prosperity to my family, our country, and the world.Sep 14, 2012
84andrew leepeace& prosperity for all GODS people.And of course health & happinessSep 14, 2012
83E BerkenMay God be sure that Obama is reelected because his Republican opponent may start a war that would hurt us all, but be a disaster for Israel.Sep 14, 2012
82Gay JewishHave narrow minded and bigoted orthodox jews respect the rights of gay peopleSep 13, 2012
81A DALEreconcile with my bro Ruddie, whole family saved & we walk in the plan & purpose of the LORD; Total debt cancelled;I & husband may retire to do work in the Kingdom; safety for Israel; buy FWM bldgSep 13, 2012
80Joan HoffmanPlease heal me completely and may peace and prosperity surround Your people.Sep 13, 2012
79Jamie WelkisMay justice be served in my case and all those that follow and support the people. May good health and prosperity fall upon all those I love and care aboutSep 13, 2012
78Nimrod Zackgood health, prosperity, and peace for all of Klal Yisrael. and free Jonathan PollardSep 13, 2012
77Eliot IsraelMake Mitt Romney president of the USA to keep Israel safe.Sep 13, 2012
76David FernMay I never again be ashamed to be Jewish. May I never again be ashamed to be American. Sha'alu Shalom YerushalayimSep 13, 2012
75Sandy HaasDear Lord, I pray for protection of Israel and America and for America to always be a friend (ally) For the right leaders be installed, corruption to end, and for a great outpouring of your Spirit.Sep 13, 2012
74Pam GreenPlease ensure that Obama is not re-elected. Please ensure his defeat this November for the sake of Israel, America, and all nations under Islamist attack!Sep 13, 2012
73Sandra BrodskyFree Jonathan PollardSep 13, 2012
72Edith ZenouI need to know that the next steps and direction that I take will land me in a safe and happier place. I will be self-supporting and can begin to enjoy and live life without financial hardship.Sep 13, 2012
71Shari NelsonI am taking off work for the days G-D commanded not to work for High Holy Days. My checks will be low those weeks since I'm not working those days. So please ABBA YAH remember my obedience and help mSep 13, 2012
70Phyllis Lawlerthat the heart of the fathers be to the children and the hearts of the children be to the fathers and Peace be in Jerusalem and the eyes of the world be opened to the Son of GodSep 13, 2012
69Florence KaplanMay the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob save and protect Israel from all its enemies and may the Geula come any minute, Hashem's Torah is true. G-d bless the soldiers and people of Israel.Sep 13, 2012
68Cheryl SemrauThat my father would get better, I will get a new job that will get me to Israel and someday go live in Israel.Sep 13, 2012
67Ellen LevensonMay we all realize the part we have played and be willing to make amends.Sep 13, 2012
66Renee Szporngood health, prosperity, and peace for all of Klal Yisrael.Sep 12, 2012
65Talia AbramsMay we have years of peace and prosperity and speedy recoveries for all the good people of the world.Sep 12, 2012
64Lisa FreidingerHa Kadosh Baruch Hu, give me hatzlachah in my impending return to London, and shalom u bracha for klal Yisrael ve kol bnei adam. Amen.Sep 12, 2012
63Laurel WasserTo rid the world of Hate and for Israel to survive and keep on doing all they do for mankind.Sep 12, 2012
62Anne Jeanette NelsonI pray to HaShem for Jewish People everywhere that each one will ask HaShem for faith to believe HaShem is waiting for them to Call Upon Him with all of their hearts in truth and sincerity.Sep 12, 2012
61Adam GreenfieldTo bring a new Judge in the spirit of Gideon to rid us of our enemies.Sep 12, 2012
60Mark DilleyFather God bring back His people to Zion that have been scatterd abroad because Israel now has no ally to trust in except God, God will judge the enemies of Israel and forgive her and protect her.Sep 12, 2012
59Elianah Sharon...that we have enough to pay our bills and eat. Thank you for making this happen in Israel.Sep 12, 2012
58david willigFreedom for Jonathan PollardSep 12, 2012
57Muzel TalkarThanks you God for all you have given and my family .Sep 12, 2012
56M FHK"BH Please let my wife make it through her surgery and therapy OK. And help her be strong to be able to handle it.Sep 12, 2012
55Corinne JaegleDear God,thank you to be the King of the universe%God of Israel help me to do good work for your kingdom for Israel to help them allways foreever.help me to get my familly to see the light of YeshuaSep 12, 2012
54Julia ArangoPlease send me a nice husband! You know what I want and need. thank you in advance.Sep 12, 2012
53Luzia AlvesAbundant rains and peace over Israel, and that the territory lost be restored to her. Also, that my son gain focus on studying and on a safe future to himself; moving away from bad companies.Sep 12, 2012
52Aiah ChasteenPeace to Eretz Yisrael. Her Borders. Her Peoples. Her Matriarchs. Her Patriarchs. And I have Bless Us Adonai. Baruch Hashem! Shana Tovah!Sep 12, 2012
51Jed DunkinPeace and protection for Israel and all it's allies. Prosperity for all and a blessing and much success for my projects and family.Sep 12, 2012
50Chava CohenPlease G-d, heal my dear friend Rosemary of breast cancer so she can raise her children and continue to be a cardiologist.Sep 12, 2012
49Isabel TeixeiraPeço a D-us que me deixe estudar Cabalá e me dê um Talit gadol e um shofar, só para eu contemplar porque sei que é proibido as mulheres usarem Talit e tocar Shofar.esSep 12, 2012
48Josephine BurryWishing Israel all the best and God's blessing on them all.Sep 11, 2012
47David TreppPeace, Good Health, Wealth for all Jews around the world and the protection of a peaceful Jewish State of Israel with Jerusalem as it's eternal CapitalSep 11, 2012
46Chaya Devorah ShuchatNo more pain or suffering and Moshiach NOW!Sep 11, 2012
45Marie ArcherDear God please protect Israel and all the jewish people give them strenght to endure whatever lies ahead. God please give me the strenght to do your will it all I do. Touch the hearts of my sons .Sep 11, 2012
44phyllis unrochSep 11, 2012
43Lucille RoussinPlease give my daughter strength and wisdom and a sense of security so that she stops making rash decisions.Sep 11, 2012
42Vida ButcherThat Yashua Messiah will come to set up God's kingdom.Sep 11, 2012
41Yael FisherA blessing of health, peace ,prosperity and love for my daughter, parents, brothers, nephews, , Israel and me.Sep 11, 2012
40Rene De Vere PeratonerLet the divorce be not so expensive and without strife and that I will not have to pay mor to my former wispouse. Let us be moved into poverty or bankrupcy . Let all the debts be paid quickly withoutSep 11, 2012
39Kevin SouthwellFor a bigger more happier, wealthier Israel in the future.Sep 11, 2012
36Roma M BuchananI pray for the protection of Israel and the Jewish People.Sep 11, 2012
35Rosa Romeroto recived my green card t be llegal in teh usa countrySep 11, 2012
34Robin YvonneA cure for Alzheimers and heart disease for my mother and for my older daughter to return to our faith and not marry a non Jew and for Moshiach to come right now as I write this.Sep 11, 2012
33mila sverdlovPeace to Israel, return our lands to us, love between Jews, tolerance between Jews. GIVE MY SON A jEWISH WIFE, let me see children born to my children, return my son to Jewish fate.Sep 11, 2012
32Adaleh EstevezFot the Afghanistan to end, for all soldiers to come home, especially my fiance. One of our dreams is to move to Israel.Sep 11, 2012
31Sheldon Danthat my wife be in better health, that I find work to support my family, and that Israel find the strength to resist the pressures from the international community..Sep 11, 2012
30Nicki AvodaLet there be Peace in Israel, let there Peace all over the World, Lett there be love and understanding among us and help me to see my family to stay in good health in Israel, ASep 11, 2012
29Yvonne gordonfor Messiah to come and correct the Jewish heart so the suffering on earth can end:Sep 11, 2012
28Olive Weitzelthat HA SHEM may reveal HIS MESSIAH as the only Prince of Peace to AM ISRAEL.Sep 10, 2012
27roc diazwell im about to marry my 1st wife for the second time.please hashem, help me hold it together this time. i pray that You support us, who needs america when we have You.Sep 10, 2012
26Judith Jagodabaruch ha'shem please guide my granddaughter (Barri)and make her see that she is worthy of a terrific,white, Jewish young man and not a worthless Black Goy with no future..Sep 10, 2012
25Sandra BohannonI pray Father that you would bring peace to Israel. That the people in Israel & America would pray for forgiveness from our sins & turn wholly to You & You would heal our lands!Sep 10, 2012
24Gad Carroccioreturn The Temple Mount to all Jew's and rebuild the TempleSep 10, 2012
23Salome Worcha plot of land in the Galil in which to farm and live in peace and health.Sep 10, 2012
22Moriah SteinerPlease Boreh Olam, bless the Jewish people with unity - One heart- one mind and One soul to do your will with love alacrity and gratiitude so we can merit coming home to you and living on our land!Sep 10, 2012
21Patricia DeneenPlease, dear Father, grant that America will elect a President who truly believes that Israel belongs to the Jews and will support Israel against ALL enemies..Sep 10, 2012
20Keith GilbertMay all Jewish prisoners everywhere be remembered and given comfort and made whole by all.Sep 10, 2012
19Charles FeinsteinMay the ill family and friends be granted a complete healing in body, mind and spirit along with comfort to their caregivers.Sep 10, 2012
18Daniel TauberMay we have a year of peace and prosperity.Sep 10, 2012
17Myriam ObadiaThat I obtain, this coming year, the resources to live debt free and help my children make AliyahSep 10, 2012
16Nancy KramerNo october surprises for the american elections....!Sep 10, 2012
15Dee Turnerthat all money stolen from me is returned so I may pay my bills and do charity. to be free of thoughts that are dead ended dreams.Sep 10, 2012
14Lynn WeltI pray that all American Jews will put their political differences aside & unite in defense of Israel! Actions speak much louder than words. Amen.Sep 10, 2012
13Arlene spiegelthat heather get a good paying safe jobSep 10, 2012
12Shira Chaya RabinowitzHaShem,bring peace toall humanity.Let all people see each other as their sisters&brothers.I was asked,how do you purge the world of evil & sin in man as each man has the face of G-D.UnconditionalLoveSep 10, 2012
11Mordichai Shuchatto reveal Moshiach Tzidkeinu and build the Beis Hamikdosh before the end of this yearSep 10, 2012
10Eric TamezMay Hashem grant me a Year of prosperity & good health. May he grant us peace & protect Israel from the dangers of Iran &other enemies.Sep 10, 2012
9Lewis BrininLet there be a time when patients and doctors would have to consult a history book to remember what Cancer was...Sep 10, 2012
8Leon PettyjohnSep 10, 2012
7Miriam BeraHaShem, my Redeemer and Sustainer, please allow me stay where I arrived 5 years ago and marry the man whom I will love, grant all of us a healthy and sweet year and be recognized by all of us!Sep 09, 2012
6Mark CappettaOh, Almighty Hashem, please restore to me health of mind, body and soul. Also, please let me return to Israel while my health allows. Shalom!Sep 09, 2012
5steven birbachmaywe all be forgiven for our sins between man and man and between g. may everyone wishes be granted and in my ase be reunitedtogether forever witmyfamilyand no more hurt pain nd suffering. lets all hSep 09, 2012
4Emily SillsPlease, Hashem, bring me home to Israel very, very soon!Sep 09, 2012
3naamit leavittplease give Am Israel a lot of reasons to laughSep 09, 2012
2Yori YanoverPlease make my most favorite lake in the world, the Kineret, rise up to its healthy level this coming year.Sep 09, 2012
1Stephen LeavittMay we have a year of peace, prosperity, and health.Sep 09, 2012

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