Photo Credit: Jewish Press

The RASG Hebrew Academy, located at 2400 Pinetree Drive in Miami Beach, recently hosted a Health Awareness Week for its prekindergarten students. Morahs Ania, Bella, Ettie, Jeanette, and Malka invited several health care professionals to visit their Pre-K classes and speak to the children.

Cole Benveniste-Plitt (top right) assists his father, Dr. Jared Plitt, in demonstrating proper toothbrushing techniques.

Dr. Jared Plitt a local dentist, delighted the students with a fun presentation about oral health featuring a hands-on demonstration of proper toothbrushing techniques, the reading of a children’s book about going to the dentist, and the playing of an interactive iPad game to teach the students about cavities. The children also received goody bags filled with dental-themed favors.


The Hebrew Academy Orthodox Jewish college and yeshiva preparatory school, serving students through grade12.