Photo Credit:
Rabbi Steven Weil

Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil will be leading an OU Community Weekend at the Beth Israel Congregation of Miami Beach Friday, January 3-Saturday, January 4 (Shabbat Parshat Bo). The OU member synagogue is located at 770 West 40th Street.

Rabbi Weil will be delivering his sermon on “After The Pew” in the morning service. In the afternoon before Minchah he will be giving his presentation on “The World’s Two Most Powerful Women.” During seudah shlishit he will be speaking on “The What, Not The Why.”


“Rabbi Weil is one of the premier speakers in the Modern Orthodox community, representing one of the premier organizations of the Jewish world,” said Rabbi Donald Bixon of Beth Israel Congregation. “We are excited to share in his insights and to continue strengthening our ties with the work of the OU.”


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