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Executive Function Disorder In Children And Adults

28 Shevat 5775 – February 16, 2015
Pioneering authors Peg Dawson and Richard Guare, in their book Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, outline the ways that we employ executive skills regularly.

Milestones: Checking In Grade By Grade

21 Shevat 5775 – February 9, 2015
Because I get phone calls about this all the time, I have put together a quick “cheat sheet” with milestones for reading, writing, and math from first grade through high school.

Small Steps. Big Change.

14 Shevat 5775 – February 2, 2015
The reason behind this is that when we ask our brains and bodies to make drastic changes, our fight or flight response kicks in and we become paralyzed.

Collective Punishment Vs Collective Reward

10 Shevat 5775 – January 29, 2015
“Well, you are also part of this class! If someone drills a hole in the boat, the boat will ultimately sink, and even the innocent ones will perish as well. The whole class must be punished!”

Teacher Training: What First-Year Teachers Need to Know

4 Shevat 5775 – January 23, 2015
Why is there such a steep learning curve for teachers? And what can we, as educators and community activists, do better in the educational system and keep first-year teachers in the job?

Teaching Davening (Part Two)

3 Shevat 5775 – January 22, 2015
Teachers, as well as administrators, must be actively involved in the daily prayers that transpire at a school and must set the bar as dugmaot ishiot, role models, on how one must daven.

Readers: Ages And Stages

29 Tevet 5775 – January 19, 2015
With so many new cases of ADHD reported each year, it is important to help children learn how to sit still.

Regaining A Teenager’s Trust

22 Tevet 5775 – January 12, 2015
Teens-at-risk feel alienated from their parents and often believe that no one is interested in hearing about their problems.

Sleep Issues: Routine, Bedwetting And More

While encouraging your child to take responsibility for bed-wetting (like asking him to change the sheets), remember that it is important not to get angry or make him feel guilty.

The Ninth Day Of Chanukah

17 Tevet 5775 – January 7, 2015
If the Maccabees found enough oil to last for one day, then why was the first day considered a miracle?

Change Is Hard

12 Tevet 5775 – January 2, 2015
As we said, you cannot get rid of a bad habit, you can only change it. But, how?

Enjoying The Single Life

8 Tevet 5775 – December 29, 2014
I think a major problem within the "single" community is the pressure to get married ASAP.

Lions, And Tigers, And Bears, Oh My! The Scary Truth About PANDAS

In order to diagnose separation anxiety, these symptoms must not be isolated and must occur for more than four weeks consecutively.

The Importance Of Davening In Our Schools

5 Tevet 5775 – December 26, 2014
In our times, most of us when we pray, our minds are on something else-it is hard to focus all the time.

Growing Your Potential

1 Tevet 5775 – December 22, 2014
When someone with a fixed mindset has a negative interaction with a friend or loved one, he or she immediately projects that rejection onto him or herself saying: “I’m unlovable.”

Handwriting: What’s The Point?

14 Kislev 5775 – December 5, 2014
Children develop at different rates – they say their first words, take their first steps, toilet train, read their first word, and lose their first tooth at different times.

I Cry With You

13 Kislev 5775 – December 4, 2014
Two of these attacks occurred close to Allon Shvut, and somehow I feel responsible.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire: Why Do People Lie?

10 Kislev 5775 – December 1, 2014
Once you understand why you are lying, you might be better able to tell the truth.

How Memory And Learning Work Together

3 Kislev 5775 – November 24, 2014
This core idea of memory is very difficult to fully comprehend; however, it is essential.

Making Our Children Feel Loved

15 Heshvan 5775 – November 7, 2014
Do you love your children? Of course, who doesn’t? Maybe I should rephrase the question: Do your children feel that you love them?

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