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The Night Of Broken Glass—And Dreams

SA and Hitler Youth members shattered the windows of 7,500 Jewish-owned shops (hence the name Kristallnacht, or Night of Shattered Glass) and the stores were looted.

The Jewish Connection To The Brooklyn Bridge

The remarkable Unger, a true mathematical Renaissance man, was a visionary in the field of mathematics education who also wrote numerous texts, many of which became pedagogical standards used by university systems across Europe, particularly in Russia

Mayor Plans First Shul In Ein Gedi In 1,800 Years

Litvinoff said the shul is just one project among several that he has promoted on behalf of observant Jews.

Away For The Holidays

Bring home for the holidays was every GI's dream...

Bambi: A Zionist Allegory

In Twin Books Corp v. Walt Disney (1966), a patent infringement case involving the rights to Bambi, the California court wasted no time in...

Returning To Beit Lechem – With Idealism And Faith

“Rachel has cried enough,” Stern said. “Now it’s time to give her something to smile about.”

Swearing In

Would I want my grandsons to be elsewhere?

Morning Reflections From Afar

While I envision the need to travel back and forth from time to time, my place is here with my husband and children.

The Sad Story Of Califano, Einstein, And The Nazis

Compelled to show his friendship for the Jews in a more concrete form, Califano decided to print, at his own expense, a million color postcards reproducing The Ignominy of the Twentieth Century and to sell them nationally for the benefit of Jewish refugees from the Nazis.

Whiz Kids

Bigger isn’t always better. We know this from Pirkei Avos, which advises us not to look at the container, but rather at what is inside,...

Wyatt Earp’s Mezuzah

Another intriguing “Wyatt Earp Jewish connection” involves the long-standing mystery of the legendary fallout between Wyatt and Doc Holliday.

Red Spies

The Red Orchestra was made up of three different units. The Trepper unit was based in Germany, France and Belgium.

A Passport Of Life

It is important to recognize that her efforts on behalf of rescue weren’t always lauded.

9/11, Israel, And Me

As he shut his piercing grey eyes and began chanting a portion of the service from memory, we could all sense he was actually transported back there through time and space – and the best part was that he was taking us with him.

Tie A Gold Ribbon ‘Round A Tree

Every year 13,500 children will be diagnosed with a pediatric cancer.

A Different Kind Of Year

We gazed at the Old City walls and wondered when and if we'd ever be privileged to enter its gates.

Jews of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

There is a rich Jewish history in this part of the world. Now the hidden customs are being revealed, as many seek to reconnect with their roots.

The Zapruder Film: A Piece Of Jewish History

On November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder created one of the most famous, and valuable, pieces of film and became forever linked with one of...

Jewish Chopsticks

Upon meeting the Zionist delegation, General Wu, a recent convert to Christianity, said, “You are my spiritual brothers.

Victory Through Torah

With the assistance of Mr. Tress, Private Moskowitz tried tirelessly to become an army chaplain.

Beyond The Pale: Jewish Ukraine (Part II)

The pogroms of 1881-1884 were sparked by the assassination of Alexander II.

Lone Soldiers On Leave: Do You Know Where They Go?

There are nearly 3,000 lone soldiers in Israel today; most of whom return to empty, lonely apartments.

Jewish Memories… or… Remembering

If I can't save the world at large, the least I can do is to try to save or improve my own small world.

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