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December 7, 2016 / 7 Kislev, 5777

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Netanyahu in Cabinet Meeting on Jerusalem: We’ll Harm Whomever Tries to Harm Us

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

(JNi.media) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu On Sunday convened a special discussion regarding the continued tensions in Jerusalem. At the outset, Netanyahu said that “stones and Molotov cocktails are lethal weapons, they kill and they have killed, so in recent days we have changed the rules of engagement for police in Jerusalem.” According to the Prime Minister, “This weekend, security forces have already used the new measures under the new directives, and struck the stone throwers and Molotov cocktail throwers.” Netanyahu added that “today we will allow further expansion of the ability of police to act in foiling the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails. Whomever tries to harm us, we’ll hit him.”

Overnight Police arrested four Palestinians, including two minors, on suspicion of disturbances in Jerusalem. In total, 27 Arabs suspected of throwing stones and petrol bombs in the capital have been arrested.

Late Saturday night, Israeli forces fractured the skull of a stone-throwing 13-year-old Arab with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Issawiya, medics at al-Maqasid hospital told Ma’an. Witnesses told Ma’an the clashes broke out when police entered the neighborhood with arrest warrants, picking up two young Arabs. Five more Arabs were arrasted, including two minors.

An Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld tweeted on Saturday evening: “Police units continue patrolling neighborhoods in Jerusalem to prevent incidents. In Isawiah stones thrown at officers, 7 suspects arrested.”

An IDF officer was injured on Sunday, during stone-throwing riots on the road connecting Tjoa and Har Homa in Gush Etzion, just outside Jerusalem. The officer was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem with a possible fracture.

An Arab woman was arrested for questioning Sunday after she attacked police and tried to attack an Israeli civilian near the Chain Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. At the same time, an Israeli citizen was detained for violating the rules concerning visiting the Temple Mount. Jerusalem District Police said that some 500 visitors have entered the Temple Mount, including 350 tourists.


Rock Beats Muezzin: Offensive Mosque Speakers Removed after Threat of Reprisal

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

That’s all it took – a well coordinated campaign that delivered a simple message to the Muezzin and the local leaders in the village of Al Issawiya, near the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem: If you don’t stop waking us up at 5 in the morning and disturbing us with unbelievably high Allah-inspired decibels four more times during the day, we’ll hire a special events company with four giant speakers that normally accompany the likes of Madonna and Mick Jagger, and blast you back.

According to Mynet, the residents of French Hill, Har Choma and Pisgat Ze’ev scored a decisive victory in the battle against the muezzin speakers of the mosque without actually having to ever make good on their threat.

The stupendous response their plight and their battle plan was receiving online, and most emphatically right here, at the Jewish Press (some sites were undecided, but we don’t harbor much liberalism when it comes to Muezzin wakeup calls), encouraged the Jewish residents of those three neighborhoods to keep up their threats.

This led to a meeting between the sound-warring sides, a meeting that included the commanding officer of the local police station, the Mukhtar (chief) of Al-Issawiya Darwish Darwish, the Imam of the local mosque, Sami Muchsein, the director of the French Hill Community Administration, Yochanan Bechler, and the Jerusalem municipality’s director of Emergency and Security section Itzik Nidam.

Our understanding is that during the meeting the guy from French Hill went into specific detail regarding the amazing rock concerts his neighbors were going to be treated to starting, say, at 2 every morning. There may have been talk of the effect of the late Jimmy Hendrix could have on a picturesque little village in the mountains.

The last time rock music was used in anger was when President Bill Clinton’s FBI laid a siege on the Branch Davidian compound west of Waco, Texas, in 1993, using loudspeakers to generate high decibel sounds of laughter, birds squawking, sirens, rabbits being slaughtered, rock music, and Tibetan chants.

We have no idea whether or not the above alternatives were used to illustrate what some angry Jewish neighbors who’ve had enough can do with four really big speakers. We do know that in the end Mukhtar Darwish Darwish blinked and promised to remove the speakers that were trained at the Jewish neighborhood.

“We were very afraid that they would direct speakers with noisy music at the neighborhood homes, and also we want to be good neighbors,” he said. “We decided that four speakers are enough.”

If this incident doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about living in peace in the Middle East, nothing will. Over here, the late great President Teddy Roosevelt no doubt would have advised: “Speak Loudly and carry two big sticks.”

Yori Yanover

Mosque’s Loud Prayer Generates Mega-Decibel ‘Battle of the Bands’

Monday, July 16th, 2012

After the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem has decided to play very loud music, in defiance of the volume and disturbance of the sound of the muezzin at the mosque in nearby Al-Issawiya, two additional Jewish neighborhoods, Pisgat Ze’ev and Har Choma, have announced that they, too, will take up a similar approach. French Hill also decided to go with hard rock, and not Mediterranean tunes, as had originally been planned, because, as they put it, hard rock is more likely to deliver the message.

According to Yediot Jerusalem, the French Hill neighborhood has recently approached an amplification company with an order for four huge speakers to be directed at Al-Isawiya. As soon as the village muezzin will start his exceedingly loud prayer, it will be responded to with ear shattering Rock n’ Roll, letting local Arabs understand how disturbing the loud prayers have been to their Jewish neighbors.

Har Choma and Pisgat Ze’ev residents are waiting to see the results from the French Hill “pilot.” If the protest via rock blasts succeeds, the other two neighborhoods, situated on the border of the Jerusalem municipality, will follow suit.

Har Choma residents are coping with the sound of the muezzin from the villages of Umm Tuba and Sur Baher. Pisgat Ze’ev residents receive their 5 daily Muslim inspiration calls from Beit Hanina, Shuafat and Anata.

Jerusalem’s city hall has attempted to negotiated between Al-Issawiya village head Darwish Darwish and the residents of French Hill. Darwish promised to regulate the noise level, but the French Hill residents are saying nothing has changed, and the muezzin call continue to reach unbearable decibels.

Tibbi Singer

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