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December 9, 2016 / 9 Kislev, 5777

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Attorney-General to Probe Submarine Purchase

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

The office of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has announced he will order an investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal attorney, David Shimron’s connection to Israel’s purchase of three new German submarines.

A statement by the Justice Ministry said, “Following new information received… from Israel Police and in view of other developments in connection with the matter… the Attorney-General has ordered an investigation to be carried out by police concerning various aspects of the issue.”

The probe is being held to determine if Shimron acted out of a conflict of interest, among other issues.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Wednesday that the purchase of the submarines, which will brings Israel’s fleet up to nine, was the right decision for the country. He added that the move was supported by “a large consensus in the security and political establishment.”

The decision to purchase the subs was made by the government after recommendations by the security cabinet, the National Security Council and the Foreign Ministry. Israeli media have been focused on scrutinizing the move, with Israel’s Channel 10 TV news among those who have been accused of seeking ways to undermine the prime minister.

Shimron has been the prime minister’s personal lawyer for many years, but is also representing the German company that sells the submarines. Channel 10 has alleged the sale was opposed by the IDF and former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon.

An IDF spokesperson said earlier this month, however, that the military had informed the cabinet of a “need” for new submarines. The National Security Agency (NSA), said in a statement that there was been a “wave of false reports” and that in fact, the deal with Germany to purchase the latest group of new submarines was fully supported by Ya’alon.

Hana Levi Julian

AG Just Sank the Channel 10 Submarine Scandal

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

According to a breaking report on Channel 2, Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, after consultation with the State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan at the Ministry of Justice this evening, has reached a decision that there’s no reason to involve the police in investigating the alleged Netanyahu submarine scandal reported by Channel 10. This implication of this statement is that there was no criminal wrong-doing on PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s part.

After the Channel 10  submarine report came out, Netanyahu’s lawyer and the central figure in the alleged submarine scandal, Dovid Shimron, took and passed a polygraph test, indicating he was speaking the truth when he said Netanyahu did not know about anything illegal or unethical.

Shimron was asked four questions: “Did you tell the Prime Minister about any connection between you and German shipyards? Have you talked to the Prime Minister about procuring submarines? Have you talked to the Prime Minister about maintenance of the vessels? And did you tell the Prime Minister you represent Miki Ganor?”.

Shimron responded in the negative to all the questions.

According to the report, the AG will still continue to check into any possibilities of a conflict of interest, presumably on the part of Dovid Shimron, but there’s nothing here that requires a police investigation or criminal probe.

Netanyahu has made it clear that security considerations were his only criteria and concern in the decision to purchase the additional three submarines.

The decision effectively sinks Channel 10’s attack and accusations against Netanyahu.

After Channel 10’s report came out, all of Netanyahu’s political adversaries, Yair Lapid, Ehud Barak, Moshe Yaalon and Yitzchak Herzog, jumped into the tub and joined the cacophony calling for Netanyahu’s investigation.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Arthur Finkelstein: Channel 10 Report on His Quitting Likud is a Lie

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Israel Channel 10 reported today that the Likud’s strategic campaign advisor, Arthur Finkelstein, quit the campaign.

Finkelstein’s office responded that, “The Channel 10 report is a complete lie. Finkelstein flew out of the country, based on travel plans he had set up before he even came to Israel. He and his partner, George Birnbaum are fully managing the campaign until the end. A report like this, that didn’t even bother to get a response, proves that the station had bad intentions for publishing the lie.”

There you have it.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Bennett Joking at Bibi’s Wife’s Expense (Video)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Jewish Home party chairman Naftali Bennett on Wednesday let out one of the pearls of the election campaign that’s ending next week. When asked on a Channel 10 morning program how he would be able to work with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah, after all the bad blood between them in recent years, Bennett replied: “It will be fine.”

Co-host Orly Vilnai noted that this expression is used in the Special Forces, Bennett responded: “We served in the same unit, so that should delete our history.”

The other host, Guy Rose, asked him if he was referring to himself and Sarah Netanyahu.

“Yes, exactly, Sarah and I were mostly in terrorism course together,” Bennett joked at expense of the wife of the prime minister with whom he wants to partner in a week.

“But I want to emphasize there’s nothing that 15 seats wouldn’t cure,” Bennett added on a less flippant note. “We need to get off the gossip. Netanyahu and I work very well together if we—Jewish-Home—have enough power.”

During the interview Bennett refused to answer what ministry he would like to head should Netanyahu include him in his government, saying only that “we want to be the most influential factor in government beside Netanyahu.”

Jewish Press Staff

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