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December 9, 2016 / 9 Kislev, 5777

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Donald Trump: The Better Choice

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Our discussion last week of the Nov. 8 presidential election centered on our lament that the focus of the campaign had shifted from a comparison of the candidates’ positions on critical issues to a fixation on a seemingly endless series of personal “gotcha” moments.

So, as a matter of underscoring our chagrin, we basically urged readers to make their voting decisions based on issues rather than personal foibles – perhaps some serious ones – and did not specify our choice. This, even though our preference for Mr. Trump was plainly manifest in what we had to say.

However, developments since then have impelled us to cross the line and endorse Mr. Trump outright. On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced it was reopening its criminal investigation, closed this past summer, of Hillary Clinton’s possibly illegal mishandling of national security material. The decision was said by the director of the FBI to be based on the discovery of some 650,000 e-mails on a computer belonging to the husband of a senior Hillary Clinton aide and characterized by the director as including some that “appear to be pertinent” to the earlier closed investigation.

It is inconceivable to us that the investigation would have been reopened so close to the election absent the discovery of evidence of serious wrongdoing.

And so we urge readers to come out on November 8 and vote for Donald Trump for president of the United States. He represents America’s best hope for reversing the calamitous course on which elected officials from both the Republican and Democratic parties have led us. Israel, the Supreme Court, immigration, health care, the economy, gender rights, and national defense – issues we have addressed many times in earlier editorials – are just some of the areas in which he will bring back common sense and sanity.

Donald Trump is the better choice.

Editorial Board

A Clear Choice

Friday, October 14th, 2016

I have been a proud deplorable for over a year. Stretching back to last summer’s discontent with sixteen other Republican candidates, I found my voice in an unlikely contender. And ever since, I’ve found myself justifying a brash outsider to disbelievers.

Donald Trump has become the ultimate candidate for this time and place of desperate Americans baffled at the staggeringly wrong course their beloved country has taken. And they are determined to at least have a go at setting it right again.

I am not a blue-collar gun-toting rural white male. And I do not fit Hillary’s definition of Trump fans as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.” I am a Trump supporter who welcomes the man’s courage to holler about the destructive nature of political correctness and establishment politics. And I am tolerant of the faults and human errors that accompany the man without detracting from his appeal.

In the months leading up to his nomination, Trump’s foibles may have overshadowed some of his competitors’ messages, but they never outweighed his own. Like everything else about Trump, those foibles seem outsized. They are not, however, merely tolerated by blind devotion; they augment the urgency of his message.

And no character flaw Trump possesses is big enough to contravene that message.

To anyone who truly cares about the future of this country and the future of our freedoms, that message is clear. In its simplest form, it translates into an almost tangible mixture of relief at having found a champion of the real victims of political correctness and establishment politics; a candidate who instills in millions of Americans newfound optimism in the possibility of changing course.

Whether or not one wholly approves of Trump’s temperament or is convinced of his conservative bona fides, shooting the messenger has essentially become shooting oneself. Once the nomination was solidified, liking Trump or not became irrelevant.

It is what it is. Or as my kids say, “get over it.” The dwindling number of Never Trump diehards cannot see the forest of their country for the trees of political allegiance – the end result being the demise of both.

For many of us who love this country, voting for Hillary is voting for thirty years of political grime that has rightfully earned her widespread distrust – from Travelgate to Emailgate, from Benghazi to the Clinton Foundation, from the Bosnia whopper to defaming the women her husband involved himself with in one way or another.

A vote for Trump is not just a political defense maneuver or a vote against Hillary. It’s a means of reasserting American values and culture that have been under attack from within.

The pathology of Hillary’s prevarications mirror the pathology of our country’s false political narrative, hoisted upon it by Obama and like-minded liberals. Obama’s America has been afflicted by a disease of self-denigration, symptoms of which include the debasement of our national pride and the corruption of our Judeo-Christian values. And Hillary’s endorsement of this transformation is a promise of more to come.

“Make America Great Again” is more than a simple slogan or a conjuring up of feel-good nostalgia. It’s an antidote. It’s a concrete rallying cry to halt the ever-growing reach of big government, with its increased taxation, regulation, and accompanying spiraling debt. It’s a denunciation of Obamacare. And it’s a promise to preserve the nation’s judicial integrity by appointing judges who will protect American’s constitutional rights rather than legislate from the bench.

It’s a call to arms to protect America from the growing threats of illegal immigration at our borders and terrorism on our shores. It’s a summoning up of the disappearing pillar of law and order, both nationally and internationally. And it’s a plea to speak truth about American pride by shoring up our once-great military and identifying the enemy for who and what it is.

It’s also a fight against a cultural avalanche that has changed the face of America. The past eight years have seen an accelerated flouting of social barriers and taboos, and with it, the flouting of the American family and its future. Hate groups such as Black Lives Matter and BDS have alarmingly become liberal America’s new darlings. And the first black president has, ironically, presided over the most acute collapse of race relations in decades.

On the world stage, “Make America Great Again” is a hearkening back to the days when our country instilled fear in the hearts of its foreign enemies, security in the hearts of its allies, and pride in the hearts of its own citizens. The world continues to teeter since Secretary of State Clinton presided over the collapse of the Middle East with her disastrous policies during the years of the Arab Spring. And Obama’s deal with Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, is essentially a delayed nuclear breakout guarantee, cemented with the recent $1.7 billion taxpayer cash payments to the mullahs.

Supporters of Israel, the one democracy in the Middle East, should be encouraged by Trump’s denunciation of the Iran deal as a concrete threat to both Israel and America. They should be heartened by his recent pledge to Prime Minister Netanyahu that he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And they should celebrate the most pro-Israel Republican platform ever.

The list of problems that have come to define the Obama years is long and perilous. And Trump’s unlikely ascendancy is testament to the volatility of our times. Drastic circumstances require drastic measures. And the rot from within our government circles demands a cure from without.

This year’s presidential campaign may have left many Americans scratching their heads and wondering if this is the best a country of more than 300 million people can offer. But we do have a clear choice between the two major candidates, and anyone who still cherishes the promise of the American Dream, and is sick of government corruption and exploitation, has the opportunity to dispatch Hillary to a much delayed retirement from public life.

Sara Lehmann

Walter Bingham File – Who Should Be The Next President Of The US? The choice of Prof. Alan Dershowitz [audio]

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Have you made up your mind yet whom you would like to see in the White House? This programme brings you the first of two prominent American political commentators giving their conflicting views in frank conversation with Walter.

Also: Hear about the despicable behaviour of Yossi Beilin

And: Why the General wanted to be in command of Judea and Samaria

The Walter Bingham File 11Sept2016 – PODCAST

Israel News Talk Radio

A Jewess By Choice

Friday, June 10th, 2016

This article was written with the help of Aliza Bulow



Tziyona Kantor

Trump: The Principled Choice

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

We believe in the politics of principle. We value character, integrity, and politicians who ground principled philosophies in the Constitution. Yet we find ourselves staring across a divide at fellow conservatives with whom we’ve previously stood side by side and who – claiming principle – have declared themselves NeverTrumps. Not only do we find their arguments unavailing, we wonder what principle they think they’re upholding.

Politics is the art of the possible, and barring entirely unforeseen events either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the next President. Because we believe that a Clinton presidency would be far more harmful to America and to the world than a Trump presidency, we view our anti-Hillary-driven support for Trump as highly principled. More importantly, we believe that any principled approach must compare the candidates to each other rather than to some unavailable ideal.

NeverTrumps cite numerous flaws in Trump’s character that, in theory or in other circumstances, we might consider problematic. In practice, however, Trump’s character concerns us less than does Clinton’s. She is demonstrably corrupt, unprincipled, and power hungry. She has destroyed women who complained about her husband’s predations and imperiled national security by mishandling classified materials and abandoning Benghazi. And even if Trump has inflated his business prowess, he is a far more successful developer than she was Secretary of State.

NeverTrumps also worry about the debilitating effect of a Republican President Trump on the conservative movement. Again, we are sympathetic, but we cannot imagine how Trump might inflict more damage on the cause of constitutionalism than a Supreme Court majority untethered to textual language and hostile to original meaning—a Clinton goal. And we are encouraged both by the Trump camp’s list of potential judicial nominees as well as by a number of his policy advisors who are solidly conservative.

We’ve raised these points before, but we have not addressed a NeverTrump argument that hits close to home to us personally: revulsion at distasteful elements among Trump’s supporters–specifically white supremacists whose trendy “Alt-right” moniker does little to distract from the hoary ugliness of their coarse, unimaginative anti-Semitism. Trump took too long to repudiate David Duke. His wife Melania Trump, while disapproving of anti-Semitic threats hurled at journalist Julia Ioffe over her less-than-flattering profile of Mrs. Trump, suggested that Ioffe had “provoked” the hatred. And those stories are but the tip of the iceberg; we have seen and heard numerous reports – and been direct recipients – of vile Jew hatred spewing forth from those defending Trump’s honor.

Political leaders should indeed disassociate themselves from hatemongers seeking to speak on their behalf. But those who think that Trump is creating or promoting

anti-Semitism are fooling themselves. America’s white supremacists have not grown more anti-Semitic over the past year. Social media, press attention, and a leader who rightly and refreshingly mocks political correctness has merely brought them out of the woodwork. Jew hatred from this right wing fringe has become open rather than closeted. In our view, this renders it less dangerous, not more; repressing its expression lulls the public into complacency and denial while aggravating inveterate anti-Semites’ unhinged sense of grievance. It is for the same reason that outlawing “hate speech” or Holocaust denial is so counterproductive: stifled, anti-Semitism only festers and spreads.

We are heartened that most of the right has responded with revulsion. We also have some perspective on the insignificance of these crazies. While it is disconcerting to hear such voices surfacing, their relative silence until now shows how successfully the right has sidelined them. This is in sharp contrast to the way the political left has mainstreamed its own hatemongers. Barack Obama joined Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March, and spent twenty years seeking spiritual guidance from Jeremiah Wright. Like Obama, Clinton has actively embraced Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter, refusing to explain that all lives matter. Max Blumenthal, the son of Clinton’s closest advisor, is America’s leading Jewish apologist for anti-Semitism and Israel’s destruction. As the first American politician to favor a state for the PLO and by her own account the initiator of the deal giving Iran nuclear weapons, Clinton insidiously mouths pro-Israel platitudes while embracing and empowering terrorists hell-bent on Jewish genocide. It is hard to see a Clinton presidency as anything but an existential threat to the State of Israel. These affirmative choices concern us far more than Trump’s disappointing reluctance to distance himself from fringe voters whose views he shows no signs of endorsing but whose votes may help him win.

Finally, we have always been skeptical of the argument that Clinton inevitably will beat Trump in a landslide bringing down the Republican Congressional majority. Underestimating Trump has become something of a pattern for the political class. He has a long way to go, but Republicans are falling in line and large numbers of independent and even Democratic voters seem eager and excited to vote for Trump. Clinton is a passionless candidate with passionless supporters. We see Trump as positioned to win, and to run as enough of an outsider to allow those candidates seeking distance from him to claim it. Recent polls seem to support this view.

At the end of the day, we do not believe that it is unprincipled to express a preference between choices that we consider far from ideal. We hope that the NeverTrump holdouts will join us soon—both on the anti-Hillary train and in the ongoing work necessary for conservatives to recapture influence within the GOP. We hope the NeverTrumps come to embrace the erosion of the tyranny of political correctness. Together we will pay attention to the anti-Semites; thanks to Trump it’s becoming easier.

Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon

Netanyahu’s Choice for Ambassador to Italy Withdraws

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Israeli-Italian journalist and former Member of Parliament Fiamma Nirenstein, now living in Jerusalem, who was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu as ambassador to Italy, has withdrawn her candidacy. Nirenstein issued a statement this week saying she had informed Netanyahu she no longer sought the position. “I thank the prime minister for the trust he put in me. I would like to express my readiness to continue to contribute to the State of Israel as best I can,” she wrote.

Israeli media suggested Nirenstein gave up on her prestigious appointment in response to negative views by the Jewish community of Rome, who feared that Nirenstein, who only two years ago had served as an Italian MP, would cause charges of dual loyalty. Rome Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni said there may be problems, “Just read what’s already on the social networks about her dual citizenship.”

David Israel

Palestinian Hacker Posts on Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook Wall

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

A Palestinian hacker posted a message on Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg’s wall to show there is a bug in the social network’s security settings.

Khalil Shreateh of Hebron posted information about the bug on Zuckerberg’s wall late last week, following unsuccessful attempts to report the bug to Facebook security. The bug allowed Shreateh to post on the walls of other members despite security settings.

“Sorry for breaking your privacy … I had no other choice … after all the reports I sent to Facebook team,” Shreateh wrote on Zuckerberg’s wall.

Facebook security had denied that the flaw was a bug.

Shreateh, who is unemployed, had hoped to win a $500 reward paid out to hackers who discover bugs on Facebook. Instead, his Facebook account was frozen, since he violated Facebook’s terms of service by posting illegally on Zuckerberg’s page. His account has since been reinstated.

Zuckerberg has 18 million friends on his Facebook page.


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