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Israeli Scientists Find Way to Delay Cell Death

23 Tammuz 5772 – July 12, 2012
Israeli Researchers have discovered a protein that is central to delaying cell death, which “could lead to new approaches to treating cancer.” Programmed cell death, or Apoptosis, is a critical defense mechanism against the development of abnormal cells like cancer.

Israeli Vows to ‘Bike for the Fight’ Against Cancer

4 Tammuz 5772 – June 24, 2012
A new initiative – Bike for the Fight – will raise money for the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), a North American organization funding grants to top Israeli cancer researchers and scientific institutions, by biking for three months across the United States.

Jews, Gays, Rights Activists Protest Ahmadinejad in Rio

28 Sivan 5772 – June 18, 2012
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s welcome on the sunny Ipanema beach in Rio was less than warm from an eclectic group of Jews, human rights activists, and homosexuals, who arrived Sunday to protest the Iranian president’s attendance at a UN summit on sustainable development.

Israel Ranked 19th Most Competitive Economy in the World

15 Sivan 5772 – June 4, 2012
Israel ranked one spot behind the United Kingdom, and ahead of economic powerhouses China (23rd), Japan (27th), and France (29th). It also retained its position as the world's top investor in research and development for the third year in a row.

American Hostage Pleads with Obama To Free Al-Qaeda, Taliban Prisoners

15 Iyyar 5772 – May 7, 2012
Warren Weinstein, an American humanitarian aid worker kidnapped by al-Qaeda  begged US President Barack Obama to free all al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners in US...

Apple To Start Massive Israel Hiring Push

8 Iyyar 5772 – April 30, 2012
In the next few weeks, Apple’s new Israeli research and development center will launch a major hiring campaign.

A Zionist action: Approving Three Jewish Communities in Israel’s Heartland

4 Iyyar 5772 – April 26, 2012
The government's decision this week to grant zoning permits to Rechelim Beruchin is nothing more then repairing a wrong. After seven years in limbo, once again the residents of these communities can fulfill their dreams and the corporate dream of their nation – they can finally build their homes in Eretz Yisrael.

NDS Bought by Cisco for $5 Billion

21 Adar 5772 – March 15, 2012
Cisco Systems, Inc. an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, specializing in design, manufacturing, and sales of networking equipment, is purchasing NDS,...

Iran Blocks Access to Nuke Facilities, IAEA Leaves

29 Shevat 5772 – February 22, 2012
According to news agencies, after two days of talks on Iran’s nuclear program, UN nuclear experts have left Tehran without reaching a deal, adding...

Iran to Launch Suicide Boats at US Navy as Turmoil Threatens Bahrain Base

20 Shevat 5772 – February 13, 2012
US Naval Commander in the gulf warns against increased Iranian aggression, while the US Naval base in Bahrain is facing local trouble.

UN Sec-Gen’s Convoy Pelted As He Enters Gaza

9 Shevat 5772 – February 2, 2012
Palestinians were protesting Ban's apparent apathy at the fate of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Where Were $3.4 Billion of American Tax Dollars Spent?

7 Shevat 5772 – January 31, 2012
USAID continues to offer funding to Arab 'development and humanitarian projects' in Hebron despite Abu Mazen’s attempt to unilaterally declare a ‘Palestinian state’ at the UN in September 2011.

PM Netanyahu Considering Rail Link For Asia-Europe Trade Route

6 Shevat 5772 – January 29, 2012
Netanyahu: "The Eilat Railway will be a passenger railway with a travel time of two hours" from Tel Aviv.

IAEA Chief on Iran: ‘What we know suggests the development of nuclear weapons’

24 Tevet 5772 – January 19, 2012
Yukiya Amano makes comments in interview with Financial Times Deutschland.

Japan FM: Japan Ready to Cut Iran Oil Imports

17 Tevet 5772 – January 12, 2012
Comments come during US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to Japan.

Apple Makes First Israeli Acquisition

After weeks of negotiations, computer mega-giant Apple has acquired its first Israeli company, Anobit Technologies, for $390 million.

More than Moody – Understanding Adolescent Depression

14 Tevet 5772 – January 9, 2012
The teenage years are no picnic for both the teenager and the parents. Parents of young children yearn for these days, which they assume will be carefree child-rearing, but are rudely introduced to a challenging parental time.

Apple’s First R&D Center Outside of US in Israel

24 Kislev 5772 – December 20, 2011
Computer and software giant Apple has begun searching for office space for its first technology development center outside of Cupertino, California - in Israel.

Israeli Scientist Wins Nobel Prize

16 Kislev 5772 – December 12, 2011
Professor Dan Shechtman of Haifa’s Technion University received the Nobel Prize in Chamistry at an awards ceremony and gala ball in Stockholm on Saturday evening.

Title: Families, Rabbis and Education: Traditional Jewish Society in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe

17 Adar II 5771 – March 23, 2011
For many years now, Shaul Stampfer has been recognized as an authority in all things dealing with nineteenth-century Jewish Eastern Europe. In his newest book we have a collection of numerous essays representing more than twenty years of his scholarship, including one essay published for the first time (The Missing Rabbis of Eastern Europe).

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