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April 26, 2015 / 7 Iyar, 5775
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Thousands at Memorial for Jerusalem’s Har Nof Massacre Victims

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Thousands attended a memorial service held Tuesday night to mark the end of the “Shiva,” the initial seven-day mourning period for five men slain by terrorists in the Jerusalem Har Nof Massacre.

Community rabbis and families of the fallen participated in the service attended by people from all over the country.

In Judaism, the immediate family continues mourning for a 30-day period and children of the fallen are bound to observe certain ritual restrictions for an entire year.

Four of the victims were rabbis; three were dual American-Israeli citizens and one was a British-Israeli national.

The fifth was a Druze Israeli police officer who gave his life for fellow citizens by deliberately drawing the attention of the terrorists to prevent them from continuing their slaughter. His partner shot and killed the terrorists.

Haredim Join Druze Mourners at Funeral for Slain Policeman [video]

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Hundreds of Haredim from Har Nof and elsewhere joined Israeli leaders and the Druze community at the funeral in the Galilee for hero Druze police officer Sergeant-Major Zidan Saif, who lost his life in a gun battle that ended in the death of the two eastern Jerusalem Arabs who murdered four Jews praying in a synagogue Tuesday morning.

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders joined the Druze community to mourn the death of Saif.

Haredim provided buses free charge for people to show their respects and thanks for Saif’s courage.

An unusual decision in Jewish law pronounced by the late Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and reported here earlier today was widely publicized by Haredim to support reciting the Jewish memorial prayer for non-Jews.

Rabbi Yosef ruled that the prayer may be recited at the funeral and also in synagogue for a “Druze soldier who is killed “defending Israel against enemies.”

Part of the Druze creed is to be loyal to the country in which they live, and serving in the IDF has been a long-standing tradition for the Druze since the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Druze leader Mouafiq Tarif eulogized Saif and said his community would continue to fight for the country but also pleaded for the government to “lower the tensions” in Jerusalem.

Among the Israeli dignitaries at the funeral were President Reuven Rivlin, Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch and National Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino.


Har Nof Community Organizing Buses to Druze Policeman’s Funeral

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Jerusalem’s Chareidi/Ultra-Orthodox community in Har Nof are arranging buses to the funeral of hero Druze police officer Zidan Saif — who was killed in the line of duty yesterday while engaged in a gun battle with the Arab terrorists at the Har Nof shul.

A grassroots initiative of hundreds of Chareidim from Har Nof is underway to attend the funeral of Zidan Saif and to pay their respects to the fallen policeman and to the Druze community in the village of Yanuch-Jat in Northern Israel.

Upon publication of the initiative, many have come forward to help — including retired IDF officer, Erez Eshel, who was so impressed with the idea and unity behind it, that he offered to fund as many buses as necessary.

Saif’s funeral is scheduled for 2PM today in his village.

A quote from the late Chief Rabbi, Rav Ovadia Yosef’s Jewish law question and answer book, “Hazon Ovadia” — in response to a question if prayers should be said in the synagogue for a Druze IDF soldier who fell in the line of duty.

“A Druze IDF Solider who stood to protect Israel from the enemy, and was killed by an Ishmalite [Arab], and was protecting Israel’s security, it is fitting and proper to pray for his soul in the synagogue, as is appropriate [to pray] for righteous gentiles.”

Jameel adds: Is is our responsibility to honor this policeman’s memory, and express our feelings of gratitude and unity with the Druze community. They are fighting with us shoulder to shoulder for the security of Israel — and are putting their lives on the line.

Hero Police Officer Zidan Sayif has Died of his Wounds

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Zidan Sayif (30) HY”D, the Israeli-Druze policeman who saved numerous lives on Tuesday morning when he engaged the two Arab terrorists in a gun battle in the Har Nof Massace, died on Tuesday evening of his wounds, according to a statement from Hadassah hospital.

Sayif was being treated in Hadassah hospital for the head wound he received in the shootout with the terrorists.

Sayif was the first of two officers on the scene. As a result of Zidan’s heroic actions, the terrorists in the Jerusalem synagogue were forced to stop slaughtering worshipers and instead concentrated on attacking the policeman.

The death toll from the attack in the synagogue has now risen to 5,

Sayif is survived by his wife and a 4 month old baby daughter.

Zidan Sayif joined the Israeli police in April 2011, and served as a traffic officer in Jerusalem.

He was from the village of Yanuch-Jat in the Galil.

The funeral will be held at 2:00 PM on Wednesday in his village.

Israeli-Druze Policeman – First on Scene in Har Nof Massacre, Fighting for His Life

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Zidan Sayif (27) — Israeli Druze Policeman — was the first policeman on the scene at this morning’s terror attack, and he now is fighting for his life.

The critically wounded policeman, was shot in the head during a gun-battle with the terrorists at the shul this morning in Har Nof massacre in Jerusalem.

The terrorists turned their attention away from massacring additional Jewish worshipers to do gun battle with the heroic policeman.

Sayif’s parents and wife are at his bedside at Hadassah hospital praying for his recovery. Sayif has a 7 month old daughter as well.

We hope and pray for him too, that he has a speedy and full recovery and embrace his family during this difficult time.

Border Patrol Chief Inspector Jadan Assad Laid to Rest

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Thousands came to the northern Israeli Druze town of Beit J’an today to pay their final respects to Border Patrol Chief Inspector Jadan Assad as he was laid to rest.

The 38-year-old police captain was murdered in a Hamas vehicular terror attack yesterday (Wednesday, Nov. 5) along the tracks of the Jerusalem Light Rail. He is survived by his pregnant wife and young, three-year-old son, four siblings and both parents.

Among the sea of mourners was Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch, whose voice rang out as he blamed Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for Assad’s death.

The Druze police captain, he said, “was murdered yesterday with heartless cruelty and taken evilly from his wife, his son and his parents.”

Israeli leaders have united in condemning the Palestinian Authority leader, citing repeated instances of his incitement to terror.

Three other Border Patrol police officers suffered serious wounds in the attack in addition to ten others who were wounded as well.

Cleared for Publication: Border Patrol Captain Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

A Border Patrol captain fell in the line of duty on Wednesday while trying to protect Jerusalem civilians from a Hamas terrorist.

Chief Inspector Jadan Assad, 38, was from the Druze village of Beit J’an in northern Israel. Assad was gravely wounded in the terror attack and tragically pronounced dead upon arrival at Hadassah Medical Center’s Ein Kerem trauma unit, despite extended CPR and advanced life support resuscitation efforts.

He leaves behind his pregnant wife and a three year old child; three other Border Patrol officers also were wounded in the attack.

“All my sons serve in the security forces; the Border Police was in his blood and soul,” said Assad’s father shortly after hearing of his son’s death. “He loved the service and he loved Jerusalem.”

The Hamas terrorist organization praised the vehicular terror attack which also injured at least 13 others. Three of the most seriously wounded were also rushed to Hadassah Medical Center’s Ein Kerem trauma center.

The terrorist, a known Hamas operative who lived in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, has been identified as Ibrahim al-Akari.

The attacker first mowed down a crowd of pedestrians waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail at the Shimon HaTzadik platform. He then drove on to Moshe Zaks Street and repeated the process with new victims.

The attack mirrored one that took place two weeks ago at the Ammunition Hill station for the Light Rail. In that tragedy, a terrorist drove his car down the tracks and then directly into the crowd of commuters who were standing on the platform waiting patiently for the train.

But in this case, Al-Akari continued his attack; he got out of his vehicle and began beating others with a metal bar until he saw police cars begin to arrive. Finally he fled down Route 1, where he was chased by Border Patrol officers who shot and killed him, ending the savagery — at least temporarily.

A scant few hours later, Arabs in Shuafat followed the terror spree with an attempt of their own, hurling firebombs (Molotov cocktails) and shooting fireworks at Border Patrol officers in Jerusalem’s Shuafat section.

In a separate incident, two other Arabs meanwhile sprayed tear gas at Jerusalem police officers. It is not clear where they managed to obtain the weapon. No one was injured in either attack, and police report one arrest following the incidents.

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