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Inside Israel Today: Can Netanyahu Emerge Legally Unscathed? [audio]

How much trouble is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing in his multiple criminal investigations? Gil Hoffman speaks with attorneys Michael Partem and Yossi Fuchs, listen to the the lawyers and decide who gets it right.

Inside Israel Today: The Migrant Workers Mess Demystified [audio]

Is Israel racist for deporting thousands of African migrants? Gil Hoffman speaks with Dan Eisenbud about both sides in the heated debate on this controversial issue on Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Did Abbas Kill the Israeli Left? [audio]

What is the impact on the Israeli Left on Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s anti-Semitic speech and rejection of peace talks? Listen in as Gil Hoffman interviews Knesset member Nachman Shai on Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Why Oprah is Wrong for America [audio]

Who is Oprah Winfrey really? On Inside Israel Today, Gil Hoffman recalls his experience with Oprah on her show.

Inside Israel Today: Is Netanyahu Corrupt? [audio]

Today on Inside Israel Today Gil Hoffman speaks with Jerusalem Post \ Opinion & Blogs Amy Spiro about why pop singer called Lorde decided to cancel her performance in Tel Aviv. And takes looks ahead to what could happen in Israeli politics in 2018.

Inside Israel Today: May The Force Be With Israel [audio]

Good and evil, light and darkness. Join Gil Hoffman as he explains the lessons of Star Wars and Hanukkah are one and the same today on Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Is Netanyahu’s Coalition Crumbling? [audio]

Gil talks to Likud Knesset member Rabbi Yehudah Glick about how long Netanyahu's government can last and how he used the turmoil in the...

Inside Israel Today: Did Jerusalem Elect Donald Trump? [audio]

Will Donald Trump move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? What will happen if Trump does not move the embassy? Gil Hoffman speaks with Josh Reinstein, director of Israel Allies Caucus, who is optimistic about such a move. Hear more on today's Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Overcoming Unbridgeable Divides [audio]

Israel is both a democracy and a Jewish state, which means everyone has a voice and everyone has an opinion. Today Gil Hoffman speaks about the Shabbat railway repair work crisis, the divide between Israelis and the Jewish world and more on Inside Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Shaloha from Hawaii Back to Israeli Politics [audio]

After a whirlwind US speaking tour Gil Hoffman returns to an uproar over the comments Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay made about the Left forgetting what it means to be Jewish. Hear more today on Israel Israel Today.

Inside Israel Today: Is the Israeli Left Finally Settling? [audio]

Avi Gabbay promised Monday that as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinians, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria would not have to be evacuated. Gil Hoffman explains the significance of the Left reowning Judea and Samaria today on Inside Israel Today.

Israel Uncensored: Coalition Conundrum [audio]

Gil Hoffman joins Josh Hasten on today's Israel Uncensored on The Land Of Israel Network to discuss the complicated political realities as the Israeli Knesset begins its summer session.

Israeli Cabinet Sworn in after Being Sworn At

Do you doubt the full-throated democracy of Israel? Witness the swearing in (and swearing at) the Israeli cabinet?

JPost Misrepresents Bennett’s Quote on JewishPress.com

On Thursday morning, the Jerusalem Post ran a story by Gil Hoffman, titled: "Bennett doesn’t yet favor end to US aid." JPost gets it wrong.

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