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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Hamas Facebook Plot Uncovered in ‘Operation Combat Hunter’

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Cleared for Publication: After numerous reports by IDF soldiers of suspicious activity on social media, IDF Military Intelligence and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) carried out “Operation Combat Hunter” – an operation aimed at tracking down and thwarting enemy characters on social media.

Israeli intelligence agents uncovered a plot by the Hamas terrorist organization to trick IDF soldiers into revealing sensitive information by using fake chat friends to lure them into downloading a trojan software via their cellphones and other electronic devices.

Hamas terrorists set up fake profiles masquerading as pretty girls on social media, mostly through Facebook, with which they would start chat conversations with IDF soldiers online.

They created the decoy profiles by using stolen photos of girls from Israel and Europe; some were from female Israeli soldiers, in fact, and engaged the soldiers in conversations on a variety of classified subjects.

After establishing a firm relationship the decoy would ask the soldier to download a chat software in order to “continue” the relationship. The downloaded apps – usually under the names Shirim B’Ahava, YeeCall Pro, SR chat or Wowo Messenger, gave Hamas hackers control over the soldiers’ cell phones.

From that point on, Hamas had control over the device and was able to download other information, and also install other apps on the device.

It’s not known how many soldiers were caught in this trap, but IDF military intelligence told media it was “dozens and dozens.” The highest ranking officer affected in the plot was a Major.

The IDF is now training its rank and file to identify such threats and is also implementing stricter guidelines for use of social media while military personnel are on active duty.

Hana Levi Julian

What Now?

Monday, January 9th, 2017


4 more Jewish families have been destroyed due to radical Islamic terror. Our enemies are handing out sweets in celebration of the murder of 4 IDF soldiers. People are calling the terrorists ‘freedom fighters’ and the UN calls it human nature! Our soldiers were murdered as they were touring the streets of Jerusalem, the city we call our eternal capital and what our “ally” President calls “illegal”.


The terrorist was an Israeli Arab that lives in a Jerusalem village that has produced numerous barbaric terrorists such as the one who entered Mercaz Harav Yeshiva and slaughtered Jewish kids as they studied Torah and were preparing for the Purim festivities.

This terrorist had full Israeli rights and had absolutely nothing to do with the fabricated Palestine excuse radical Muslims use to justify murdering Jews.

Did I mention he was already in Israeli jail for terrorist activity and was released. Why? Well that’s the law! 4 soldiers died for the law.


Tomorrow the entire nation will be in tears as we lay to rest 4 beautiful children whose lives were cut short by a radical Islamic genocidal ideology.


Of course we will survive, we always do!

We have been surviving attack after attack for over 2 millennia and the only question is, how much longer will we define our survival by how well we pick ourselves up from pogroms, holocausts, inquisitions, burning temples, massacres, wars, intifadas, shooting attacks, axe attacks, rocket attacks and of course ramming attacks. How about from now on, we do not give those who clearly seek our destruction the benefit of the doubt. How about we do not give them rights and protect them with the law are trying to murder or use to carry out their next attack.

How about we judge them as they clearly and vocally demonstrate how they want to be judged; radical genocidal, anti-semitic terrorists.


I, like many of you reading this, am sick and tired of funerals.

Personally, I simply cannot go to military funerals any more. Every time I see the coffin draped in the Israeli flag and watch the families lose their sanity as life is ripped out from their world, I am thrown back 23 years when I buried Yehoshua. I cannot stand hearing the gun shots at funerals and neither could Yehoshua. I cannot thinking about how each one of the families will be living their own personal holocaust every day! Over and over!

Yehoshua Friedberg, my platoon mate, who was brutally murdered 23 years ago by Islamic terrorists was laid to rest forever while his murderers were released from Israeli jail, only to murder again,which they did.


Our enemies give out sweets in celebration and we are not disappointed in the slightest bit, because we expect such behavior from them. Some say we can not allow our soldier to kill a terrorist 7 minutes after an attack lest we become just like our enemies. They actually call the IDF soldier who kills a terrorist who came to murder him, a murderer!

Funny how the left hold such a clearly bigoted opinion of our enemies by insinuating (rightfully so) that we are not as barbaric as they are and then advocate making a deal with them as if they all of a sudden believe they are part of our sane Western culture.


Arab textbooks have no Israel on the map and we make believe that all they want is a strip of land and then there will be peace? Abbas praises spilled Jewish blood in Jerusalem and we make believe he is different than Hamas and can be a partner for Peace?

Arabs claim going back to the 67 lines is all that is needed for peace and we believe them even though between 48-67 ALL of Judea, Samaria, Golan, Gaza and all of Jerusalem was already in Arab control and they were still calling for Israel’s annihilation. In fact the PLO, was created in 1964 by Egyptian born Arafat with the goal of destroying Israel. That was 3 years before any settlement ever touched the ground!


How about we stop buying into the false narrative of our enemies. How about we start believing again in who we are and what we are doing here. How about we realize we are part of a miraculous return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel from all 4 corners of the Earth. How about we embrace our return instead of trying to reverse the process by kicking out Jews in the name of a false sense of Peace.

How about we tell the truth and stop hesitating. We, the nation of Israel, the Jewish people, are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. Our culture, religion and history are dependent upon this land.

The Middle East is packed withe Arab and Islamic regimes that are hundreds of times bigger than Israel. How about we stop contemplating giving in to the demands of our enemies to split this land and stop making believe that solution is based on justice, truth or even sanity.

Muslims? They occupied the entire Middle East by force. They have no religious, historical or national claim on the Land of Israel, so let’s stop making believe we owe them something.

As MK Betzalel Smotritch so eloquently put it in his plan to stop the killing. When Yehoshua entered the land of Israel, he gave the non-Jewish residents 3 choices:

1. LIVE as human beings in the Jewish homeland called Israel and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing country.

2. LEAVE and join your Arab or Muslim brothers across the Middle East or to any other country in the world you would rather be in.

3. FIGHT and meet the IDF and this time with no holds barred.

For the sake of our nation, for the safety of the Jewish people, to honor those who were murdered after numerous fabricated “peace” plans, let’s stop making believe that there is any pride in crying over dead Jews and being proud of the fact that we survived as we get up bloodied and beaten.

Let’s redefine our survival by not allowing others to beat us up or threaten us.

Let’s stop chanting NEVER AGAIN as they shoot, stab and ram us and start taking action as a unified nation and a strong country, so that they understand NEVER AGAIN is not a wish, it’s our warning and ultimatum to those who seek our destruction. Let’s start standing up for ourselves and let it be known there will be a grave price for killing a Jew. Let’s start doing whatever has to be done to make sure no more Jews die! World opinion? It went up in smoke 75 years ago!

Ari Fuld

Bereaved Mother Writes Murdered Son on Eve of Hamas Killer’s Sentencing (Updated)

Monday, January 9th, 2017

UPDATE: The Military Court in Judea on Monday morning imposed two life sentences and compensation of $1 million on Mohammed Shahin, the terrorist who carried out the attack which killed the late Dan Gonen.

On a Friday afternoon, June 19, 2015, Danny Gonen and Netanel Hadad who had been swimming in the Ein Buvin spring, near Dolev, some 17 miles north-west of Jerusalem, were flagged down by an Arab man who was asking for help. When they the car, the man asked, “Is there water in the spring?” and then shot them at point-blank. Danny was hit in his upper body and later pronounced dead at Sheba Medical Center. Netanel Hadad, who was moderately wounded, survived. A Hamas cell calling itself the “Marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu Aysha Squad,” named after the two Hamas terrorists who had killed three Israeli teenagers in the summer of 2014, claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Monday, Jan. 9, an Israeli court rules on the sentencing for the terrorist who murdered Danny Gonen. His mother, Devorah Gonen, wrote her son ahead of the sentencing and we are grateful to the CEO of the Im Tirtzu movement, Matan Peleg, for providing us with Devorah’s letter.

Peleg, who has been supporting Devorah throughout the entire judicial process, said in a statement: “The situation in which terrorists enjoy more benefits and services than any other criminal in Israel is disgraceful. There are organizations funded by foreign governments that work to provide exaggerated rights to terrorists in jail, and at the same time defend their families in the Supreme Court. The decision makers need to wake up and immediately change this absurd situation.”

Following is Devorah’s letter to her son Danny:

My Dear Danny,

A year and a half has passed and it seems like an eternity. The time passes, the world continues as if nothing happened, but you still remain my boy.

In the year and a half since the murder, we experienced a lot of emotions, sleepless nights, thoughts. Every moment that you were not physically here, you were still with us. In the past year and a half we were frequent visitors at the military court. Why? To fight for justice. To fight again and again. For you.

It’s odd, that the State of Israel allows for an animal on two feet, a so-called human being, to continue to laugh at our expense. The last time we saw the murderer, he, for the first time, lowered his eyes. He understood that the celebration was over. He understood that the eternity of Israel will not lie.

I fought.

We fought.

Today, we will be seeing him again in court. This time for the sentencing. Who would have thought that I would need to fight so much for you? For justice? For truth? For preventing the next murder? Over the past weeks many words have been exchanged about the quality of the military court, mainly surrounding the soldier Elor Azaria. Everywhere they spoke about the obligation to protect the judges. But I ask…what about us? What of the basic obligation to do justice? How can it be that it’s more worthwhile for a terrorist to murder a Jew than to steal his car?

The biggest absurdity is that these terrorists know that it pays to murder. Yesterday it was you Danny, and tomorrow it can be someone else. I also thought that the situation would be different, but apparently it’s not so bad for them here. They enjoy wonderful benefits and all the pleasures of life. They receive money from the Palestinian Authority, supplies from the Red Cross that would put any fancy Tel-Aviv restaurant to shame, and living conditions that many needy families in Israel could only dream of.

And at whose expense, I ask? At your expense, at our expense…

Today, we are coming to protest. To protest against the situation where bereaved families need to cry out loud with no one to stand behind them. Against the radical organizations that decided to sell their souls to the devil and defend terrorists like the one who murdered you Danny. Against the hypocrisy that cries out to the heavens. Against the next release of terrorists.

Danny, today in court, you will stand together with us. No one can erase your smile that touched so many people. They thought that they can defeat us. But today we will prove to them that this will not happen. We will continue in your path, Danny. In every place and at all times. We will continue to be proud Jews who are not embarrassed to fight for the truth and to continue living here in Israel.

That is what you wanted. That is what will be.

I miss you.

Ima (Mom)


IDF Releases Names of Officer, Cadets Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The IDF has released the names of the four young soldiers who were murdered Sunday by an Arab terrorist from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukabar, near East Talpiot.

Their names and ranks are as follows:

2nd Lt. Yael Yekutiel, age 20, from the Tel Aviv area city of Givatayim, posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Cadet Shir Hajaj, age 22, from the Jerusalem suburb of Ma’ale Adumim, posthumously promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant

Cadet Shira Tzur, age 20, from the northern port city of Haifa, posthumously promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant

Cadet Erez Orbach, age 20, from the Gush Eztion town of Alon Shvut, posthumously promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

All the families have been notified.

Baruch HaDayan HaEmet.
May their memories be for a blessing, and may their blood be avenged.

Hana Levi Julian

Reports: Truck Murderer Was Released Security Prisoner

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The Arab terrorist who was shot dead after driving a truck into a group of uniformed Israeli soldiers, killing four soldiers and injuring at least 13 Sunday afternoon, was Fadi Ahmad Hamdan al-Qunbar, 28, a released prisoner who lived in nearby eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir. He carried an Israeli “blue card” and an Israeli driver’s license.

Hamas released a statement in Arabic on social media, hailing the “heroic and brave truck attack in Jerusalem which comes as natural reaction to the Israeli occupation’s crimes.”

UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov quickly reacted to the attack in a Tweet, saying: “My thoughts go out to victims of shocking #terror attack in #Jerusalem. Must be condemned by all. Absolutely no excuses, no justifications!”

Perhaps it’s time for the IDF to adopt the Russian Army’s rules of engagement.

David Israel

Israeli Arab MK Basel Ghattas Indicted on Abuse of Diplomatic Immunity, Use of Property for Terror

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Balad Party Knesset Member Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List faction) has been indicted on charges of fraud, breach of trust, use of property for terrorism, bringing in documents without clearance through prison administration, and abuse of his diplomatic credentials.

The indictment comes in response to the lawmaker’s ties to a terrorist at the Ketziot Prison who is serving a life sentence for the murder of an IDF soldier. It also underlines the lawmaker’s ties with a second terrorist in the prison, this one a member of the ruling Fatah faction in the Palestinian Authority.

The indictment said the Knesset member conspired with the two terrorist prisoners, and with the brother of one of them, to bring cell phones into the prison and to deliver them to one of the terrorists who then would distribute them to other security prisoners.

The package that he delivered on the day of his visit to the prison contained 12 cell phones, 16 SIM cards, two chargers and an ear piece. He also delivered documents — coded messages — as well on the same day.

Prison guards searched the two inmates after they received the equipment and the papers, and seized both packages of contraband which later was handed over to the Lahav 433 Fraud and Serious Crimes Unit of Israel Police. Investigators confronted Ghattas with the security video footage of the incident, and with the items that were confiscated, after he denied any connection with wrongdoing during initial questioning.

Although the Knesset member has been indicted, and may be returned to house arrest, for the time being Ghattas is still getting paid, and is able to vote on laws being considered in the Knesset plenum.

Hana Levi Julian

PM Netanyahu Eulogizes IDF Major Hagai Ben Ari, z’l

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

IDF Major Hagai Ben Ari, z’l, was laid to rest Wednesday afternoon in the cemetery of the Jewish community of Nov, in the Golan Heights, where he lived with his wife and children.

The officer had suffered mortal wounds at age 31 during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 while fighting the Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza, and was hospitalized in a coma — a state in which he remained until late Tuesday night, when he passed away at his home in Nov.

Prior to his injury, Ben Ari was set to be promoted to commander of the Elite Paratroopers Reconnaissance Unit – a position he was awarded after his injury, albeit symbolically.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eulogized the elite commander Wednesday in a statement on social media:

“I received tonight with deep sadness the news about the death of Major Hagai Ben Ari. Hagai was the salt of the earth, a courageous fighter, and an esteemed commander. His last position was in the elite Maglan unit, where he was a commander. He was critically wounded during Operation Protective Edge while he was fighting with the Paratroopers Brigade.

“From the time of his injury, we hoped and prayed that Hagai would recover and return to his loving family, to his wife Moriah and his three children. To our great misfortune, this hope vanished yesterday. My wife and I would like to send our condolences to Hagai’s family in the name of all the people of Israel. May his memory be a blessing, and may his name be rooted in our hearts forever.”

Hana Levi Julian

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