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Fighting Israel’s Battle Online An Interview with Influential Blogger: ‘Elder...

4 Elul 5776 – September 7, 2016
The question was: Would you support a two-state solution if it meant the conflict was completely over and no more claims could be made?

Hasbara: Why it’s Harder and More Important Than You Think

29 Sivan 5776 – July 5, 2016
In Israel, unabashed Zionists are considered at naïve and often extremists. while many among the small % of Israelis who are extremely, even pathologically, critical of the state, sit in key positions

Hasbara. A Tale of Official Neglect.

18 Iyyar 5776 – May 25, 2016
In certain countries, it has been the major Jewish organizations that have been unable or unwilling to promote affirmative pro-Israel actions in times of Israel’s needs

Listen to Them Howl!

23 Tammuz 5774 – July 20, 2014
Not asking the world for the right to defend ourselves; such a right is obvious to anyone with a spine.

Israel’s Secret Weapon!‏

16 Tammuz 5774 – July 13, 2014
Israel has a secret weapon: G-d Almighty!

Government to Pay Students for Pro-Israel Social Media Messages

9 Elul 5773 – August 14, 2013
The Israeli government has come up with a scheme to increase pro-Israel messages on social media by offering students scholarships for taking on the...

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