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Hamas Prisoners Lose Privileges Over Negotiations for Israeli Hostages in Gaza

6 Tammuz 5777 – June 29, 2017
"We must ... lead [Hamas] to the realization that keeping hostages is a burden, not an asset."

Survey: 70% of PA Arabs Admit: The Hunger Strike Failed

5 Sivan 5777 – May 30, 2017
16.5% of the Arabs surveyed actually believe that most of the prisoner demands were obtained.

Trump Rebukes Abbas and the Palestinian Authority During Bethlehem Visit [video]

27 Iyyar 5777 – May 23, 2017
Trump: Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded.

Watch Israelis Hands Out Tortit Bars in Huwara

23 Iyyar 5777 – May 18, 2017
Israelis from Yitzhar were poking fun at the Arab tradition to hand out candies after successful terror attacks.

MK Oren Hazan Gives MK Aymen Odeh a Tortit

MK Aymen Odeh just held a solidarity hunger strike for imprisoned Fatah terrorists.

How Many Jailed Terrorists Are Actually on a Hunger Strike?

18 Iyyar 5777 – May 14, 2017
These terrorists just aren't serious about getting their additional cable TV channels.

Red Cross Meets with Marwan Barghouti

16 Iyyar 5777 – May 12, 2017
One can be sure the Red Cross didn't find Barghouti starving to death.

Arab MK Hunger Strikes in Solidarity with PA Terrorists

16 Iyyar 5777 – May 11, 2017
Israeli Arab MK Ayman Odeh says he'll fast for the day to express his support for Tanzim terrorist Marwan Barghouti and 700 PA terrorist prisoners.

A Hebrew in the Heartland – Cookies in the Toilet [audio]

14 Iyyar 5777 – May 10, 2017
The Hunger-Striker who was secretly eating.

Gilboa Prison Terrorists End Their Hunger Strike

5 Iyyar 5777 – May 1, 2017
They ended their hunger strike just in time for the Israel Independence Day barbecues.

Phone Service Blocked for Israeli Citizens in Attempt to Block it from Jailed Terrorists

4 Iyyar 5777 – April 29, 2017
Even computer communications were blocked by the attempt to stop the terrorists from talking on their cellphones.

Another 100 Terrorist Hunger-Strikers About to Strike Out

28 Nisan 5777 – April 24, 2017
It's tough to risk your life for only a few additional cable TV channels.

BULLETPROOF – Hungry for Terror and Turkey? [audio]

25 Nisan 5777 – April 21, 2017
Hunger-strikes & Turkey. Listen to Ari dish it out!

100 Terrorists Already Broke Their Hunger Strike

25 Nisan 5777 – April 20, 2017
Some of the prisoners have also been secretly noshing.

Ayelet Shaked: Not Moved By Terrorists’ Hunger Strike

24 Nisan 5777 – April 19, 2017
"If they want to hunger strike, that's their problem."

Marwan Barghouti – Strikebreaker

In 2004, Barghouti was caught on hidden camera eating when he was supposed to be on a hunger strike.

Marwan Barghouti Moved to Solitary Confinement

23 Nisan 5777 – April 18, 2017
It will be easier for Barghouti to eat there, without his fellow terrorists noticing.

Netanyahu Says the NY Times Lacks Moral Clarity

Netanyahu was responding to the NY Times' positive portrayal of arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti.

Public Security Minister: No Talks With Hunger Strikers

Let us not forget that we are talking about brutal murderers, not petty criminals who will serve their sentences and be rehabilitated.

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