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May 24, 2015 / 6 Sivan, 5775
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Gov. Walker Visits Kotel in Likely Pre-Election Campaign Photo-Op

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker visited the Western Wall (Kotel) this week for the first of several photo-ops that are likely to precede an announcement in June that he will be another candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

“Really, for us though, we wanted to make it an educational focus, not just a media trip,” Walker said.

His “education” will be focused on learning enough about Israel that he can convince people he know something about foreign policy, a subject on which he already has proved is far from being his ace.

Walker recently compared the Islamic State (ISIS) with union protesters, meaning he could take care of both groups, CNN reported.

He obviously is not on the left side of the Republican party.

Walker said in South Carolina last Saturday:

We need a commander-in-chief who will once and for all call it what it is, and that is that radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to us all. We need a president who will affirm that Israel is our ally, and start acting like it.

His itinerary covers the usual required sites, such as the Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial. He also will meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Knesset Members and IDF officers.

A helicopter tour will give him a bird’s-eye view of Israel’s narrow borders with unfriendly neighbors.

Walker returns to the United States on Thursday, where he undoubtedly will tell everyone how much he now knows about Israel.

It is amazing how politicians learn so much so quickly. Gov. Walker said in South Carolina last week:

Although I’ve only been here once this year, I know South Carolina. Now get to know me.

If Israel is going to be his calling card in the crowded field of Republican presidential candidates, Walker does not have much of a chance. Israel is near the bottom of subjects that interest most American voters.

But terror is big, and Walker is big on fighting terror.

In his speech in South Carolina, he said:

it is not a matter of if another attempt is made on American soil; it is a when another attempt is made on American soil…. I want a leader who is willing to take the fight to them before they take the fight to us.

If Gov. Walker joins the race to be the GOP presidential candidate in 2016, he will have plenty of company. His problem, and that of most other Republican candidates, is that they all sound alike.

Court OK’s Jerusalem Day March Thru Old City’s Muslim Quarter

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Israelis are planning to celebrate Jerusalem Day with the traditional Dance of Flags – now in its 30th year – next Sunday. The High Court has also approved a march through the Muslim Quarter in the Old City, despite an attempt by leftist groups to ban the event.

The Lion’s Gate into the Old City will remain closed to prevent unrest or incitement from Arab demonstrators, police said, despite requests to open it.

Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court Miriam Naor warned police to immediately arrest any participants in the march who called for “death to Arabs.” Likewise, the High Court of Justice, upon appeal, warned there was “zero room for tolerance for those provoking violence, either verbally or physically.”

Naor said such actions in context of a march were not “freedom of speech” but rather “freedom to incite” and could not be allowed under the law.

The petition to block the march was filed by the leftist Tag Meir and Ir Amim groups, which claimed past marches were violent and provocative. The Court ruled against the petition and rejected their appeal as well.

The court also called on rabbis and others at the march to ensure participants maintain a peaceful demeanor.

An open letter was sent to Israel Police Inspector-General Yochanan Danino and Jerusalem District Police Assistant Chief Moshe Edri by outgoing Housing Minister Uri Ariel, demanding the authorities reopen the Lion’s Gate for Jerusalem Day.

But police will maintain the ban against opening the Lion’s Gate, one of seven entrances through the walled ramparts of the Old City.

It was the Lion’s Gate the IDF paratroopers managed to break through to enter the Old City and liberate the Jordan-occupied side of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. Since the new Light Rail began operations in the capital, however, the Lion’s Gate has been closed to marches due to safety issues.

The Rosh Chodesh march around the Old City walls each month that leads to the Western Wall still passes through the Muslim Quarter as well as the Damascus and Jaffa Gates.

Likewise, security personnel will be on high alert for the day in Jerusalem and around the country as Israel celebrates the reunification of the holy capital.

Update: Arab Child Killed in Jerusalem Gas Tank Explosion

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Update 2:35 PM: The three-year-old Arab child critically burned in this morning’s gas tank explosion in Jerusalem has died.

A three-year-old Arab girl was critically injured and four others are being treated for burns from a gas explosion in the Silwan Valley neighborhood in Jerusalem.

A 24-year-old woman and a five-year-old boy also suffered serious burns, and a 50-year-old man sustained moderate injuries when two gas tanks exploded at a home.

The injured are being treated at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.

Firefighters evacuated people trapped in the home and put out the fire that was ignited by the explosion, and investigators are trying to determine the cause of the blast.

A Jewish presence in Silwan, where Jews used to live under the British Mandate before they were expelled by the authorities in the face of Arab riots, has been met by frequent terrorist attacks by Arabs, usually rock-throwing and assaults on drivers whose vehicles  are ambushed.

Police said there were no signs of foul play in this morning’s explosion.

An initial investigation by the fire department leads them to believe the fire began when some children were playing fire, which then ignited the house.

That’s a Lot of Medals

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Outgoing Minister of Immigration, Sofa Landover, walks with Russian-Israeli World War II veterans, in the center of Jerusalem, as they take part in the Veterans Day parade in honor of 70 years since the Allies’ victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, on May 10, 2015.

Police Arrest Groom for Allegedly Praying on Temple Mount

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Jerusalem police Sunday morning arrested a young man who ascended the Temple Mount allegedly prayed there before his wedding at night.

The Honenu legal defense organization said one of its lawyers is at the police station and trying to win the release of the man.

The Israeli government accepted the Muslim Waqf authority on the Temple Mount. The Waqf forbids Jews and Christians from carrying any religious items to the holy site, and it goes berserk when one of its guards sees a Jew even moving his lips and possibly uttering a prayer to God.

It is not known exactly what the groom allegedly said.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel prohibits Jews from ascending the Temple Mount on the basis of Halachic rulings, but many rabbis in recent years have permitted and even encouraged going to certain areas after the traditional immersion in a ritual bath.

Last week, a groom identified as Michael Basus visited the holy site before his wedding and stopped long enough to speak at the Grooms and Mourners Gate to talk about Judaism.

The Talmud relates a discussion of how Jews in the time of the Holy Temples comforted mourners and praise the grooms.

Below is the video, in Hebrew, of Basus and his friends on the way to the Temple Mount, under police guard.

“Glick, You’re Alive!”

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Just days after a Jerusalem court gave Yehuda Glick permission to go up to the Temple Mount, Glick found himself once again assaulted by Muslims.

Glick hasn’t been up onto the Temple Mount since he was shot four times by an Arab assassin in Jerusalem and miraculously survived the attack.

The court ruled that Glick can go up only once a month, may not carry a cellphone with him, and can’t call out in a provocative manner.

The police did not appeal the court’s decision.

Glick works as a tour guide, and used to go up 3 times a day as part of his livelihood. This restriction will hurt him financially.

Apparently Glick’s carrying a phone annoyed the Muslims on the Temple Mount, presumably because he was able to record them harassing him.

As Glick walked in the Old City he was harassed by Arabs cursing “Allahu Achbar”.

The Arabs were shocked when they realized it was Yehuda Glick they were cursing.

One of them yelled out in surprise, “Glick, you’re alive!”

Jews Move into Former Yemenite Synagogue in Silwan Valley

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Ateret Kohanim Wednesday night moved into a building vacated by an Arab family and which was formerly owned by Jews before the British Mandate expelled them.

A Jerusalem court formerly ordered that the Arab family leave the building, which was a Yemenite synagogue nearly a century ago.

The municipality of Jerusalem said the entry of Jews into the building was a civil issue since it is registered in the name of Ateret Kohanim.

The Palestinian Authority wrote on its official WAFA website that Jews took over three apartments that it said is owned by Arabs.

The former Yemenite community in Silwan, located across from the Old City, is a classic example of the Palestinian Authority’s rewriting history.

There is no question that Arabs lived in the homes. However, the foreign press and the Palestinian Authority never refer to the other half of the truth. Yemenites moved into the Silwan neighborhood in the late 19th century and later moved into new houses in “Shiloah Village,” built with the help of wealthier Jews.

The Arab Revolt in the 1930s achieved one of ties desired results. British authorities expelled the Yemenites.

The Arabs tale is that the Arabs and Yemenite Jews lived in peace and harmony but that the British moved the Jews out of the area just in case someone might attack them.

Part of the history has repeated itself. Arabs till try to attack Jews, but the British Mandate has been replaced by the State of Israel.



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