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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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Jamaica Wants Economic Cooperation With Israel

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness to Jerusalem on Thursday for his first-ever visit personally to the country, and the first-ever visit to Israel by a Jamaican prime minister.

Mr. Holness said in a joint news conference that his people live in a zone of peace, and offered his condolences for the truck-ramming attack that killed four Israeli soldiers earlier this week.

The Jamaican leader also said that his country wants to pursue economic cooperation with Israel, adding that he believes one can build a peaceful world by building strong economies.

Hana Levi Julian

The Terror Truck on the Tenth of Tevet

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

This year, we added one more tragic event to the 10th of Tevet (if you don’t know why the 10th of Tevet is significant, hang on because this article might be for you): a horrific terrorist truck-ramming murder committed at the pastoral Armon HaNatziv promenade (the “Tayelet”) overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.

On this sunny Sunday, four young Israeli soldiers, who let their guard down on a fun day of touring, were suddenly mowed down by a Jihadist who used his truck as a mechanized wrecking ball. This year’s 10th of Tevet Fast was the final day for 20-year-old Yael Yekutiel of Givatayim, 22-year-old Shir Hajaj of Ma’aleh Adumim, 20-year-old Shira Tzur of Haifa, and 20-year old Erez Orbach of Alon Shvut. Many more are still recovering from wounds that will forever alter their lives.

However, underlying this attack is much more than the supposed “Lone Wolf” phenomenon, and painfully, and not coincidentally, it occurred on the 10th of Tevet Fast precisely because Jewish history wants to tell us something, and help understand where we need to shape up in this great effort to reestablish a third Jewish commonwealth in the land of Israel.

The Four Reasons for the Fast

The traditional fast of the 10th of Tevet marks three major calamities in Jewish history:

1. The death of the great leaders of the return to Zion, Ezra and Nechemia in the 5 century BCE.

2. The loss of the unique Jewish narrative as epitomized by the forced translation of the Torah into Greek initiated by King Ptolemy II of Alexandria approximately two centuries later – whose goal was not to connect to God through the Bible – but to reduce the value of Torah to the level of any other book in his great library, and

3. The beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar in the 6th century BCE which lead to the destruction of the First Temple and the loss of Israeli sovereignty in the land of Israel.

4. In modern times, the 10th of Tevet took yet a another dimension: the General Kaddish Day, the Yorzait when the prayer for the deceased is said over people who perished in the Holocaust but whose exact day of passing is unknown. It is customary to light candles, to study Torah in their honor, and to recite the El Male Rachamim prayer in the synagogue.

So we have three classic motifs and one new one: The loss of great leaders who shaped the return to Zion, the loss of Jewish narrative as the Greeks became just as much the owners of the Bible as the Jews, the loss of Jewish sovereignty starting in Jerusalem, and finally, the memory of the Holocaust and the effort to honor the memory of the victims.

However, the horrific truck ramming on a beautiful sunny 10th of Tevet is a nudge from Jewish history and it whispers to us that all four reasons for mourning on the 10th of Tevet are NOT things of the past, but are very relevant in today’s strategic, political, and spiritual milieu.

Today’s Loss of Narrative

We can just as easily mourn for the loss of the Jewish narrative today as the one lost 23 centuries ago. When I do reserve duty, I test my comrades on their knowledge of the Bible. Their lack of basic Bible literacy is appalling. Our people simply do not know Bible anymore. In addition, and maybe as a result of, my army friend’s political opinions are in line with the postmodern idea that all claims have equal validity. While they have a gut sense that Israel needs to fight to survive, they can’t express why Israeli rights are any stronger than those of the Palestinians.

We Israelis are a lot of things: we are the start-up nation, a social-justice nation, a Western liberal democracy. But we are certainly losing our narrative as an ancient Biblical people, and an indigenous people of this land. We fail to directly disavow the assertion that we are foreigners, occupiers, colonialists. When the world tells us we have stolen Palestinian land, we emphatically proclaim that we invented the cellphone, have gay rights, and fly to help countries like Haiti after the earthquake. We do not talk about our Bible, our glorious history in this land, our prophets and our fighters. The Palestinians, on the other hand, have appropriated our story. Now THEY are the small, indigenous, plucky rights-fighters who die to liberate the land from us.

Today’s Loss of Leadership

Two and half thousand years ago, Ezra and Nechemia brought a sense of identity to the people. They brought them out of Babylon, helped them throw off foreign influences (and wives) and plugged them into the Zionist story, and Zionist action, building a wall for Jerusalem and reconstituting a Temple. They fought back against interlopers who claimed rights to the land and who said that they also had a Jewish narrative, and a connection to the land. Ezra and Nechemia were possessed by their “Zionist” goals and infected their followers with that zeal. When they died, the nation mourned and fasted because they knew that without great leaders, it is hard to have the confidence to fight physical and cultural wars.

So too today, we are now past the age of the Zionist Founders whose resolve, vision, and courage led us in the first years of the Zionist enterprise. Now, we are in the age of leaders who manage the situation, and manage it well. But they are not sure of the justice of our cause, for they too have been corrupted by post-modernist setting which allows for the possibility that the anti-Israel narratives are also legitimate. Our leaders today are filled with fear which they disguise as pragmatism, and which, in practice, results in Israeli ambivalence towards full assertion of our rights in this land and an inability to denounce Palestinian claims. The Oslo process, Land-for-Peace, Two-State, and the Gaza withdrawal, were, in-toto, the embodiment of weakness and Israeli leaders led the way.

Today’s Loss of Israeli Sovereignty

Then we have the the 10th of Tevet’s main impulse – the mourning for the loss of actual sovereignty 2500 years ago – starting in Jerusalem. Sadly, this malady is also with us today. The truck-ramming terrorist, who ran over the soldiers on the promenade in Armon HaNatziv, came from the adjacent Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber which looks over the Old City. This strategic area is, on the one hand, totally within the borders of municipal Israeli Jerusalem, but on the other hand, it is a cesspool of Jihadism. This Jerusalem neighborhood produced Alaa Abu Dhein (26) the perpetrator of the Mercaz Harav massacre who murdered 8 young students, Uday Abu Jamal (22) and Ghassan Muhammad Abu Jamal (32) the perpetrators of the Har Nof synagogue massacre who murdered five rabbis, and Fadi al-Qanbar, the 10th of Tevet truck-ramming terrorist. They all came out of quaint, big-housed, no checkpoints, Jabel Mukaber.

The reality of such a neighborhood existing in the heart of Jerusalem, and Israel’s inability to extinguish the fire of Jihad spreading out of it, represents the loss of Israeli sovereignty in the capital of the Jewish State – comparable to Nebuchadnezzar’s siege on Jerusalem which ended in destruction of the first Jewish commonwealth.

Today’s Nazis

Finally, the 10th of Tevet reminds us of the Holocaust as it is the General Kaddish – prayer over the dead – Day. The Shoah, essentially, is when Jews were murdered en masse for being Jews. I have met members of the Sayeret Matkal commando unit who stormed Entebbe in 1976 and rescued the Israeli hostages there – all because they believed in the principle of Never Again, that is, never again allowing the Holocaust to happen to our people. Yet, somehow, we have lost Never Again as a principle, and we have lost the fervor of stamping out Nazism. Now, a Nazi Jihadist ideology is flourishing in the midst of the Jewish capital, and wanton murder of Jews as with the murder of Yael, Shir, Shira, and Erez on this 10th of Tevet, happen to our people all the time. For the families of those victims, it is indeed a personal Holocaust.

Will We Learn from History?

On this 10th of Tevet, as I watched the news coverage showing video of a Jihadist-driven truck purposefully running over a group of Israeli soldiers, I waited for some commentator to mention what was so prominent in my mind – the unhappy coincidence of that today with the age-old day of fast and mourning. I did not see or hear any.

The essayist George Santayana famously wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Indeed, Jewish history has a lot to teach us, and help guide us through tough times. But it seems that on this year’s commemoration of the 10th of Tevet tragic past, we were condemned to repeat it today.

Yishai Fleisher

Jewish Group Screens ‘Jerusalem Eternal Capital of Israel’ on UNESCO’s Paris Headquarters

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

The French branch of the organization Israel Is Forever on Tuesday announced it had decided to take strong action “on behalf of many French Jews and Israeli Francophones,” to show their dissatisfaction with the upcoming international conference on the Middle East to be held in Paris January 15, whose only goal is to harm Israel.

According to IIF France, its members proposed on Tuesday evening to project the image of the Western Wall with the text “Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Israel” on many facades of the UNESCO building in Paris, as well as on the building fronts of the “disinformation” news agency AFP, and on the Arc de Triomphe.

IIF France argued that France’s voted at Unesco and the UN, along with its initiative for an international conference Sunday, January 15, can only promote terrorism against Israel. They suggested that last Sunday’s terrorist truck ramming attack in Jerusalem was further proof for the notion that the more the PA Arabs sense that the international community is anti-Israel, the more inclined they are to resort to terrorism.

They also issued “An open letter to the President of the French Republic,” which “draws attention to France’s harmful role vis-à-vis the island of stability and democracy in the Middle East.” The letter condemned a policy that undermines prospects for peace and expresses its solidarity with the State and people of Israel.

An Open Letter to Monsieur François Hollande, Elysee Palace, Paris.

Mister President,

You took the initiative to convene an international conference in Paris to impose on the State of Israel a solution of dismemberment.

It was under your mandate that the vote was taken by the National Assembly recognizing “Palestine,” the vote at UNESCO denying any connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish people, the vote at the World Health Organization on Israeli health policy, the marking of Israeli products, and the iniquitous vote at the UN to try to make “Judenrein” the Biblical Lands of Judea and Samaria.

All that was missing was an international conference in Paris in the absence and against the will of the State of Israel.

At a time when the Middle East is on fire and mired in blood, Syria is in ruins, Iraq is resonating with permanent explosions, Libya is in the hands of Muslim terrorists, Iran is preparing its nuclear future thanks to the agreements you have signed, Turkey lives under a dictatorial regime, the Kurds still have no recognized independent territory, refugees number by the millions, civilian and military victims are in the hundreds of thousands – your crucial problem remains support for an unlikely terrorist Arab state.

Indeed, in this context, it is urgent to weaken the only island of stability and the only democracy in this region –the Jewish state – in Europe and in this European Union, no problem! Britain slammed the door of Europe; Greece crumbles under the weight of financial constraints; Italy is in danger for its banking institutions; millions of “migrants” sweep over the old continent; Crimea is annexed by Russia and the fighting takes place in Ukraine.

But the urgency lies in the action against the State of Israel! Your only problem and your ambition remain the push to share the capital of Israel and the Jewish people, to force them to withdraw from their historical lands of Judea and Samaria. Yours is a tenacity that touches on obsession!

Not wishing to make more trouble, but this policy smacks of Dreyfus and the yellow star.

You should know, Mr. President, that when you leave the Elysee, the Jewish people will be jubilant. Indeed, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the victory of the IDF which brought about the liberation of Judea and Samaria and the reunification of Israel’s eternal and indivisible capital: Jerusalem.

Jacques KUPFER

President, Israel Is Forever


Sneak Peak: The New Highway 1 – Coming Soon

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

The new replacement section of Road 1 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem opens next week on January 19, 2017.

The new section starts from Sha’ar Hagai and goes until the entrance of Jerusalem.

It completely gets rid of the killer Motza curve and might even cut down travel time by 6-7 minutes.


Take a look:

Video of the Day

Israeli Man Injured in Stoning Attack Near Beitar Illit

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

An Israeli man was injured Tuesday night in a stoning attack by Arab terrorists while driving on the Hussan bypass road near the Jewish community of Beitar Illit, in Judea. His identity was not released, but he was reported to be in good condition.

In addition, several private vehicles and an Israeli public bus were also damaged in the attacks.

At least one firebombing attack in the area also caused a fire on the side of the road when the explosive, a Molotov cocktail, landed and started a blaze.

Israeli security forces were summoned to the site to search for the attackers.

The Hussan bypass road has increasingly become a magnet for Arab terrorists who target drivers with stoning and firebombing attacks as they are forced to slow down which traveling along a curved stretch of highway.

“The IDF is having difficulty with the current policy of bringing quiet to the region, while drivers are continuing to endanger their lives and those of their passengers on a daily basis,” military journalist Noa Sofer Magid wrote on the Hebrew-language 0404 site Tuesday night, in connection with the attacks.

The Hussan bypass road is located about two minutes’ drive south of the capital, just on the other side of the southern checkpoint at the entrance to the tunnel road into the southern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Hana Levi Julian

Report: US Ambassador To Israel May Work Sans Embassy in Jerusalem

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

A report broadcast Tuesday night by Israel’s Channel 2 television news said U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for the incoming Ambassador to Israel – David Friedman – may begin working out of the American Consulate in Jerusalem, while the official U.S. Embassy remains in Tel Aviv.

But then, what do you call a Consulate when the Ambassador works there, and lives there in residence?

The president-elect pledged during his campaign – and repeated the promise after his election – to move the embassy to the Israeli capital. His senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway also repeated that promise, as did his chosen candidate for Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Friedman.

Last month, the incoming Trump administration also sent an advance team to Jerusalem scout for a feasible site to consider for a future U.S. Embassy.

Palestinian Authority officials, and those heading the Palestine Liberation Organization (but most head both) have repeatedly threatened, however, that any attempt to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be considered “an act of war.”

Jordan, albeit a signatory to a peace treaty with Israel, has also warned that such a move would “cross a red line.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry used most of a speech lasting well over an hour earlier this month to scorch the Israeli government and its prime minister, and sketch out the Obama administration’s “vision for peace” with a six-point plan. Kerry, too, issued dire warnings that moving the embassy to Jerusalem would cause an “explosion of violence across the Middle East.”

It is expected that Jordan will attend the upcoming Paris “peace summit” later this week. At that conference Kerry is to reprise his speech for delegates of 70 nations invited to the French capital to discuss how to resolve the issues between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Neither of the two relevant parties is invited to the summit that is ostensibly being held — by the very same nations who condemned the State of Israel and voted to approve a worldwide boycott against more than half a million Israelis, less than a month ago — to “help them find a pathway to peace.”

Hana Levi Julian

PA Media Blesses Jerusalem Terrorist as ‘Shahid’ While Wife Receives Lifetime Monthly Stipend

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Official Palestinian Authority media honored Fadi al-Qanbar, the killer responsible for the murder of four IDF soldiers on Sunday and who wounded 17 others — with the supreme Islamic honor of calling him a “shahid” – a “martyr who died for Allah.”

PA TV went out of its way to focus on the religious value of the terror attack by using the term “Shahid” 7 times, mostly as a replacement for the terrorist’s name, according to media watchdog Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which translated Arabic-language reports on the attack and its aftermath in Palestinian Authority media.

By calling the terrorist murderer a Shahid, the PA is telling its people that murdering the Israeli youths was sanctioned by Islam and seen as positive Islamic behavior.

According to the PMW, the newly-bereaved widow of an-Qanbar — who expressed his passionate support for the Islamic State terrorist organization online — will receive a lifetime monthly stipend of NIS 2900 ($760).

The terrorist’s widow will technically receive her monthly payment from the Palestine Liberation Organization, which serves as the conduit for the funds on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

According to PA law, the family of a “Shahid” receives a base payment of NIS 1400 per month. A wife of the Shahid receives an additional NIS 400, plus NIS 200 for each child, and for being a resident of Jerusalem an additional NIS 300 as well, PMW revealed in its translation of PA media reports.

As a result, in total the terrorist’s widow will receive NIS 2,900 ($760) per month for the rest of her life. Moreover, within the next few months, she will also receive a one-time grant of NIS 6,000 ($1,580).

In reports translated by PMW, the PFLP terrorist organization “blessed” and “congratulated” the PA over the “Jerusalem operation.”

“DFLP” terrorist politburo member Talal Abu Tharaifa was quoted by the PA-based Ma’an news agency as saying the truck ramming attack was “part of the Palestinian resistance … a legal right anchored in international law and all the resolutions of the international bodies.”

The latter comment in particular is noteworthy given the most recent resolution passed unanimously by the United Nations Security Council, 2334(2016), with the encouragement and assistance of the United States, which for the first time since the administration of former President Jimmy Carter, deliberately abstained in order to allow the resolution to pass, with its condemnation of Israel, and implied demand for a world boycott.

The DFLP urged Arab readers to “turn this intifada of the young people into a comprehensive popular intifada that will include all sectors of society,” according to the PMW.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas – Israel’s ostensible “peace partner” – refrained from condemning the terrorist attack, in contrast to his fervent and vocal condemnations of the other recent car ramming terror attacks in Berlin and Nice.

This sent a strong message to citizens of the Palestinian Authority at home and also abroad.

“By actively and vociferously condemning terror in all other parts of the world and refusing to condemn Palestinian terror against Israelis, Abbas is notifying his people that he doesn’t condemn or consider killing Israelis as terror,” the PMW points out.

At least one of the soldiers wounded in the attack is still fighting for her life. The group was on an education study tour in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon HaNatziv, East Talpiot, when al-Qanbar repeatedly rammed his truck into the soldiers after they left their bus.

Hana Levi Julian

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