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October 27, 2016 / 25 Tishri, 5777

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Joe Lieberman Campaigning for Hillary with Florida Jews

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Former Senator and one time Democratic VP candidate Joe Lieberman is campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the Jewish community of South Florida, Jewish Insider reported. He spoke to Jewish residents at the Palm Beach Century Village and held a roundtable with rabbis and Jewish community leaders in Palm Beach. He also spoke at a synagogue in Broward County. According to JI, Jewish voters represent between 3% and 6% of the electorate in Florida.

Clinton is ahead by and average 3.8 points in Florida, according to RealClearPolitics.

David Israel

The Politically Foolish American Jews Get it Wrong – Again

Thursday, October 20th, 2016
I can’t believe that I’m finding myself passionately defending U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump and hoping (probably in vain) that he wins. I even decided to cast my vote, although I wavered back and forth about it so many times over the past several months. Trump has flaws, no doubt, but the vicious campaign against him is so disgusting that I can’t stand it, and the mainstream Jewish community is as stupid as ever.

I keep telling myself not to be so obsessed, it takes up too much time and energy, but something always happens that gets me to the core. This time, after Shabbat ended, when I saw all the hysteria about his comments regarding Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the “international bankers” – hysteria instigated by the likes of the agenda-driven ADL, spread by the left-wing media and swallowed by the gullible masses – I was so furious. He never mentioned the word “Jew.”

Instead, they should be worried about the Nazis of THIS generation, the Radical Islamists, and the fact that the White House has so many ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re acting exactly as they did during WWII, when American Jews worshiped FDR, who was an anti-Semite, and ruined any efforts by groups like the Bergson Group, which tried to save Jews but were foiled by leading Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise and the mainstream Jewish organizations. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out sources like the Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies (wymaninstitute.org).

Trump is definitely not an anti-Semite. It’s lucky he has Jewish grandchildren (unlike many of the mainstream Jews who no longer do), because if he didn’t, he could become an anti-Semite only because of all the unwarranted vicious attacks.

So many otherwise intelligent people fall for Michelle Obama’s eloquent denunciation of Trump while ignoring all of the equally repulsive information about the Clintons.

To those who worry about the likes of KKK supporting Trump, there are plenty of vicious anti-Semites on the Clinton side – modern-day anti-Semites – such as the actively anti-Israel Black Lives Matter movement and the violent anti-Semites across U.S. campuses.

I’m seriously worried about the future of America. If either of the main candidates has dictatorial tendencies, it has to be Hillary, who, for example, was involved in stealing so many votes from her Democratic competitor, Bernie Sanders. I’m no fan of Sanders, to say the least, but the American people have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. How amazing it is that there was no uproar when that scandal broke.

The Islamic threat today is probably the most threatening situation facing not only Jews, but Western civilization, since the 1940s. The American Jewish establishment – admittedly – failed back then. But it seems they haven’t learned their lesson.

Atara Beck

Boulder Prep School Students Expelled for Calls to Execute Jews [video]

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Five Boulder Prep High School students in Colorado were expelled over their Facebook hate group, where they were calling for the executions of Jews and Blacks, The Daily Camera reported last week. Local media report that Boulder police discovered the Neo-Nazi cell after one of the member had committed suicide “to show allegiance to the Nazi party.” Police is investigating reports of threats and harassment of a student at the high school by the group members.

The chat group was reported by a parent of one of the students. The group’s “second-in-command” told police, “the whole thing was ‘funny,'” assuring them he had no intention to actually do any of those things.

“It was a shock to the community,” Scott Levin of the regional Anti-Defamation League told CS in response to the revelations. “It isn’t as if there is any identifiable group [in Boulder] that is advocating this. There’s a lot of hateful rhetoric going on in this country right now, and that has just empowered some teenagers.”

An estimated 15 students participated in the “4th Reich’s Official Group Chat” on Facebook, according to a Boulder police report, which said members discussed “killing all Jews and N***s,” posted images of guns, and discussed “the final solution” and “white power,” and ways to “recruit more members” to complete their mission. The chat group’s “4th Reich” title is a reference to a successor to Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. In fact, the chat group’s leader identified himself as “The Fuhrer,” and members adopted Nazi military titles.

One entry went: “You can hang Jews on trees, shoot them right in the knees. Gas as many as you please,” according to the police report.

Lili Adeli, headmaster at Boulder Prep, told Daily Camera the school had addressed the suicide and the Facebook chat’s horrifying language. “We did a lot of work with the students to help ensure their safety and mental health and healing,” she said. “It can bring up their own thoughts of suicide and previous trauma.” This includes checking on students via the phone, including text messages outside of school hours. “We’ve continued to keep the lines of communication open,” she said.

Adeli also stressed that school staff have made it their top priority to educate students on inclusiveness and the importance of speaking out against “derogatory language.”


The Most Interesting Jews of 5777

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

My list of 20 profound and provocative Jews to follow over the coming year, including Roni Alsheich. Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg. Rabbi Yuval Cherlow. Prof. Ben Corn. Avi Dichter. Yuli Edelstein. Shimon Fogel. Prof. Ruth Gavison and Rabbi Yaakov Medan. Joseph Gitler. Gershon Hacohen. Prof. Efraim Inbar. Prof. Moshe Koppel. Cynthia Ozick. Eliezer Rosenfeld. Kurt Rothschild. Rabbi Dr. Lord Jonathan Sacks. Ayelet Shaked. Prof. Chaim Sukenik. And Rabbi Asher Weiss.

In recent weeks, several newspapers in Israel and North America (like The Jerusalem Post, Makor Rishon weekly and Tablet magazine) have published lists of the “most influential” or “most prominent” Jews.

The lists are mostly a hodge-podge of the wealthy, powerful, organizationally-positioned, and pop-culture famous; and this disappoints me. So I’ve decided to draw-up my own list of “most interesting” Jews for 5777.

“Interesting” in my book means profound, provocative and positive.

It’s useful to draw attention to people who are deeply reflective, substantive, and in the long-term achieving something intellectually significant for the Jewish People. And while I admire philanthropists; like movies; and am passionate about some sports, there is little need to make the extra effort to promote these people.

It’s also clear to me that most of the people drawing up the celebrity lists are insufficiently familiar with the religious Jewish communities of America and Israel; and they underestimate the increasing importance of religious Jews in the Jewish future. Thus some of the boldest and consequential figures in these communities are perennially under-represented. So I’ve weighted my list with religious public figures.

Therefore, without any ranking, I offer the following list of 20 interesting Jews to follow over the coming year.

* Roni Alsheich. New Commissioner of the Israel Police, and former deputy chief of the General Security Services (Shabak). He is out to police the badly-corrupted police, reforming its institutional culture by introducing modesty and honesty. Already he has shut down the incessant, outrageous, politicized leaking from police investigations.

* Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg. Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel, and former chief economist of Bank Hapoalim. One of the most sophisticated analysts of the Israeli economy, and an outstanding ambassador for Israel in global monetary and financial circles (in many languages).

* Rabbi Yuval Cherlow. Name me an issue on the public policy agenda, from bio-ethics to gender issues to morality in the army, and you’ll find the thoughtful voice of Rav Yuval from the hesder yeshiva in Raanana in the debate. An exemplar of connected, concerned, articulate Torah leadership in the modern world.

* Prof. Ben Corn. Oncologist and radiotherapy chief at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center, who co-founded Life’s Door-Gisha L’Chaim Tishkofet-Ma’agan, an NGO that has developed innovative approaches to facing illness and loss. Awarded by former President Peres with the Israeli Citation for Volunteerism.

* Avi Dichter. Now head of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, the former Shabak head and Minister of Internal Security sounds much wiser and deeper than most of his former Kadima or current Likud colleagues on Palestinian issues. Dichter is moving up.

* Yuli Edelstein. The Knesset speaker holds both a heroic past and bright political future. His diplomatic demeanor is married to solidly nationalistic ideological roots; a winning combination.

* Shimon Fogel. Long-time CEO of the Canadian Jewish community’s central advocacy organization (known as CIJA), he has pioneered new approaches in hasbara, from the “shared values” approach to the “buycott” to beat BDS. Respected on all sides of the parliamentary aisles, he is and should gain greater global prominence.

* Prof. Ruth Gavison and Rabbi Yaakov Medan. The Hebrew University jurist/ human rights leader and her yeshiva dean/Bible scholar colleague still believe that the “covenant” they crafted years ago for a new secular-religious status quo is resonant and relevant, and I think they’re right. Over the coming year, look for a resurgence of these two brave leaders and their bold proposals.

* Joseph Gitler. Founder of Leket Israel, the National Food Bank, which last year collected and delivered over 30 million pounds of fresh, healthy food for the needy. This means that 175,000 Israelis are fed weekly through 195 nonprofit Leket partners. The vivid face of smart Israeli philanthropy.

* Gershon Hacohen. The longest-serving general in the IDF (41 years) until his retirement last year, he is becoming one of the most provocative defense and diplomatic analysts in the public sphere. His approach is decidedly messianic, even Marxist; meaning that Israel should buckle-down for long-term struggle over the Land of Israel, while rejecting simplistic, unworkable and undesired binary proposals for dividing the land.

* Prof. Efraim Inbar. Founding director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, who over 25 years turned the center into a think-tank of international renown and real policy heft. While he is about to hand the post over to a colleague, watch for Inbar’s prominence in Jerusalem to grow.

* Prof. Moshe Koppel. Founder of the Kohelet Policy Forum in Jerusalem, which is leading efforts for constitutional and economic reforms with a conservative bent. This plucky math professor’s think tank is increasingly influential on legislation ranging from the “nation-state law” to marketing cartels.

* Cynthia Ozick. This 88 year old American Jewish novelist and literary critic is battle-ready and penetrating in her analyses, and a master of the most transcendent language. Her newest collection of essays deconstructs vanity, political correctness, and bottomless currents of anti-Semitism that run through contemporary literature.

* Eliezer Rosenfeld. Popular Chassidic band leader, who has parleyed his personal tragedy (two of his impressive sons were killed, one in a terrorist attack in 2015) into an inspirational speaking and singing career marked by determination and hopefulness. The epitome of optimism – no less so, and much more well-grounded, than the celebrated “optimism” of Shimon Peres.

* Kurt Rothschild. The 96-year old World Mizrachi chairman still shows up in his Jerusalem office every day to preside over a lifetime of philanthropic and community activities. Every institution in the Religious Zionist world, from the poorest to the most prominent, has benefitted from Kurt’s wise counsel and assistance. One of the sharpest, most indefatigable and loyal soldiers the Jewish People has had over the past century.

* Rabbi Dr. Lord Jonathan Sacks. The former British chief rabbi is the most unique expositor of Judaism of our times. He combines profound Torah insight with breathtaking knowledge of broad intellectual disciplines. Through his prolific literary output he continues to demonstrate how relevant religion is to the modern troubled age; and how spiritual and social cohesion can be synthesized with respect for liberty of conscience.

* Ayelet Shaked. The intrepid justice minister is emerging as one of our canniest politicians and genuine thought leaders. Read her lead essay in the first issue of the new policy and ideas Hebrew journal, Hashiloach.

* Prof. Chaim Sukenik. President of the Jerusalem College of Technology (which incorporates Machon Lev, Machon Tal and more). Among other projects, JCT is leading the integration of the Ultra-Orthodox in higher education, with grit and sensitivity. A herculean task!

* Rabbi Asher Weiss. Probably the only Ultra-Orthodox scholar and halachic decisor who is truly respected in the Lithuanian, Hassidic and Religious Zionist worlds simultaneously, in Israel and around the Jewish world. He is also unique in understanding the need for meaningful structural transformations in the Haredi world.

David Weinberg

Al Jazeera (Qatar) Evicts Jews and Judaism from Jerusalem; Time to Return the Favor

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

{Originally posted to the author’s website, FirstOne Through}

In October 2016, UNESCO condemned Israel regarding its activities on the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem and excluded all references to Judaism’s ties to the site.  The resolution was put forward by a number of Muslim states, including: Algeria; Egypt; Lebanon; Morocco; Oman; Qatar; and Sudan.

The Qatari-run news outlet, Al Jazeera (AJ), continued to proudly distort history in its coverage of the story. Consider its following statements:

“Al-Aqsa Mosque compound is the third-holiest site in Islam. It is located in East Jerusalem, which Israel annexed following its invasion in 1967 – in a move never recognised by the international community – as part of its subsequent military occupation of the West Bank.

Jewish settlers and Zionist organisations have called for complete Jewish control over the mosque compound.

Jewish groups refer to the site as the “Temple Mount” and their increased incursions into the mosque compound have continuously led to Palestinian protests across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military and armed settler incursions have resulted in Palestinian deaths and injuries in recent years in particular. Muslim access to the religious site has also been tremendously limited by the army.”

The AJ media outlet published this on its own. It was not quoting Hamas (which the Qatari government supports).  For a sense of reality, here is a sample redlined report from a balanced perspective:

“Al-Aqsa Mosque sits on the Temple Mount, which was built by the Jewish King Herod 2,000 years ago. The mosquecompound is the third-holiest site in Islam and the Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism. It is located in the eastern half ofEast Jerusalem, which Israel annexed following its defensive war against an attack initiated by Jordaninvasion in 1967 – neither Jordan’s annexation of Jerusalem, nor Israel’s subsequent annexation were in a move never recognised by the international community – as part of Israel’sits subsequent administrative control military occupation of the West Bank. According to the Oslo II accords signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1995, and the Peace Agreement between Israel and Jordan signed in 1994, Israel handles all security matters on the Temple Mount/ A-Aqsa compound.

Non-Muslims have regular visiting hours on the Temple Mount, and some Jewish settlers and Zionist organisations have called for non-Jews to be able to pray at the site as they had done before Suleiman banned the practice roughly 500 years agocomplete Jewish control over the mosque compound.Those calls resulted in Palestinians organizing themselves against Jewish visitors.

In September 2015, Israel banned the “Mourabitoun,” the group of Muslim civilian guards who were regularly harassing Jewish visitors to the holy site.  That action further excited Muslims who feared that Israel sought to change the status quo, and sparked numerous Jewish groups refer to the site as the “Temple Mount” and their increased incursions into the mosque compound have continuously led to Palestinian protests across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The fighting between the Israeli military and Palestinian Arabs armed settler incursions have resulted in hundreds ofPalestinian deaths and injuries in recent years in particular. Due to the increased fighting and tensions, both Jewish and Muslim access to the religious site has also become morebeen tremendously limited, including an Israeli ban of all members of the Knesset by the army.”

As seen above, Al Jazeera is part-and-parcel of the problem of incitement in the conflict. Qatar continues to be an active supporter of violence in the region.

It is well past time to boycott Al Jazeera and its social media site AJ+.  Further, Americans should demand that the United States remove its central military command in the Middle East out of Qatar (perhaps it can help stabilize Iraq by relocating it there).

Distorting history is just part of the problem.  Incitement must have consequences.


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Paul Gherkin

Security Upgraded for UNESCO Chief After Death Threats Over Jerusalem

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Security for United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) chief Irina Bokov has been ramped up, after she received death threats over her blunt opposition to last week’s resolution erasing the historic Jewish link to Jerusalem.

According to a report broadcast on Israel Radio, “the director-general received death threats and her protection has been reinforced… These threats were made after her criticism” of the resolutions in which Israel was condemned for “violations” at Jewish holy sites and in which the holiest sites in Judaism are referred to solely by their Islamic names, describing them as holy only to Muslims.

Israeli Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama Hacohen described the “appalling conduct” of the Arab countries involved in working on the drafts of the resolution during his interview with Israel Radio.

Hacohen was unsuccessful in convincing the UNESCO board to hold off on ratification of the resolution earlier in the day Monday.

Bokova opposed the motion for the resolution, saying, “Nowhere more than in Jerusalem, do Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage and traditions share space.”

Nevertheless, the motion – submitted by the Palestinian Authority – passed in committee last week in Paris and was ratified Monday; it awaits validation by the UNESCO executive board on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the passage of the resolution, “theater of the absurd” and invited the members of UNESCO to take a trip to the Arch of Titus to refresh their knowledge of history and view for themselves the treasures of the Second Holy Temple of Jerusalem that were carted back to Rome after they were plundered from the Jewish holy site.

Bayit Yehudi Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who also serves as president of the Israel National Commission for UNESCO, followed Thursday’s passage of the resolution by suspending all professional cooperation with the international body.

Russia’s state-run Sputnik news site said the resolution “acknowledges Jerusalem to be a holy city for Muslims, Christians and Jewish people, but names the Temple Mount a Muslim holy site.” The site posted a piece on Friday (Oct. 14), saying the resolution was a “affront” to Jews, quoting Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar.

“I must honestly and explicitly say: the latest UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem is an affront to the feelings of all religious Jews and completely undermines, in our eyes, the credibility of this organization,” Lazar said, as quoted in a news release.

Lazar added that UNESCO was failing in its educational function by failing to recognize the findings of archaeological excavations, which “indicate that Jerusalem for dozens of centuries has been the unquestioned spiritual center of Judaism.” The Rabbi also noted his dismay at the vote of the Russian delegation in UNESCO in favor of the resolution.

Hana Levi Julian

Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews: A Fascinating Study in Repentance, Resistance and Overcoming Anti-Semitism

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

An extremely Illuminating incident in US history concerning anti-Semitism occurred during the Civil War meriting examination by anyone interested in understanding the roots and productive response to anti-Semitism. This incident pivoted upon the relationship that General Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War General and also the 18 th US president established with the Jews. It involves a special order issued by Grant which has become designated General Orders No. ll which entailed an outrageous expulsion of Jews from their homes in certain southern areas. Subsequently, however, Grant paradoxically developed an incredibly positive relationship with Jews inviting the question as to how these may be reconciled.

This order was issued under Grant’s name in response to the black market in cotton during the Civil War and explicitly forbade Jews from engaging in any market of such cotton. During the Civil War the Union

permitted trade of cotton between North and South under certain licensed arrangements. In many instances Union officers were bribed by alleged unlicensed traders which Grant found a distraction affecting his military campaign. Jews were involved in these business transactions along with others, however, Grant issued General Orders No. ll which shockingly singled out Jews as a class. It required the eviction of all of Jews in the affected areas

Most central in response was the action taken by Cesar Kaskel, Jewish immigrant from

Prussia who was a resident of Paducah, Kentucky and a prominent Union supporting citizen. Kaskel lived within the area affected by the order and included with residents mandated to leave. Kaskel’s response was most revealing by appealing directly to president of the United States Abraham Lincoln rather than any intermediary. Lincoln’s response was to immediately nullify the order in strong language. In support of this appeal Jewish fraternal organizations such as B’nai Brith geared its lobbying activities against Grants order.

It is significant that Grant’s issuance of the order had its roots in a personal episode involving a business relationship of his father Jessie Grant. Prior to the issuance of General Orders Number ll Grant was visited by his father with two Jewish business partners Henry and Simon Mack. The latter sought to obtain a license to sell cotton for a 25% share in profits. It is reported that Grant who had a troubled relationship with his father became enraged and may have taken out his animosity on Jews. Upon examining Grant’s relationship with the Jews subsequently during his presidential administration we could not encounter a more stark contrast. His appointment of Jews to significant positions of the time and use of his influence in quelling anti-Semitic activities abroad are unprecedented. When Grant decided to run for the presidency it was expected that an anti-Grant voting preference of Jews regarding General would cost him the election because of its closeness. Grant, however, in responding to a letter from B’nai Brith concerning the General order encouraged their leader Adolph Moses to maintain that that he made reparation.

Grant’s General Order and the ultimate transformation of Grant raises two issues, namely, whether Grant was truly repentant and secondly determining what lessons the response to the General Order hold for us today . Regarding the latter we may firstly note that there was no hesitation by Jews in its response. Further Kaskel and others addressed Lincoln without tapping intermediaries since they knew they had a friend in him so they focused upon his attention. Further that friendship was something that was developed by certain Jews especially Abraham Jonas who was a critical influence in securing Lincoln’s nomination. This is something that Jews would do well to recall in today’s times namely

involvement in affairs of the society in which they live and friendships with those who are ethical while capable of exerting some influence.

The issue over whether Grant was truly repentant about General Orders will ultimately remain speculative but the weight of evidence would be in in its favor. He indeed was highly pragmatically oriented and the possibility his actions were a combination of such considerations and moral ones remains real, however, the impact of the latter appears predominant. His position on a number of other issues such as the impeachment of Johnson also confirms a moral dimension in his character. Grant’s overall vote returns translated into a victory and here Jewish support was also strengthened by then Republican values being more consistent with Jewish values. This included former slave rights, women’s rights and separation of church and state.

Following Grant’s election were a series of administrative appointments far exceeding any other of that time. The first appointment was that of Simon Wolf an impoverished immigrant who worked his way towards becoming an influential lawyer in governmental circles. Grant appointed him Recorder of Deeds immediately after he assumed the presidency. Most importantly within that position Grant provided him more personal access to his attention than anyone outside his cabinet. Moreover Grant’s first choice for the cabinet post of Secretary of the Treasury was Joseph Seligman a prominent Jewish banker who declined the position at the insistence of his brothers wanting him to remain within the family business. Grant amazingly appointed 50 Jews to various positions. Further his action with regard to Russian policies against Jews is another confirmation of his actions sympathetic to Jews when B’nai Brith at that time was protesting the action. In 1869 a Tsarist edict in the wake of the Crimean war Russia’s borders were greatly extended and required that tens of thousands of Jews be evicted. B’nai Brith then under the leadership of Simon Wolf drew up a document opposing this catastrophe. Grant responded despite the risk of upsetting favorable relations with Russia (arising of the Alaskan purchase) with the bold move of contacting Russia stating he would take “ pleasure in being the medium to revoke the ukase” These actions received wide publicity leading the Russians to finally revoke the expulsion order.

This resulted in a wide publicized acclaim and promoted an exceedingly positive image of Grant as a force in achieving equal rights for people around the world. Additionally this was reinforced even further by Grants reaction to mistreatment of Jews in Romania. News of atrocities committed against Jews in Romania reached the press in the late 1860’s. Grant responded by the appointment of a Jew Benjamin Franklin Peixotto to the consulship in Bucharest. Peixotto then approached Grant and implored him to support the rights of the Romanian Jews. Grant then in an introductory letter to Peixoto confirmed this mission in words that Peixotto himself could have spoken. This was given extensive press coverage and ultimately served as a precedent for America standing up for human rights violations throughout the world and persists to this very day.

Grant re-election in 1872 disclosed the extent to which he won over the Jews in the contest against Horace Greeley. In Greeley’s resounding defeat even southern democratic Jews supported Grant.

Significantly the character of Balaam within the Torah provides an illuminating comparison with Grant’s conduct. Balaam at one point turns towards a universal God and the righteous path of the Israelites in blessing them. However he ultimately backslided and travelled a path designed for their annihilation upon returning to his people. In contrast Grant acted from a perspective consistent with supporting Jewish survival. Moreover he remained in contact with the Jews immersing himself in the Jewish community.

When we look at repentance from a Jewish perspective we may see how Grant fits the pattern required. The notion of Teshuvah according to the rabbis contains several stages. The first is recognition and remorse of the sin. This is followed by action showing an inclination to reverse behavior. All of these stages are exhibited in Grant’s behavior described.

Grant ultimately demonstrated his close ties to the Jewish community through a journey he made to Jerusalem shortly before his death. He simultaneously reinforced his ties to the Jewish community while ` in opposition proving successful and known as the Chickering Hall meeting. When Grant died not long after the mourning response at his funeral by Jews was immense. He passed away on Sabbath Nahamu the Sabbath of Consolation.

The transformation from the Grant of General Order No. 11 to the Grant as protector of the Jews was staggering. But it was a transformation resulting from Grant’s own choosing. As Rabbi Nachman Breslow poignantly expressed it “If you are not going to be any better tomorrow than you are today, then what need have you for tomorrow?” Grant’s vision and actions of a better tomorrow fulfilled this need as well as offering one of inspiring measure to which humans are capable of spiritual growth.

Howard Zik

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