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December 28, 2014 / 6 Tevet, 5775
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Jihadist Threat Rising on Israel’s Northern Border

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Events on the other side of Israel’s northern border are heating up, and the government is watching closely. The IDF is beefing up its force along the border to ensure that citizens in the region are protected.

The Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra (Al Nusra Front) terrorist faction issued three demands early Tuesday (Sept. 2) for the return of 44 Fiji UN peacekeepers abducted by the group last Wednesday. The group is demanding to be removed from the UN terrorist list, it wants humanitarian aid delivered to parts of Damascus, and money — financial compensation for three of its fighters that it claims were killed in a shootout with UN peacekeepers. (In other words, shot by the UN peacekeepers in self-defense when the terrorists attacked the UN Disengagement Observer Force. It’s a known fact this force never fires first.)

Al Nusra is also engaged in a fierce struggle with Syria government forces fighting to retake control over the strategic town of Quneitra, where the sole crossing into Israel lies. The terror group has already seized control of the crossing; heavy battles before and since have sent mortar shells and other artillery flying into Israel’s side of the Golan Heights.

Last week Kiryat Shmona and several other communities were forced into high alert due to the situation. In three separate attacks, at least two people were wounded, including a soldier and a kosher supervisor, and two vehicles were damaged. IDF troops returned fire to the Syrian side of the border, aiming at the source of the attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned visiting U.S. Congress members on Monday that the United Nations would be far better served to focus its energies on dealing with the growing jihadist threat, rather than repeatedly investigating Israel’s efforts to counter terror attacks against its civilians. (A new UN Human Rights Commission probe committee a la Goldstone, headed by anti-Israel Canadian law professor William Schabas, is expected to begin shortly.)

“We’re closely following the events on the Golan Heights where al Nusra terrorists have kidnapped UN peacekeepers,” Netanyahu told U.S. Representatives Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) on Monday. “What we see is that al Nusra, Hamas, Hezbollah – backed by Iran, Al Qaeda and these other terrorist groups are basically defying all international norms, breaking them whether in Lebanon, in Syria or in Gaza. I think the UN would do itself a great favor if, instead of the automatic Israel bashing, they actually turn their attention and their investigative committees against these terrorists who trample every norm on which the UN was founded.”

Rohrbacher concurred, saying that Israel was the sole force for a “long-term peace for this region.” He added that the rest of the Middle East is “awash in tyranny and injustice and gangsterism and terrorism that’s coming from the top, from these people that are running the various organizations, radical Islamic organizations.”

But while Israel and at least most U.S. lawmakers agree on the jihadi threat to the region – and much of the Western world – France and Saudi Arabia seem to be in the process of exacerbating the problem.

The two are close to signing a $3 billion arms deal that would provide new military equipment and weapons to the Lebanese army. This, while the White House has thrown every possible obstacle in the path of normal processing for military-to-military supplies from the U.S. to Israel.

If the Lebanese army were entirely independent boosting its supplies would be a great idea, especially given the current jihadi threat on its border with Syria. But unfortunately a third of Lebanon’s governing cabinet is comprised of ministers from the Hezbollah terrorist organization, which has gone to fight with the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Ditto for the parliament, which also is packed with Hezbollah lawmakers. How unlikely is it, therefore, that at least some – if not most – of these weapons will end up in terrorist hands?

Burn Your ISIS Flag Today [video] #BurnISISFlagChallenge

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Citizens of Lebanon have begun burning ISIS flags since Saturday, to protest against the Islamic State, and in particular the alleged beheading of a Lebanese soldier by ISIS.

The protest began yesterday when 3 youths posted pictures of themselves burning the ISIS flag in Sassine Square in Ashrafieh.

Burning ISIS Flag 2

The concept is starting to go viral in Lebanon, and it has some Islamists worried.

The website Al-Akhbar reports that Lebanon’s Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi is now demanding the arrest of anyone who burns the ISIS flag.

Rifi reportedly backs the Islamists, and claims the flags are religious symbols, which one may not desecrate according to Lebanese law.

The flags say on them, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.”

You can see the flags in the background of the videos when then ISIS beheads its victims in the name of Allah, which clearly makes it a religious symbol to them.

Other Lebanese parliament members have had varying responses, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star.

MP Nabil Nicolas said that the youths are burning the flag of ISIS, but they don’t mean to insult Islam.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has asked Christian Arabs to stop equating ISIS with Islam, though clearly Rifi would disagree with that statement.

MP Ibrahim Kanaan said he would represent the group of three boys in court, who were the first to burn the ISIS flag yesterday, if the prosecutor charges them.

They burn the Israeli flag in Lebanon all the time. So what’s the big deal if they switch up for a change?

Feel free to post your photos below of burning ISIS flags.

27 Israelis Arrested for Drug & Weapons Trafficking, Helping Hezbollah

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Israeli security forces announced today (Thursday, August 28) the arrests of 27 Israeli Arabs suspected of drug dealing for Hizbollah. The arrests, carried out by the General Security Service (GSS) and the Israel Police, followed weeks of widespread investigation into smuggling activities conducted between Israeli and Lebanese dealers that involved the transfer of drugs and money across the border, as well as the procurement of information to the Shi’ite terror organization.

The investigation aimed at shedding light on the movements of the drug traffickers operating under Hizbollah’s direction in both countries, and at stopping the operation in its beginning stages before it has a chance to escalate. A number of Israeli citizens were targeted for drug trafficking and for having direct contact with drug dealers in southern Lebanon that were known for their ties to Hizbollah.

Among those arrested on suspicion of establishing direct contact with the terror group were Aysh-Halim Afif Abd al-Karim Abbas, a resident Nahaf; his brother Az-al-Din Abd al-Karim Abbas, also from Nahaf; Ahmed Mohammad Abdullah Mazariv, a resident of Beit Zarzir; and Riad Mustafa Abdullah, also from Zarzir. A number of other dealers were also caught.

The GSS investigation revealed a connection between these suspects and George Nimer, a Christian Arab resident of Marjaayun in southern Lebanon, known to police as a drug dealer and Hizbollah agent. The suspects served as a means of communication with Hizbollah, transported drugs to Nimer in Lebanon and helped build a secure communication channel for the transport of weapons.

The probe confirmed that Nimer intended to transfer weapons to Hizbollah-affiliated groups in Israel along with drugs, and that a number of “field trip” trips to the Lebanese border were made by the Israeli suspects in order to plan the smuggling operations.

The police report noted that some of the suspects had already been in touch with Nimer prior to the current operation, and that the Lebanese criminal was now leveraging their connections as drug dealers for terrorist purposes. In the course of the investigation, one of the suspects was discovered to be in possession of illegally obtained weapons.

In addition to the arrests, the investigation was able to expand the intelligence picture about a broad network of the Israeli drug dealers and their collaboration with Hizbollah in promoting terrorist operations within Israel.

This is not the first time that Israeli security and intelligence forces have encountered such a network. In 2012, an investigation uncovered some 20 kilograms of explosives and detonators, packaged to look like drugs, that were transported using a similar network of Israeli drug dealers directed by Hizbollah. Most of the roughly 20 suspects arrested in that probe claimed to have no knowledge that they were carrying explosives, and thought they were only transporting drugs.

In light of the support given by Hassan Nasrallah to Hamas during Operation Protective Edge, police believe they may have thwarted recent plans by Hizbollah to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel.

Israeli Arabs Arrested for Lebanon Ties

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Sixteen Israeli Arabs have been arrested for cooperating with Hezbollah, Army Radio reported.

The detainees are suspected drug dealers who are also suspected of acting to support terror operations against Israel, under the direction of Hezbollah.

In recent weeks security forces have undertaken widespread activity to expose the groups’ activity vis-à-vis drug dealers in Lebanon and to cut off their entry paths to Israel.

The investigation has revealed a developed network of drug dealers in Israel who have worked with Lebanese counterparts known for their ties to Hezbollah. These include activities that were carried out ahead of weapons smuggling attempts into Israel from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

Israel Radio reported that the arrests could have scuttled a Hezbollah attack in Israel against the background of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s open support for Hamas during Operation Protective Edge.

Shelling on the Golan Heights: Syria Testing Israel’s Resolve?

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Although an open-ended cease-fire is in force with Gaza, two people were wounded in northern Israel on Wednesday in the course of three shelling attacks from Syria.

At around 10 pm, Syrian forces fired two mortar shells from across the Golan Heights, both exploding in open areas north of the Quneitra valley. It was the third attack in a single day, the most intensive shelling from Syria in months. No one was physically injured and no property damage was reported in the attack.

Earlier in the evening, a 52-year-old kosher supervisor at a winery on the Golan Heights was lightly wounded by Syrian tank fire aimed at an Israeli kibbutz along the border. The victim was evacuated to Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed). A local vineyard and a gas pipeline were both damaged in the attack.

Hours earlier, in the morning, an IDF officer was moderately wounded and two Israeli vehicles were damaged in a similar attack. A barrage of Syrian mortar shells was fired from across the border  – again, from the Quneitra area. The officer, who sustained shrapnel wounds to the chest, was airlifted to Rambam Medical Center.

The IDF attacked two Syrian positions in response to the mortar fire. IDF officials said Jerusalem holds the Syrian army responsible for maintaining order on the Syrian side of the border.

Originally security sources said the attacks were due to “errant fire” due to the conflict taking place between government troops and opposition forces in Syria.

Fierce fighting is reportedly taking place between the forces fighting on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad, and rebel fighters. It is not known which opposition forces are involved in this battle, nor whether some or all of the factions have banded together to fight Assad’s army.

The Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing has fallen into rebel hands, only 200 meters (219 yards) from the border with Israel. But whose?

At least two of the three opposition factions involved in the war have vowed to dedicate themselves to Israel’s destruction when they have ‘completed their task’ in Syria. One of those is the Islamic State, or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.)

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards have been assisting Assad since the start of the civil war in March 2011, as have the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla terrorists. Other mercernary fighters have joined the effort as well.

Opposing them are three major, separate streams of rebels: the Western-backed ‘moderate’ secular and Muslim factions led by the Syrian National Coalition and its Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front which is headed by the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front (Jabhat al Nusra) along with the Ahrar el-Sham, and which includes some 13 rebel brigades, all rejecting the Syrian National Coalition; and the ISIS  ‘Army of Islam’ comprised of 43 Salafi Muslim factions was formed last year in Syria, led by Sheikh Mohammed Zahran.

Last year Al Nusra also clashed with Kurdish militias over control of local gas resources and over the institution of Shari’a Islamic law in Kurdish areas. The same Al Nusra recently handed over long-missing American journalist Peter Theo Curtis, kidnapped by the group and held hostage since October 2012, to U.S. authorities via the Quneitra crossing, into Israel.

The IDF has ordered farmers and civilians to stay away from the border and part of the area has been closed to civilians as a precaution.

Live Updates: Ceasefire? More Insane Amount of Rockets, Dead and Wounded in Southern Rocket attacks (Latest Rockets: 7:15 pm)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

7:16pm Ceasefire?

7:15pm 08-26-2014 Kerem Shalom
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Erez
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Kfar Aza / Saad, Erez
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Kfar Aza / Saad
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Beeri
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Beeri
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Nir Oz, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha
7:04pm 08-26-2014 Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Nir Oz, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha
7:04pm 08-26-2014 Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah

7:02pm 08-26-2014 No ceasefire.
Kfar Maimon, Nachal Oz, Kfar Aza / Saad

7:00pm Ceasefire?

6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon
6:57pm 08-26-2014
, Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz
6:56pm 08-26-2014
Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne
6:56pm 08-26-2014
Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak
6:57pm Ashkolon, Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

6:56pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

6:56pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak

6:55pm Ashdod, Beer Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak

6:55pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

6:55pm Ashdod

6:55pm Kissufim

6:53pm Hatzerim

6:53pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Hatzerim

6:53pm Beer Sheva, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Hatzerim

6:53pm Beer Sheva, Hatzerim

6:52pm 08-26-2014
Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva / Gilat, Hatzerim
6:52pm 08-26-2014
Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva / Gilat

6:52pm Kfar Aza / Saad

6:51pm Nachal Oz

6:51pm Kfar Aza / Saad, Nachal Oz

6:50pm Nir Oz

6:49pm Beeri
Dead and wounded in Eshkol rocket attacks.

6:48pm Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:48pm Netivot, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:48pm Netivot, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon

6:46pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosh

6:44pm Hatzerim

6:44pm Eshkol Region, Hatzerim

6:44pm Eshkol Region

6:42pm Eshkol Region

6:42pmSufa / Hulit, Eshkol Region

6:42pm Sufa / Hulit

6:41pm Beer Sheva

6:40pm Beer Sheva

, Otef Aza – Avshalom, Dekel, Pri Gan, Yavol, Sde Avraham, Yated, Talmei Yosef, Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim, Neve

6:37pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

6:35pm , Otef Aza – Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim,

6:35pm Sufa / Hulit, , Otef Aza – Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim

6:31pm Kissufim

6:31pm Nir Oz, Kissufim

6:30pm Nir Oz

6:27pm Kerem Shalom

6:27pm Kerem Shalom

Rumors of a ceasefire at 7pm

6:20pm Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah

6:06pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

6:00pm Ashkelon, Ashkelon

5:56pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha I CAN’T TYPE THIS FAST!

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha I CAN’T TYPE THIS FAST! Arggghhhh!

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim, Patish/Orim

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim

5:55pm Eshkol Region

5:53pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

5:53pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Givati

5:53pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Givati

5:53pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut, Givati

5:52pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut

5:52pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut

5:52pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:51pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:51pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:48pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz, Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, , Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:29pm Otef Aza – Avshalom, Dekel, Pri Gan, Yavol, Sde Avraham, Yated, Talmei Yosef, Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim, Neve

5:29 pm Ashkelon, Gaza Belt

4:11pm Gaza perimeter/Sderot, Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Erez, Miflasim

4:06pm Zikim / Carmiya

4:06pm Ashkelon, Zikim / Carmiya

3:29pm Gaza perimeter/Sderot, Erez

2:30pm Beeri

2:28pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

2:19pm Beeri

2:16pm Kerem Shalomn

2:08 pm pm Be’eri

2:07pm Kissufim

2:07pm Kissufim

2:02pm-2:03pm Ashkelon Ashkelon Coast, Ashdod – Multiple Barrages

2:02pm Sdot Negev, Shaar Negev

12:58pm Sdot Negev, Shaar Negev

12:36pm Ashkelon Coast

11:32am Gaza Belt, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim

11:23am Gaza Belt, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim

11:20am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:38am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:33am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:32am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:22am Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim

9:46am Eshkol

9:40am Eshkol

9:26am In 7:06am rocket strike on home in Ashkelon, six people were lightly injured, and another 26 people were treated for shock. Three of the physically wounded were small children. The rocket launched at Ashkelon was a new type of short-range 136mm rocket, according to Reshet Bet. Most of the injuries were from broken glass. The parents were moving the children to the bomb shelter when the rocket directly hit the parent’s bedroom. Several surrounding homes were damaged.

8:24am Eshkol

8:18am Kissufim

7:11am Rocket alert Eshkol region

7:10am Terror target hit in Gaza last night by IAF airstrike….see building before and after photos of a 13 story building terror target.

Gaza Building Before and After Aug 26 2014

7:06am Direct hit on a house in the Ashkelon region.

Emergency forces responding. 21 people lightly injured, with additional 20 in shock.


Photo: Yossi Ashdodi / Rotter.net

Photo: Yossi Ashdodi / Rotter.net

A house in Ashkelon was hit by a rocket. Photo: Sderoti B'Neshama  Rotter.net

A house in Ashkelon was hit by a rocket.
Photo: Sderoti B’Neshama / Rotter.net


6:58am Another rocket alert in Eshkol

6:32am There was a simultaneous, large scale rocket attack on Israel….Ashkelon….Ashdod…Tel Aviv…Herziliya…Kfar Chabad…Hod Ha Sharon…Yahud (near the airport)…Savyon…Rosh Haayin…Shoham…

Iron Dome interception over Tel Aviv

Rocket Map Morning Aug 26 2014

Two Katyusha Rockets Fired from Lebanon at Northern Israel

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Two separate Katyusha rocket attacks were launched at Israel from across the northern border in southern Lebanon Monday night, with both landing in the Upper Galilee, according to Israeli security sources.

The rockets landed in open areas near Kiryat Shmonah, local sources said.

The Code Red incoming rocket alert system apparently was not triggered by the second attack for some reason.

The city of Kiryat Shmona has opened its urban war room and issued emergency advisory guidelines for residents, warning them to remain in protected areas until further notice.

The IDF returned artillery fire — some 18 shells — to the source of the rocket launches, according to the Hebrew-language Rotter.net website.

The Code Red incoming rocket alert siren sent residents racing for shelters in Kiryat Shmona, Metullah, Kfar Giladi, Beit Hillel and a number of other communities.

It is not yet clear whether anyone was hurt in the attack, or whether any property was damaged.

It was the second such attack in less than three days.

Two 5-year-old children in the upper Galilee suffered shrapnel wounds Saturday night (August 24) in a Katyusha rocket attack from southern Lebanon. They were treated on the scene before being taken to hospital, where they were later listed in good condition.

Eight others were also taken to hospital to be treated for shock, and 13 people were treated on site for trauma and anxiety. All told, 23 people were hurt in the attack.

Lebanese authorities tracked down the launchers in the town of Dheira, about two miles (three kilometers) north of the border with Israel.


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