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August 28, 2016 / 24 Av, 5776

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PA News Site Geographically Challenged

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

The Palestinian Authority-run Ma’an news website is well known for promoting baseless Arab propaganda, but you’d have thought they could at least get their basic geography right.

But in an article bemoaning the “nakba” – the “tragedy” of having lost a war they started – Ma’an seems to have forgotten some of the basic geography of the Middle East, to say nothing of the Islamic world.

Retracing the Nakba in West Jerusalem’s al-Malha is a paean to the “once thriving” village” and a celebration of Palestinian self-pity: Palestinians are victims of “ethnic cleansing”, and al-Malha refugees continue to “lie in wait… hoping to hear the call to prayer ring forth once again” from the village mosque.

The paean continues with a romantic village of the historic Hejaz Railway, which, the article claims, once ran via Jerusalem’s Emek Refaim valley on its journey from Damascus to the Islamic holy city of Medina. 

Now, it doesn’t take a graduate degree in history to know that Jerusalem is a long way from the direct route between Damascus and Medina, and that the Emek Refaim valley runs out the west side of Jerusalem towards the Mediterranean Sea – in other words, in the very opposite direction that the Hejaz Railway followed on its southward journey from Damascus to Amman, Jordan, to its final destination in Medina, in current-day Saudi Arabia.

But what’s a small matter like the truth to a Palestinian website?

Avi Tuchmayer

Two Arabs Plotted to Blow up Jerusalem Mall Where They Work

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Two Arabs from areas of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority were preparing to kill Jews during the High Holiday season by blowing up Jerusalem’s luxurious Mamilla Mall where they worked, authorities revealed Sunday after a gag order was lifted.

The two terrorists, in their 20s, were affiliated with a Hamas cell in Ramallah, headquarters of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The head of the terrorist cell was Ramallah resident Hamdi Romana, who maintained an explosives lab  in his home. The cell also planned to manufacture and fire missiles from Ramallah and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

If you listen to the Obama administration, Abbas his fulfilling his commitment to eliminate the terrorist infrastructure in the Palestinian Authority, and if you read this, you know that it is Israel that arrests most heavy duty terrorists.

The two Arabs expressed their anger for the humiliation of having to work for Jews by plotting to plant explosives at the shopping complex, located across the street from the Old City.

The two Arabs are from the neighborhood of Shuafat, located next to the Haredi Ramat Shlomo area, and Ras al-Amud, where the Jews live in the neighborhood of Maaleh Zeitim. Both Jewish areas are considered “settlements” by the Obama administration.

According to the “Peace Process” theory, Israel is blocking economic growth in the Palestinian Authority because of checkpoints and searches.

That theory goes down the drain in the mall bomb plot because there are no checkpoints in Ras al-Amud or Shuafat. Both areas are under the administration of the Municipality of Jerusalem.

All residents are able to take out Israeli citizenship and carry Israeli identity cards.

One of dozens of factors that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Council of Sages do not take into account is that if the Palestinian Authority were to include area of Jerusalem former occupied by Jordan, it is doubtful that the Arabs would want to give up their benefits they enjoy from Israel.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

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