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December 5, 2016 / 5 Kislev, 5777

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Makhtesh Ramon – The Ramon Crater

Monday, June 1st, 2015

The Ramon Crater in Israel’s south is the world’s largest “makhtesh- 40 kilometers long, between 2-10 kilometers wide and 500 meters deep.

It wasn’t made by a meteor or a volcano, but rather, it was created by erosion. There once was an active volcano in the northern end.

There are 5 Makhteshim in Israel, and 2 more in the Sinai.

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Secular Coercion and HaAchim Gat

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Secular Coercion bothers me. It especially bothers me when Hilonim (devoutly secular Jews) try to force religious Jews to go against their beliefs, and then call it “religious coercion” when they stand firm in response.

HaAchim Gat were invited to sing at the Mitzpe Ramon Independence Day event.

HaAchim Gat are two unquestionably Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) singers, who happen to also be very popular among secular Israelis.

During their set, some of the men and women got up to dance together.

It is against the religious beliefs of the Chareidi brothers to sing and play music for mixed dancing. So much so, that there is a clause in their contract that permits them to stop their concerts if it happens.

So the soft-spoken brothers stopped their concert and politely asked the dancers to not dance together during their show.

This got some of the Hilonim upset and they posted to Facebook about the “religious coercion” of HaAchim Gat. Even the town’s mayor got in the picture saying he was surprised, and the brothers’ actions were unacceptable.

But you have got to wonder, are these people that completely ignorant?

Do they really think two Chareidi entertainers are going to play and sing to a crowd who are mixed dancing? What universe are they living it?

The Mitzpe Ramon municipality knew who they were inviting and they were not forced to hire them. The municipality was certainly not forced to sign their contract (assuming they even read it).

The only coercion here is secular coercion – like when Hesder students in the army are ordered to listen to women singing, against their religious beliefs.

HaAchim Gat continued their performance, and apparently some of the secular Jews continued with the mixed dancing – davka.

The coercion and intolerance here was not from the religious, and it’s twisted that they called it “religious coercion”.


Day 3: Iron Dome Smashes Missiles Over Tel Aviv

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Tel Aviv residents began their morning on Thursday with the wail of the Color Red incoming rocket alert siren followed by the boom of the Iron Dome anti-missile system smashing a missilesheading straight for the city.

Large pieces of shrapnel landed in the streets of a neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. Miraculously, no physical injuries were reported. Falling shrapnel can be extremely dangerous; residents were cautioned to remain in their shelters and safe spaces until given the “all clear” by security officials or Home Front Command — or until 10 minutes of silence has passed.

Barely two hours later, at 11:25 a.m. they were doing it again, with sirens sending hundreds of thousands of residents in Tel Aviv and Yafo (Jaffa) scrambling for cover.

Two missiles were fired at the White City but both landed in open areas in the greater metropolitan area. No physical injuries were reported. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other top officials were in the city consulting on the security situation at the time and they, too, headed straight for the shelter the second the Color Red siren was activated.

Gaza terrorists also fired M75 missile attacks at the eastern Negev cities of Dimona, Yerucham and Mitzpe Ramon, as Hamas searches desperately for a “quality” strike on a significant target. Dimona presents such a possibility; the city is home to Israel’s nuclear plant. At least one missile landed in an open area on the outskirts of the city; no physical injuries were reported. Hamas fired a barrage of three missiles at Dimona on Wednesday night as well. One of the missiles was shot down by the Iron Dome system, and two others landed in open areas, causing no physical injuries or damage.

In general, it’s been a busy morning as the Iron Dome system and its operators pick and choose which rockets and missiles must be eliminated from the skies.

A short-range rocket was shot down as it headed for the western Negev city of Netivot at around 10 am. Two other rockets landed in open areas, but not entirely without cost: the explosion ignited a fire, which required firefighters to risk their lives in coming out to extinguish the blaze as other rockets were exploding. Gaza terrorists fired a barrage of rockets and missiles towards the Negev that reached as far as 84 kilometers (52 miles) from Israel’s border with the region. Meanwhile, the IDF targeted a Hamas terrorist in northern Gaza has he was firing rockets at Israel. A direct hit was confirmed. Several hours earlier, the IDF also eliminated three Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in northern Gaza who were manufacturing medium-range missiles. Out of the PIJ’s approximate arsenal of some 5,500 rockets and missiles, more than 100 have an 80+ kilometer(50 mile) range.

Hana Levi Julian

3,000 Shells Stolen from IDF Base Under Soldiers’ Noses

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Israel TV Channel 2 reports that seven people are being charged with trading in weapons that had been stolen from an IDF munitions base in the south. Indictments against them were submitted to the Beer Sheva District Court. Three of the suspects, who live in the Bedouin diaspora, are suspected of stealing at least 3,000 shells worth about NIS 23 million ($6 million).

The seven were arrested following a joint, secret investigation of GSS, the police, and military police. The indictment describes an abysmal security situation at the IDF base, which is located outside Mitzpe Ramon, about half-way between Beer Sheva and Eilat.

The base was surrounded by low wire fences, above which the thieves were able to step easily and take their time hauling the enormous loot unmolested for half a year.

The IDF says that the appropriate lessons have been learned from the case and security is now greatly improved at the base.

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