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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777

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Dutch Researcher Doubts Anne Frank Was Turned In

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Researcher Dr. Gertjan Broek of the Anne Frank House issued a report on Friday suggesting it wasn’t betrayal that led to the Frank family’s hiding place being raided in August 1944, but that their hiding place was found by accident. Dr. Broek used known sources as well as newly discovered information, including Anne Frank’s diary entries from March 1944 not previously used as a primary source, to develop his new perspective on the event.

From July 6, 1942 until August 4, 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands, the rear annex of the canal-side building at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam served as a hiding place for a group of Jews. One of them was Anne Frank. Her father Otto had moved his company to that location at the end of 1940. A handful of his employees helped the people taking refuge there for just over two years, until they were discovered and arrested along with two of their helpers. Of the inhabitants of the Secret Annex, only Otto Frank survived the war.

The scene has been portrayed on stage and in films, writes Broek, “booted Germans determinedly taking the long flight of stairs up to the Secret Annex. A while later, the people in hiding and two helpers carted away in a vehicle. And the telephone call, another well-known part of the story: shortly before the raid an anonymous caller supposedly revealing the whereabouts of the inhabitants of the Secret Annex to the Sicherheitsdienst or SD (German Security Service).”

But how accurate is this portrayal? Broek asks. “Did the investigators who entered the building actually know there were Jews hiding on the premises?”

Official records say that between half past ten and eleven o’clock in the morning a few investigators appeared in front of the building at 263 Prinsengracht and took the stairs to the second-floor offices. There they found a group of employees busy with their daily activities. Those were the four people directly involved with helping the hidden Jews: Jo Kleiman, Bep Voskuijl, Miep Gies, and the company’s acting director Victor Kugler.

The investigators questioned Kugler, then searched the building with him. The others stayed behind in the office. Bep Voskuijl left the premises without being noticed. Miep Gies’ husband Jan arrived as usual around noon and just walked into the office, which means the building and the office were not being guarded. Bep told Jan about what was going on upstairs and he left immediately. Jan then told Kleiman’s brother who worked nearby and together they walked to the bridge opposite the building, where a vehicle was now standing in front of the door. At one o’clock, the hiding Jews, Kleiman, and Kugler were driven away.

Three of the hunters’s names are known: Silberbauer, Grootendorst, and Gringhuis. It has been assumed that hunting down and arresting Jews was their primary activity, but newly discovered sources suggest otherwise.

Of the three, Karl Silberbauer, an Austrian policeman, was directly involved in eight other cases involving jewelry, securities, and cash, and only one other raid of Jews in hiding.

Willem Grootendorst had been with the Amsterdam police for thirty years before going to work for the Sicherheitsdienst from April 1943 until March 1945. He regularly arrested both Jews and non-Jews targeted by the Sicherheitsdienst.

Gezinus Gringhuis had worked for the Amsterdam police since 1918. From August 1942 until April 1944 he was dispatched to the Bureau Jewish Affairs and later the Sicherheitsdienst, focusing on violators of the anti-Jewish regulations, such as those going into hiding. Gringhuis also oversaw the confiscation of furniture from the homes of deported Jews. From May to November 1944, he worked in criminal inquiries for the Special Unit of the Central Investigation Division in The Hague. This means that his presence at the Franks’ hiding place was not part of his duties, and that he was not engaged in hunting down Jews.

In November 1945, Otto Frank wrote letters expressing his certainty that he and his family had been betrayed. Looking through mug shots, he recognized Gringhuis and Grootendorst.

In 1946, Frank and his team expressed suspicions against Willem van Maaren, who had begun working in Frank’s warehouse in March 1943. Van Maaren, who was not taken into confidence, was considered a risk. In fact, Anne, who never met him, commented negatively about him in her diary.

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf of November 22, 1963, Otto Frank said about Van Maaren: “We suspected him all along and reported him to the postwar authority investigating people accused of collaborating with the Nazi occupier.” However, on the very same day, the Utrechtsch Nieuwsblad quoted Frank as saying: “I never took any actions against the warehouse worker. I do not know the man and I have no evidence against him.” Van Maaren was investigated and released for lack of evidence by a Dutch district court judge.

Anne Frank’s biographer Melissa Müller suggested that Lena Hartog, the wife of another warehouse worker, was the betrayer.

Otto Frank’s biographer Carol Ann Lee believed Dutch National Socialist Tonny Ahlers was the betrayer.

In the 2003 publication Who betrayed Anne Frank? authors David Barnouw and Gerrold van der Stroom of the Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, established that the theories related to Van Maaren, Hartog, and Ahlers do not stand up to scrutiny.

Dutch journalist Sytze van der Zee pointed to Ans van Dijk, who was executed in 1948 for betraying Jews, as the one who betrayed the Franks.

“The Anne Frank House’s current investigation into the above mentioned suspects has not provided convincing evidence to support any of these theories,” Dr. Broek reports. Indeed, despite decades of research, betrayal as the cause for the Franks’ capture never resulted in conclusive proof. Broek suggests that more was going on in the building than just Jews being hidden there, and the authorities raided 263 Prinsengracht for other reasons.


First Cousins Reunite at Yad Vashem for the First Time

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Sisters Henia and Rywka Borenstein went through life believing they were alone. Their parents had died when they were young, and they were told that their extended family had been wiped out in the Holocaust.

Over 75 years after their onslaught of the Holocaust, they received a phone call that would change their lives. On Tuesday at Yad Vashem, they met first cousins for the first time, thanks to the efforts of the Reference and Information Services Department in the Yad Vashem Archives Division and a Page of Testimony found on Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names.

First cousins embracing for the first time.

First cousins embracing for the first time.

Born in Warsaw in 1912, Nisan Band had five sisters. In 1939, Nisan and his wife Ida, left behind their extended family and fled the Nazis to the USSR, where he remained until his death in 1983. Throughout the years, Nisan was convinced that his entire family had been murdered in the Holocaust; however, he never gave up hope of finding some remnants of his family. His children, Fania and Gennadi, immigrated to Israel with their families in the 1990s.

Pre-war family photos.

Pre-war family photos.

Earlier this year, following a “roots trip” to Poland, Fania (b. 1949) searched Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Holocaust Victims’ Names, and found a Page of Testimony that a Symcha Borenstein had filled out in memory of Fania’s father, Nisan Band. At the foot of the form, Symcha noted that he was Nisan’s brother-in-law.

Last week, Fania and her son, Evgeni, came to Yad Vashem to find out who, they believed, had mistakenly commemorated Nisan. Sima Velkovich of Yad Vashem’s Reference and Information Services Department conducted a search of the Pages of Testimony as well as the ITS (International Tracing Service) database, where she discovered that, unbeknown to Nisan, his sister Jenta Borenstein (née Band) had also been in the Soviet Union during the war and survived together with her husband and their four children.

Hercz-Lejb (b. 1924), Abram (b. 1927) and Rywka (b. 1931), were all born in Warsaw, and Hana (b. 1942)was born in Siberia. In September 1948, Jenta and Symcha immigrated to Israel together with their two daughters, Rywka and Hana. Sima’s investigation of the story also revealed that Rywka and Hana (known as Henia), still live in Israel today.

On Tuesday at Yad Vashem, Rywka and Henia met with their first cousins, Fania and Gennadi, as well as Fania’s son Evgeni, for the first time.

Nisan Band before the war.

Nisan Band before the war.

“It is difficult to describe how I feel,” remarked Fania Bilkay, who shared old family pictures she had saved of her father Nisan in Poland before the war. “I am deeply moved and very happy. My father always searched for members of his family and dreamed of finding them. He was alone. But ultimately, in this meeting today, his dream has finally come true.”

When Henia received the call from Yad Vashem that she has a cousin who was looking for her, she was in shock. “I grew up believing that our entire family was murdered in Poland. My parents never talked about the Shoah or their past lives. At first, I thought this news was a mistake. However, today when we met, I felt a connection at first sight; my family has grown overnight. Thanks to Yad Vashem, we discovered that we are not alone.”

Evgeni expressed his deep gratitude to Yad Vashem for its “important and meaningful work… this illustrates the connection that exists between all Jews. Here in one place, in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem has the capability of reuniting families even after all hope is lost.”

A family reunion such as this one, which occurred thanks to information filled out on Pages of Testimony, is rare. Nevertheless, Yad Vashem is committed to aiding anyone in search of lost family members.

“Yad Vashem has embarked on a mission to uncover the names of those who have no one to remember them, and we will not rest until our mission is complete,” said Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev. “I urge families who will be gathering shortly for the holiday of Hanukah to check and make sure that their loved ones who were murdered in the Holocaust are remembered and recorded in Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names, and submit Pages of Testimony for those victims whose names are not yet recorded.”

About the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names

To date, Yad Vashem has identified over two-thirds of the Jews murdered during the Holocaust. The names of 4.6 million Shoah victims are recorded on the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names – available online at www.yadvashem.org in English, Hebrew, and Russian, Spanish and German. For more information, or for assistance in filling out Pages of Testimony, please contact the Shoah Victims’ Names Recovery Project: names.outreach@yadvashem.org.il

Hana Levi Julian

Neo Nazis Publish List of ‘Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal’

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

There’s an old joke about a German Jew who’s sitting on a tram bench in Berlin in the 1930s, reading the Nazi tabloid Der Stürmer. So they ask him how come he even holds such a piece of filth, and the Jewish guy answers, Look, when I read a Jewish paper, all I get are stories about how the Jews are persecuted, threatened, attacked. But when I read Der Stürmer, I find out the Jews own the banks, the media, the State Dept…

Which is why it was such fun to discover, on the Wednesday morning that Donald Trump became the 45th President Elect of America, that a website called “Who Controls America?” with enlightening articles on how the Jews own absolutely everything (Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, AIG, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve System, Big Media, Hollywood, Television, Music, Radio, Advertising, the News, and the American Civil Liberties Union — to name a miniscule few) — also lists “Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal.”

For some reason, the website insists on dividing the list of Jews into “Sephardic” and “Ashkenazic,” with the meticulousness of a Haredi yeshiva in downtown Jerusalem. The list is unbelievably long, but it’s not offensive at all. In other words, for the sake of this particular list, none of the participants need be corrupt or sinister in any way, the website doesn’t provide smarmy details about their sins, all they’ve done to be included here is be Jewish.

Here are the Jews of the Trump cabal, in order of appearance. Some are very familiar, like his daughter and son-in-law. Others are billionaires who supported Trump’s campaign, and others yet are not so famous:

Michael Abboud (Sephardic Jew) – Communications Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President

Paul Achleitner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank (Donald Trump’s largest lender)

Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Elliott Broidy (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Michael Cohen (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Special Counsel, The Trump Organization

Gil Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – President, Trump Dezer Development

Michael Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Founder, Trump Dezer Development

Lewis Eisenberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Boris Epshteyn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Alan Fishman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Ladder Capital (Donald Trump’s second largest lender)

David Friedman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

Samuel Fox (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Alan Garten (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Trump Organization

Bruce Gelb (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Michael Glassner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Campaign Manager and Former National Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President

Lawrence Glick (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, The Trump Organization

Jason Greenblatt (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, The Trump Organization; Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

Vincent Harris (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Digital Strategy Manager, Donald J. Trump for President

Carl Icahn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Peter Kalikow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Daniel Kowalski (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President

Charles Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Jared Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Yael Kushner [née Ivanka Trump] (Orthodox Jewish convert) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

Bennett LeBow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Richard LeFrak (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Corey Lewandowski (Ashkenazic Jew/East European) – Former Campaign Manager, Donald J. Trump for President

Ronald Lieberman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Management & Development, The Trump Organization

Howard Lorber (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

David Malpass (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council

Douglas Manchester (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Great Again PAC

Bernard Marcus (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Rebekah Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC

Robert Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC

Amanda Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice President of Marketing, The Trump Organization

Eli Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President

Jason Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Communications Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

Stephen Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President

Steven Mnuchin (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President

Samuel Nunberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Policy Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

David Orowitz (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, The Trump Organization

Geoffrey Palmer [né Weissinger] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Rebuilding America Now PAC

John Paulson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council

Stewart Rahr (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Richard Roberts (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

George Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization

Wilbur Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Steven Roth (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Felix Sater (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Senior Adviser, The Trump Organization

Keith Schiller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Director of Security, The Trump Organization

Melvin Sembler (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Lara Trump [née Yunaska] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Vanessa Trump [née Haydon] (Ashkenazic Jew/North European) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Ronald Weiser (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Andrew Weiss (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

Allen Weisselberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Trump Organization

Lawrence Weitzner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

Steven Witkoff (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Stephen Wynn [né Weinberg] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President



Sweden Officially Declares WWII Hero Raoul Wallenberg Dead

Monday, October 31st, 2016

On October 31, 2016 – 71 years after he disappeared in Hungary — Sweden has officially declared World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg dead.

Wallenberg was formally pronounced dead by Swedish authorities, according to a report published Monday in the Expressen newspaper, confirmed by the Swedish Tax Authority. He is believed to have died in captivity in the hands of the Soviet Union.

The authority set the date of Wallenberg’s death as July 31, 1952, in accordance with a rule that a missing person is presumed dead five years after his disappearance.

Wallenberg dropped out of sight after his arrest by the Red Army in 1945. After an initial denial, the Soviet Union claimed in 1957 that Wallenberg had died of a heart attack in a USSR prison on July 17, 1947.

The decision to formally declare him dead was reached on October 26 after an application from Wallenberg’s trustee, according to the Associated Press, quoting Pia Gustafsson, head of the Swedish Tax Authority’s legal department.

The Swedish envoy is credited with having saved the lives of at least 20,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

Hana Levi Julian

ISIS Executes Hundreds in Mosul as Iraqi Forces Close In

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Islamic State (Da’esh / ISIS) terrorist forces executed hundreds of civilians Friday in the city of Mosul as tens of thousands of Iraqi and Peshmerga military and coalition forces closed in.

The terrorists murdered 284 men and boys, an Iraqi intelligence source told CNN, after having rounded them up from villages in and around the Mosul area to be used as human shields.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said, “There is a grave danger that [ISIS] fighters will not only use … people as human shields but may opt to kill them rather than see them liberated.” He added that any of the terrorists who were captured or who surrendered “should be held accountable in accordance with the law for any crimes they have committed.”

And in fact, in a move echoing one of the most grotesque by the Nazis during the Holocaust, ISIS operatives used a bulldozer to dump the dead bodies in a mass grave at the scene of the executions, the defunct Mosul College of Agriculture in the northern section of the city, according to the source quoted by CNN.

All of the victims were shot, including children, said the source who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak with media. CNN could not independently confirm the claim.

Knowing their days were numbered, the ISIS terrorists blew up the Mishraq sulfur plant in the city on Wednesday, killing two people with the toxic white smoke, and injuring numerous others. At least 500 people arrived at the Qayyarah Health Center complaining of problems with their breathing.

The terrorist group also ignited the oil wells, sending thick black smoke boiling up into the sky. Doctors treated their patients with oxygen but were forced to send at least eight to Makhmur hospital, they told the AFP news agency.

At least 50 ISIS terrorists were killed and dozens of others were wounded in a separate terrorist assault on the northern city of Kirkuk — launched as a diversion from Mosul — which ended Saturday after 36 hours of heavy clashes.

All of the ISIS attackers were killed or blew themselves up, according to Kirkuk police Brig.-Gen. Khattab Omer. But 13 workers at a power plant north of the city were killed, in addition to a local TV reporter.

Iraqi security forces and Peshmerga Kurdish fighters also surrounded and isolated the town of Hamdaniya, 12 miles southeast of Mosul, according to a U.S. military official in Baghdad.

U.S. and coalition aircraft were providing air support during the battles in Kirkuk and around Mosul on Saturday. In Kirkuk, 175 kilometers (109 miles) southeast of Mosul, Peshperga forces went house to house in mop-up operations.

Hana Levi Julian

Australian Cartoonist Crucified by Jews, Leftists, over Comparing Gay Militants to Nazis

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

On September 21, The Australian published a Bill Leak cartoon depicting militant gay rights advocates as a platoon wearing a combination Waffen-SS and gay rainbow uniforms, captioned “Waffen-SSM,” where the SSM was a reference to Same Sex Marriage. Needless to say, there were some reactions to the cartoon, and most of them not so friendly, many of them from Jews…

“No matter how strong Leak’s objections to marriage equality advocates are, to compare them to the Waffen SS, part of Hitler’s demonic regime and responsible for the murder of millions, only adds to the cynical debasement, twisting and abusing of the Holocaust so prevalent today,” B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich said in a statement, pointing out that “to draw such repulsive equations is deeply offensive, shows a gross lack of understanding of the historical truth, and only fans the flames of hatred and denomination of the LGBTI community (in Australia, the additional I refers to Intersex, and we don’t really want to know what that means). It also insults the memory of the victims, which included gay people, as well as hurts the survivors and all those who fought valiantly against the Nazis in WWII.”

The cartoon was published amid news that the Australian LGBTIQ (this acronym just gets bigger all the time) community shut down a meeting of traditional marriage groups planned for the Mecure Sydney Airport Hotel. The Sydney Anglicans, Sydney Catholics, the Marriage­Alliance and the Australian Christian Lobby were forced to relocate, because the hotel received “unsavory and threatening” attacks, possibly (the hotel won’t confirm the rumors) death threats made against staff. The hotel would only confirm that they cancelled the event because of concerns for the safety of staff and guests.

That should provide a taste of what Bill Leak was drawing about.

Nevertheless, Dayenu leader Alex Linker from the Jewish LGBTQI+ group, who stated that his grandparents and great-grandparents “lived through the horrors of Nazism,” was “insulted that Leak would compare same-sex marriage advocates to the SS without regard to all the queer and Jewish people who were decimated by SS soldiers.”

And Executive Council of Australian Jewry executive director Peter Wertheim said, “As a political cartoonist, it is Bill Leak’s job to be provocative and controversial, [but] to liken any advocate of -same-sex marriage to the perpetrators of mass murder and cruelty in the Nazi era is an inversion of history.” (Thanks to JewishNews for rounding up the above statements).

Ben Jenkins, writing in the Guardian, suggested that Leak, a controversial cartoonist if there ever was one, is saying to gay activists, “We are merely trying to have a civil conversation about a sensitive subject and are being silenced by the rabid and censorious opposition,” and so, “to that end, here is a drawing of you as a Nazi.”

However, Jenkins argued, “literally drawing a group of people that the Nazis targeted for execution as Nazis goes beyond vacuous argument and into the realm of something at the very least reprehensible and at the worst, sinister.”

That’s probably one of two valid arguments against Leak’s cartoon, the other being the old rule that whomever mentions the Holocaust first loses the debate. Except that none of the enraged hordes of leftwingers attacking Leak for his frivolous use of a Nazi imagery to make his point would be caught dead attacking similar cartoons from Iran and the Arab world, which have been contaminating the Google image bin and a myriad Facebook pages.

One is tempted to support the Bill Leak response to gay hyperactivism on the grounds of Hillel the Elder’s sage advice, “That which you do not want done to you, do not do to others.” One also wonders if the same voices who express their repulsion by the cartoon would go out of their way to condemn the reported threats of violence against anti-gay groups.


Great Synagogue of Pilsen Returns to Jews of Czech Republic

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

After more than a decade of intense lobbying, the city fathers of the Czech Republic’s Pilsen municipality have made a decision to return the majestic synagogue in their care to its rightful owners, the city’s Jews.

Seized by the Communists in 1973, the synagogue – originally completed in 1893 — had been shut down and then woefully neglected, ultimately falling into disrepair.

The city fathers reclaimed it and began restoration in 1995, working slowly to rehabilitate the beautifully sculpted architecture until it shined again in 1998.

But then, instead of returning the synagogue to Pilsen’s Jewish community, inexplicably, authorities reopened the building as an art museum and concert hall.

The Great Synagogue of Pilsen is justifiably renowned throughout the world, in continuous use from the time it was built in 1893 until its seizure by the Communists, except for the years of the horror of the Holocaust. It is the second-largest Jewish house of worship in Europe and is known to be the third-largest synagogue that exists in the world.

And although there were some 2,000 Jews in the community when the house of worship was built, that number plunged over the decades, particularly during the Nazi purge. The Communist hate diminished those numbers further.

Today just a few dozen Jews remain to hold the synagogue dear to their hearts and to maintain the minyan – the minimum quorum of ten men required for certain ritual prayers to be recited when the Ark of the Torah can be opened. The remaining community prays in a side room, hoping to hold High Holy Day services this year in the main sanctuary, with God’s help.

Miracles do happen.

Hana Levi Julian

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