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May 3, 2016 / 25 Nisan, 5776

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Israel Inspired: Spanish Jews Spiraling Through Time [audio]

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

It is a famous Jewish maxim that if you experience a Jewish Holiday and are not profoundly changed as a result, you have missed the entire point.

As Jeremy returns from his speaking tour across New Mexico and Texas he shares his encounters with hundreds of Spanish speaking descendants of Meronos, Jews who hid their Jewish identity during the Spanish Inquisition. Living as Catholics and Christians they want to return to their authentic origins and roots. What do they do now?

Can this mass-movement be seen as prophecy coded in the Holiday of Passover? Tune in to discover why the Jewish State is so fundamental for this process and what to expect in the future.

The Land of Israel

Yishai Fleisher Show: The Christian Zionist Who Gave Birth to the IDF [audio]

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

First: Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Patterson was a WWI British soldier, hunter, author and Christian Zionist. He became a major figure in Zionism as the commander of both the Zion Mule Corps and the 38th Battalion Jewish Legion, “the first Jewish fighting force in nearly two millennia” – which served as the foundation of the Israeli Defense Force decades later. Myrna Strapp is the civil litigator who helped bring Patterson’s remains to the land of Israel 67 years after his death in a moving ceremony in which Prime Minster Netanyahu spoke of his family’s connection to the British general. She joins Yishai to tell the incredible tale.

Then, get ready for Passover with Spiritual Cafe as Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Yishai to talk about the power of Matzah to transfer national-spiritual data from one generation to the next, and the power of the Exodus to help us break out of our own self-imposed slaveries and limitations.

The Land of Israel

Passover Palate 2016/2776

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Jewish Press Staff

Colel Chabad ‘Charging’ Ahead on Passover Preparations

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

The nationwide Colel Chabad social services organization is already moving full speed ahead on its pre-Passover preparations. The organization, which has been running programs in Israel since 1788, is working with the government to implement a food security project for the holiday.

“The organization is working to help thousands of Israelis who are struggling with poverty,” said a spokesperson. “To prepare for the holiday, food and staples for Passover will be delivered to the homes of more than 20,500 families around the country,” she said.

An additional 20,000 people will be provided with full seder meals at Chabad houses around the country, the spokesperson added.

In addition, the organization has launched a debit card program that enables its clients to go to designated supermarkets and purchase their own chosen holiday necessities.

“They can do so with dignity and self-respect, without having to feel embarrassed that they cannot afford what they want or require,” Colel Chabad director Rabbi Mendy Blau told Chabad.org.

The program began at Purim time and is now in full force as Passover arrives. Blau noted that “a debit card program such as this also enables us to channel and monitor funds so that they are being used in ways that will truly help the beneficiary.”

Colel Chabad has partnered with local supermarket chains, as well as with IsraCard (the local operator of MasterCard) to create the smart card. Purchases can be made for any items at the designated markets, other than hard liquor or tobacco products.

The cards are funded by charitable donations. Donors can designate beneficiaries who fall within a specific category, such as widows, Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces, victims of terror, etc. Anonymity is maintained to prevent undue embarrassment to the recipient.

Hana Levi Julian

Beis Ya’kov Girls Get Passover Gift: Multiplication Table Printed on Cleaning Rags

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

The 3rd grade students at the Beis Ya’akov school for girls in Netanya, Israel, which is part of the Independent (Haredi) school system, on Wednesday received an unusual gift from their teacher on the last day before the Passover break: cleaning rags printed with the school’s name, the multiplication table (1 through 100) and the following ditty (translated from the Hebrew, where it also rhymes):

To the bright schoolgirl,
Who scrubs and brightens with the rag in her hand,
Learn and memorize the multiplication table,
And honor your parents multiple times.

The parents of said schoolgirls told Yedioth Aharonoth the gift is offensive to the girls as well as to their families. They said the message that emanates from it is that “a woman is not too bright and her role is to clean the house.” One of the mothers who’s kids attend the girls’ school, said that if it turns out the rag was actually handed out by the school principal and not as a prank by one of the teachers, she would consider looking for a different school for her girls after Passover. Another mother called the incident “serious” and said “it is inconceivable that a teacher in Israel would express herself in such a way that represses the student’s self-esteem.”

The Netanya municipality issued a statement saying that since the school is part of the Independent system, it is not part of the general public school system programs. However, the city spokesperson added, “the content is entirely contrary to the values being taught by the municipal education administration, which fosters openness, achievement and innovation.”

The spokesperson announced there would be an inquiry with the Beis Ya’akov school management.

The school principal was not available to comment. However, several Haredi sources told the ultra-Orthodox Kikar Hashabbat website that the entire thing is a tempest in a teapot, and there’s no problem with schoolgirls memorizing the multiplication table while scrubbing the house for Passover. In fact, those mothers, instead of being offended, should be proud of their industrious daughters.


The Passover Recipe That You DON’T Want to Miss!

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

The Temple Institute presents world renowned Chef Yochanan Lambiase, who will guide you through three scrumptious Passover recipes and then unveil THE Passover recipe that you DON’T want to miss!

Wherever you are celebrating Passover this year, you will want to see this video!

Passover: Freedom for all Mankind!

The intended climax of the Seder is the moment when all participants eat a small amount of the Passover offering (an amount called a k’zayit) wrapped with charoseth and bitter herbs (lettuce) in a mazta. This is known as the ‘Hillel sandwich’ after the beloved sage Hillel, who lived more than 2,000 years ago, who established this practice. This is the fulfillment of the Torah commandment to prepare and eat the Korban Pesach (Passover offering) ‘together with matza and bitter herb’ (Ex. 12:8). The Hillel sandwich eaten during the time of the Holy Temple no doubt bore a great resemblance to Chef Yochanan’s kosher-for-Passover ‘lamb burrito!’

Chef Yochanan Lambiase heralds from five generations of chefs from Southern Italy. He trained under some of the most famous Michelin Star Chefs in the world. He was the founder of the Jerusalem Culinary Institute. He currently is the Head Chef of the Ugly Buffalo Mexican Street Grill in Jerusalem. Chef Yochanan has a regularly broadcast radio show and is frequent contributor of cooking articles.

Now, through this special video from the Temple Institute, Chef Yochanan will guide you through a tantalizing and trendy gourmet kosher experience. Contact Chef Yochanan at kosherpro@yahoo.com for information about Chef Consultancy, exciting culinary and wine tasting tours, cooking classes, culinary happenings and out of the box culinary events.

Video of the Day

Collection of More than 3,000 Passover Haggadahs Displayed in Jerusalem

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

A breathtaking collection of thousands of Pesach Haggadahs spanning centuries and global cities has been on display for the past several week in Jerusalem, recounting the Passover story from every possible angle.

The collection belongs to one owner who acquired the haggadhas over a period of decades, creating a collection as diverse as the Jewish world itself.

Among those found in the collection are handwritten haggadahs, Chassidic haggadahs, first editions, ancient and rare printed versions, those first editions with important commentaries, ancient and rare printed haggadahs, translations into different languages, illustrated haggadahs created by artists and more.

Up to 1960, approximately 4,730 different types of haggadahs were printed around the world. The explosion of new versions that came after obliterated that figure, however, and it is nearly impossible to estimate the number that exists today.

During the First World War, more than a million Jewish soldiers served in the armies of the UK, France, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Russia and the United States. Almost every national army issued special editions of the Passover haggadah to their Jewish troops.

This collection includes numerous such “war haggadahs” – including one published in 1918 by the Jewish War Services Committee for India in Calcutta, India, which includes a special prayer for the UK Royal Family.

The traditional text – seen in each and every haggadah in this collection — explains the saga of the Egyptian slavery and subsequent flight and rescue of the People of Israel by the Hand of God, led by Moses.

The text does not vary in any haggadah, regardless of style although each is presented very differently, based on origin and population for which it was published – similar to the authenticity of the sacred, unvarying text of the Torah scrolls that have been handed down through the millenia.

A Haggadah for Children with Ladino translation was published in 1865 in Salonika.

The Zevach Pesach Haggadah, published by the Marco Antonio Giustiniani Printing House in Venice is dated 1545.

Zevach Pesach. Published by the Marco Antonio Giustiniani Printing house in Venice, 1545, (bottom half of front cover)

Zevach Pesach. Published by the Marco Antonio Giustiniani Printing house in Venice, 1545, (bottom half of front cover)

A more modern Haggadah, one created by the Israeli artist Ya’acov Agam, is comprised of a silk-screened album of some of his finest work, published by Atelier Arkai in Paris, 1985.

And the list goes on.

The extensive collection of haggadahs will be offered at an online auction Wednesday in Jerusalem at the Kedem Auction House in Jerusalem. As is customary in such cases, the owner’s name has been withheld.

Hana Levi Julian

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