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Efrat School Receives Prestigious National Education Award

5 Tammuz 5777 – June 28, 2017
The award was presented by the Minister of Education Naftali Bennett at a special ceremony in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Looking Out For New York State’s Non-Public School Students: An interview with the OU’s...

27 Shevat 5777 – February 22, 2017
It’s a struggle year after year for our schools to hire and retain the quality teachers they need.

The Wrong School

7 Shevat 5777 – February 2, 2017
I remembered the years of bringing up six teenage daughters. Of course they weren’t all teenagers at the same time but sometimes it definitely felt like it.

Canadian School Rescind Boycott of Israeli Applicants over ‘Illegal Settlement Activity’

5 Shevat 5777 – February 1, 2017
'It’s really sad to hear that a place that takes pride in taking students from across the world would behave like this.'

N. California Conference Prepares High School Students to Combat On-Campus Anti-Semitism, BDS

14 Tevet 5777 – January 11, 2017
Club Z began as a quick study group for a few teens that wanted to arm themselves with accurate information about Israel and the Middle East conflict.

ZOA Honors Scheck Hillel Community School Students

20 Kislev 5777 – December 19, 2016
The following is an excerpt from the announcement that was made from the podium:

Social Skills In School

6 Kislev 5777 – December 5, 2016
In reality, if your child is asking you for help that means that he has not figured out a way to master the situation on his own.

How To Send Lunch To School

21 Heshvan 5777 – November 21, 2016
Guess what! We are going to be making our own lunches, and it will be the best ever.

Campus Warrior Tells High School Seniors About College Anti-Semitism

18 Heshvan 5777 – November 18, 2016
"Soon we will each be applying for colleges and we are very concerned by the recent rise in anti-Semitic behavior on campuses across the country. Thanks to today's meeting with Tammi, many of us feel better prepared for what we might encounter."

Police Investigate Swastikas on NYC New School Dormitory Doors

14 Heshvan 5777 – November 14, 2016
One student said the experience "felt very violating and personal because it happened in a space where we live, where we hang out, where we sleep."

A School Named After The Orlando Nightclub Terrorist?

3 Heshvan 5777 – November 3, 2016
Imagine if the US named a school after a terrorist? Unthinkable, but the PA did and insisted on making a big public show of the fact that it is naming a school after a murderer of Americans.

Choosing The Right Middle And High School For Your Daughter

Know your child and find a school where she will have a variety of opportunities to shine.

Games Galore: Back To School

27 Tishri 5777 – October 28, 2016

Boulder Prep School Students Expelled for Calls to Execute Jews [video]

17 Tishri 5777 – October 19, 2016
One entry went: "You can hang Jews on trees, shoot them right in the knees. Gas as many as you please," according to the police report.

Games Galore: Back To School

5 Tishri 5777 – October 7, 2016

All Schools Evacuated on P.E. Island Due to Threat

19 Elul 5776 – September 21, 2016
An entire Canadian island was involved in evacuating all students from schools due to a threat.

Preparing Your Child For A Successful School Year

16 Elul 5776 – September 19, 2016
The number one way to avoid many of the typical challenges that could delay a child’s success and growth in the coming years is by utilizing a well-thought out routine.

Chabad Chayil’s Free Hebrew School For Dade County

10 Elul 5776 – September 12, 2016
Chabad seeks sponsors to subsidize tuition scholarships for families unable to pay.

Australian School Apologizes for Student Who Greeted Jewish Visitors Dressed As Hitler

8 Elul 5776 – September 10, 2016
"In a busy school, this student did go to a respected staff member said 'is this OK?' and the staff member said 'yes,'" the principal explained.

The First Day of School [photos]

29 Av 5776 – September 1, 2016
It's not clear who is having more fun on this first day of school, the politicians or the students.

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