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August 24, 2016 / 20 Av, 5776

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The Two Schools

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

There are in general two, and only two, approaches to the Arab campaign of violence against Israel.

According to the first, the way to overcome Arab violence and hatred is through demonstrations of niceness by Israel, through goodwill gestures, through repeated concessions, through verbal niceness and politeness, through Israel refraining from responding to Arab provocations, and through demonstrations by Israelis of understanding and tolerance. School A people believe that if Israel perseveres in demonstrating its niceness for long enough, then Arab violence will end. It is School A’s belief that if Arab violence exists, it is only because Israel has not manifested enough niceness.

The second approach holds that the only way to end Arab violence is to suppress it militarily and with force. School B holds that the key to ending Arab aggression against Israel is with toughness. (School A would object even to the characterization of Arab behavior as aggression because it might offend Arabs.) School B holds that Arab violence has escalated over the past two decades because Israel has attempted to deal with it using niceness, and niceness produces escalated Arab aggression and increased atrocities.

There are no other schools of thought.

For the past two decade, Israel under governments of BOTH the Labor Party and the Likud have attempted to deal with the deteriorating situation in the country using School A. The entire Oslo “process” is based on the underlying assumptions of School A. For those who believe in School A, removing Israeli control over the Palestinians will lower tensions, lower frustrations, and show the Arabs and the world that Israel is nice. For believers in School B, such a program is a guaranteed tool to increase terror and violence and aggression. For School A, the key to peace is to show niceness that grants to the Palestinians “hope”. For School B, the hope that the Palestinians are so granted is the hope of destroying Israel and driving out its population, and so the key to peace is to take away Palestinian hope.

If you believe in School B, there is NO set of conditions for relinquishing Israeli control over the West Bank that will result in anything other than a bloodbath. According to School B, the only way to prevent such a bloodbath is to use force and exercise indefinite iron-fisted control over the Palestinians and over these areas. In the eyes of the B-sters, any area released from Israeli control, no matter how small or how large, will be used by the Palestinians for the single purpose of murdering Jews and attacking Israel. In their view, all relaxation of toughness and iron-fisted suppression of the Palestinians will be understood by them and by the Arab world as proof of weakness and vulnerability and destructibility of Israel.

Ever since 1967 virtually the entire Israeli political system has believed in School A. This is why Israel never seriously attempted to de-nazi-fy the Palestinians. It is why it never responded to acts and words of provocation by Palestinian fascists. It is why it never seriously tried to establish a puppet regime of Palestinians it could control, analogous to the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan set up and controlled by the Americans. Israeli ‘A-sters’ wanted “genuine” Palestinians, and genuine Palestinians of course want dead Jews Every single political party in Israel, except possibly for some small groups and splinters on the Right, believe in School A. This includes the Likud. The entire world outside Israel without exception belongs to School A.

School ‘A-sters’ explain Palestinian savagery and barbarism as reflections of insufficient Israeli niceness. But they have a problem. The worst wave of Palestinian atrocities came right after the greatest exhibition of Israeli niceness, when Ehud Barak agreed to grant the PLO all of its publicly enunciated demands, short only of its non-enunciated demand of annihilating Israel. A-sters have been having difficulties coming up with a convincing explanation for this. For B-sters, the explanation is obvious: it simply proves how false is School A.

More generally, the years of Oslo should be seen as a laboratory test of School A. If these have produced nothing but escalation and atrocities by the Palestinians, this cannot be seen as anything other than a proof of the falseness of School A.

Why were there virtually no exhibits of violence, or even verbal opposition, when the Allies occupied Japan and Germany after World War II? The answer is very simple. No one in the world at the time believed in School A. Certainly the Japanese and the Germans understood that there was no School A. There was so little violence because the defeated Axis countries understood that the response to any such violence or opposition would be mind-numbing harshness from the occupiers. As a result of the threat of savage harshness, the occupation turned into a benign and pastoral scene of tranquility that led to the emerging of the occupied as civilized citizens of the planet. Those occupations were relatively short because they were based on School B. In some cases they simply expelled the German populations from Eastern European countries altogether.

Had they employed School A, Germany and Japan would even today be scenes of torchlight nazi parades and nonstop atrocities committed against the Western democratic countries and their citizens. All accompanied by nonstop media attention to the insensitivity and brutality of the occupying powers. With the German minorities in all the other European countries bombing markets and buses to show their frustration and the justice of their cause.

Steven Plaut

Coalition Kills Core Curriculum Prerequisite for Haredi Schools

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

After the previous Netanyahu cabinet set a prerequisite requirement for all Haredi educational institutions to teach core curriculum subjects such as English and Math, a new bill will change the rules to absolve the same institutions of those requirements, Israel’s Channel 10 News revealed Wednesday.

During the coalition negotiations for the current Netanyahu government, United Torah Judaism and Likud agreed that the core curriculum law would be revoked. Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi) has objected to this move earlier this year.

According to Channel 10, the elimination of the obligation to teach core curriculum subjects will not result in reducing the budgets of Haredi yeshivas who pass on the extra material. This way these institutions will get more money but will not incur new expenses.

The current law sets three prerequisites for declaring Haredi educational institutions as eligible for state funding: teaching core curriculum subjects, testing to measure growth and effectiveness, and eliminating discrimination against students from non-Ashkenazi ethnic groups.

According to the emerging legislation, advanced by Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (UTJ), Haredi institutions will be absolved of having to teach any foreign language at all. They will also not be obliged to teach math if they don’t want to. These same institutions will also be absolved of participation in testing.

The only change the new legislation introduces is stronger controls on the prevention of discrimination in Haredi yeshivas.

David Israel

FM Kahlon Tussles With Netanyahu Over Casinos in Eilat

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Kulanu party chairman and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon apparently is teaming up with Bayit Yehudi chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett in a minor political brawl against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The argument is over funding, as usual – this time, a plan to open a casino in Eilat.

In the past Kahlon has sidestepped the issue altogether by saying, “Everyone knows there will not be a casino here.”

The Finance Ministry has taken steps to block gambling activities that target Israelis and others who have low incomes and difficulty walking away from their hopes for easy money.

“Last week we decided to put an end to slot machines and horse races – gambling activities that ruin families. These machines are placed in poor neighborhoods to sell them illusions and hopes while taking money out of their pockets,” Kahlon said, according to the Globes business news site.

“Sadly, this has been going on since 2003 – it has been talked about for years and we decided to take action; soon we’ll remove them, and Mifal HaPayis can scrap them as far as I’m concerned.”

Meanwhile, Netanyahu appointed Tourism Minister Yariv Levin to head a commission to look into the possibility of developing a gambling spot in the southern resort city.

But Kahlon told journalists at the start of the Kulanu faction meeting in the Knesset on Monday: “The State of Israel does not need casinos. It needs to provide education, values, and jobs – not a casino.”

Hana Levi Julian

UK Jewish Schools and Synagogues Warned to Tighten Security

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Jewish schools and synagogues in Britain were warned to tighten security this week following last weekend’s terror attacks in Copenhagen.

National Policing Lead for Counter Terrorism Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said in a statement this week the government has become more concerned “about the risk to the Jewish community in the UK.”

Security personnel “are in dialogue with Jewish community leaders about further actions that we will be taking, including more patrols in key areas,” Rowley added. Reports of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain more than doubled over the past year, according to the Community Security Trust (CST), which has reported security-related events in the British Jewish world since 1989.

Current funding for security around schools stands at $3.5 million, according to ABC News.

“It is very clear that Jewish institutions are targets,” European Jewish Association general director Rabbi Menachem Margolin told the news network. “Jewish institutions should be under surveillance 24/7.”

Not every Jew in Britain agrees, however, and some actually feel quite safe.

The president of the UK Board of Deputies of British Jews, Vivian Wireman, was quoted as saying “Jews in the UK are living in a safe environment. Although there is a danger of copycat attacks,” she acknowledged, she nevertheless maintained, “British Jews shouldn’t be too concerned.”

A group calling itself “Liberate Stamford Hill” has planned a rally on March 22 to protest the “Jewification of Great Britain.” The demonstration is set to take place in a district of northern London – Stamford Hill – that is home to the highest concentration of Orthodox Jews in Europe.

Hana Levi Julian

Guarding Antwerp’s Jews

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Soldiers standing guard outside a Jewish school in the port city of Antwerp, Belgium on January 18, 2014.

300 soldiers were deployed in Belgium to protect sensitive buildings, in particular, Jewish-related buildings, after an Islamist plot was foiled by security forces.

Photo of the Day

Education Minister: Hamas Terror Won’t Prevent Israel’s Children from Learning

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Israel’s Ministry of Education is determined that Gaza terrorists will not be allowed to disrupt life and learning for children in the Jewish State.

The school year will start on time no matter what, said Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron (Yesh Atid), who told local education department directors at a meeting in Ramat Gan on Wednesday the curriculum would be modified in the first two weeks to help children adapt to the current situation.

Good intentions notwithstanding, however, the plan may be difficult to carry out in some places: today (Thursday, August 21) a kindgarten was struck by a Qassam rocket in a barrage fired from Gaza.

“The school year will begin as planned, and we’re prepared for any security-related events,” Piron told the participants.

“For the first two weeks, the curriculum this year will not cover the regular subjects, but rather will include activities that will help dissipate tensions related to the situation,” he explained.

“There will be discussions relating to the events of the summer, and activities to raise awareness and demonstrate the meaning and impact of racism and incitement.

“Where there is a lack of freedom of speech, there is no freedom,” he continued. “Silencing speech leads to social chaos. Freedom of speech is not related to ‘right’ or ‘left’ or religious or secular status; it is relevant for everyone. It is our responsibility as a society to know and contend with different expressions and not to view them as a threat.

“The State of Israel cannot exist if Jews and Arabs are unable to live together; this is part of our code of ethics, it is a test of our society.”

Hana Levi Julian

Another UNRWA Gaza School Fake-Out, Brought to You By Hamas

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

As usual, only half a story made it to the media in initial reports — and that half made the headlines first. But at least this time UNRWA made an effort to clarify the facts quickly. Credit where credit is due.

Hamas terrorists were engaged in a firefight with IDF soldiers just outside the UNRWA boys’ school in the southern Gaza border town of Rafah. It’s the same town where IDF 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin and two other Israeli officers were killed in a Hamas attack Friday morning about 90 minutes after the start of a humanitarian cease fire agreed to by both Israel and Hamas.

An IAF aircraft allegedly struck the entrance to an UNRWA school in the southern Gaza border town of Rafah Sunday morning, local sources initially reported, saying about 10 were killed and 30 others were wounded.

IDF gunfire was aimed at the Hamas terrorists who were firing at them on Sunday outside the gates of the school — not at the school itself, and not at any civilians within. The IAF air strike was targeting gunmen escaping on a motorcycle who were firing at the IDF soldiers; not at the school, nor at the civilians nearby. But they were standing outside the gate, and they were caught in the crossfire precisely as the terrorists intended.

Once again, Hamas used those sheltering at an UNRWA school as human shields. UNRWA official Richard Engel confirmed the fact in a tweet.

“those killed and injured were apparently around the gate of the UN school…not a direct hit inside the school compound.”

Nevertheless, the photo op of people carrying bloodied bodies of children and women, injured and dying, weeping next to an UNRWA school, far outweighed any cold facts that might have been stated later on.

“Shelling incident in vicinity of UNRWA school in Rafah sheltering almost 3,000 IDP. Initial reports say multiple deaths and injury,” tweeted Chris Gunness at 10:40 am in a post on the Twitter social networking site.

But by 11 am, he had already considerably toned himself down, telling Britain’s Sky News only that the school had been hit and calling on “all sides to respect the neutrality of UN premises.” But in fact, the school wasn’t hit. The area outside the school was hit. Gunness added, accurately, that sanitation is a huge problem — not a surprise in a war zone — and talked about the logistical needs of providing for the thousands seeking UN assistance.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists have deliberately fired rockets and mortar shells at IDF soldiers from within UNRWA civilian structures in order to draw Israeli fire towards the innocent Gaza civilians who are sheltering within the buildings.

Three UNRWA schools have so far been documented — by UNRWA itself! — to be weapons ‘warehouses’ for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups. A former International Red Cross building packed with explosives built into the very walls of the structure was deliberately ‘dressed up’ with an UNRWA sign to appear to be a United Nations facility, within which a tunnel shaft was hidden, and booby-trapped.

It’s impossible to know how many more United Nations buildings have been commandeered by Hamas and are hiding terrorist weaponry. There has been no comment from the IDF. After the last such incident, Israel was roundly condemned by the United Nations, despite the fact that the IDF was returning fire to the source of an unprovoked attack.

It remains to be seen how the United Nations Human Rights Council will react this time.

Rachel Levy

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