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Germany’s Brandenburg Gate Lit Up With Flag of Israel for...

12 Tevet 5777 – January 9, 2017
Germany's famous Brandenburg Gate is lit up with the colors of the Israeli flag in solidarity with four IDF soldiers who lost their lives to terror.

How Obama Cracked Jewish Solidarity

5 Tevet 5777 – January 3, 2017
Obama will likely be known in the Jewish world as the US president who, whatever his honest intentions, did more than any to divide the Jewish people from one another and from the Jewish state.

Thousands Show Solidarity With Israel in Annual Jerusalem March

19 Tishri 5777 – October 20, 2016
Thousands of Christians from around the world showed their solidarity in the capital on the Festival of Sukkot in the annual Jerusalem March.

Ban Ki Moon Has No Solidarity with Israel

28 Sivan 5776 – July 3, 2016
The United Nations condemns terroristic violence everywhere, and it can find solidarity with every country in the world as it fights the heinous acts –except for Israel.

Tel Aviv Shows Its Colors in Solidarity with Orlando

7 Sivan 5776 – June 13, 2016
Tel Aviv has found a way to light up the night and still show its solidarity with Orlando, Florida over the terror it has endured.

Hundreds Rally to Support Soldier Charged with Manslaughter

9 Nisan 5776 – April 17, 2016
Hundreds of Israelis rallied in solidarity for the IDF medic who killed a wounded terrorist after he stabbed a soldier.

Fear of Muslim Hate Scaring US Jewish Leaders from Pro-Israel Rallies

11 Kislev 5776 – November 22, 2015
American Jewish leaders and rabbis and becoming more fearful of radical Islamists and pro-Arab harassment at Israel solidarity demonstrations.

‘Baltimore, We’ve Got Your Back’ in New York

11 Iyyar 5775 – April 30, 2015
Thousands of protesters marched Wednesday night across America (again) to protest alleged police brutality in Baltimore.

UK Vows to ‘Strengthen Resolve’ in Response to ISIS Murder of...

15 Shevat 5775 – February 3, 2015
British PM David Cameron slammed ISIS for its "sickening" murder of a Jordanian pilot.

Israel Postal Workers Declare ‘Victory,’ End to Strike

13 Tishri 5775 – October 7, 2014
The Israel postal workers' union has reached an agreement with the Finance Ministry, ending weeks of job actions across the country.

Labor Federation to Expand Postal Strike

13 Tishri 5775 – October 6, 2014
The national labor federation is expanding its postal strike in support of 1,500 workers at risk of losing their jobs.

NYS Gov Andrew Cuomo, State Leaders on Israel Solidarity Visit

18 Av 5774 – August 14, 2014
Hugs and smiles nationwide in response to a 3-day solidarity mission to Israel led by NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on its final day Thursday.

BGU Students to Protest Incitement

9 Tammuz 5774 – July 7, 2014
BGU students have set a demonstration to protest incitement against their fellow Arab students.

Druze Community Shows Solidarity with Kidnap Teens’ Families

20 Sivan 5774 – June 17, 2014
Israel's Druze community has sent a letter of solidarity to the families of the kidnapped teens.

God Bless You, Mr. Harper, Send More Canadians

20 Shevat 5774 – January 21, 2014
There's no doubt that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made a lot of fans during his official state visit to Israel, Monday. Israeli...

Israeli Democracy Dealt Blow with ‘Governance Act’

25 Av 5773 – August 1, 2013
Last night, the "only democracy in the Middle East" became a lot less democracy and a lot more Middle East.

Pesach and Solidarity

10 Nisan 5773 – March 21, 2013
This Pesach, let us take to heart what solidarity means for Am Yisrael and act accordingly.

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