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October 7, 2015 / 24 Tishri, 5776
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Israeli Arab MK Under Investigation for Harassing Jews on Temple Mount

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Israeli Arab MK Jamal Zahalka has been summoned by Israel Police for questioning after screaming and cursing at Jews and the police officers protecting them Tuesday during a tour of the Temple Mount grounds.

Zahalka’s behavior was gauged to intimidate and traumatize the visitors into leaving, although he restrained himself and did not touch anyone. Had a Jew behaved in such a manner at the same place, police would have immediately arrested him and thrown him in jail without the slightest hesitation.

The Arab MK, however, is merely being summoned to appear this coming Sunday for questioning. Police have confirmed the summons but will not reveal details about the focus of the investigation.

Zahalka, who is a member of the Joint Arab List, joined a group of Muslim demonstrators who harass Jews who visit the site, the holiest in Judaism and third holiest in Islam.

Some have physically attacked the visitors and the police, and for the past two weeks such incidents have often deteriorated into riots. In a number of incidents Palestinian Arab “worshipers” have barricaded themselves in the Al Aqsa mosque on the site, which has been turned into a kind of fortress, complete with stockpiled firecrackers, firebombs (Molotov cocktails), piles of rocks and bottles for hurling at police and visitors to the compound. In at least one instance, security personnel searched the mosque and found pipe bombs after receiving intelligence that explosives had been brought into the mosque for use against visitors and police during the Jewish holiday season.

Four other Israeli Arab Knesset members joined Zahalka at the site on Tuesday, possibly to further incite Muslim followers and whip up support for more anti-Israel violence.

Only Zahalka confronted police and the Jewish vistors who came to tour the compound, however. The MK physically approached the group, gesticulating wildly and shrieking in Hebrew, “Insane criminals, fascists, racists! Get out, go to hell! You are hurting Muslims!”

He then turned to an officer, and from a distance of less than a foot away, screamed at him, “Why are you letting them come here? Shame on you! Is it only to offend Muslims? This place is not yours!! Get OUT of here! Go home; you are not wanted. This does not belong to you.”

Netanyahu Calls Abbas’ Speech ‘Deceitful’ and ‘Inciting’

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ speech in the United Nations Wednesday with charges of “deceit” and “incitement.”

A statement from his office said:

Abu Mazen’s speech was deceitful and encourages incitement and lawlessness in the Middle East.

In contrast to the Palestinians, Israel is strictly maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and is committed to continuing to do so in accordance with the agreements between us and the Jordanians and the Waqf.

We expect and call on the [Palestinian] Authority and its leader to act responsibly and accede to the proposal of the Prime Minister of Israel and enter into direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions.

The fact that he – time and again – has refused to do so is the best possible proof of the fact he does not intend to reach a peace agreement.

Abbas Wins a Flag but Backs Off from ‘Bomb’ at Half-Empty United Nations

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Mahmoud Abbas informed the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday that he has submitted a request to the Security Council for recognizing the Palestinian Authority as an independent country based on its territorial demands with its capital in Jerusalem.

He also conditioned the Palestinian Authority’s abiding by agreements on Israel’s doing the same, which in his view means agreeing to all demands for a new state based on the Arab world’s terms.

However, the fact that the General Assembly was half-empty symbolizes the decreasing interest in the “Israeli-Palestinian” struggle and is a follow-up to President Barack Obama’s speech earlier this week in which he totally ignored the issue.

Abbas did not drop his threatened “bombshell,” perhaps a direct cancellation of all agreements, after a warning from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to keep his cool. Instead, he spun the yarn that the Palestinian Authority honors all agreements but that Israel does not..

His favorite point was “illegal settlements.” There is no agreement with the Palestinian Authority that Israel will not retain a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, unless negotiations conclude otherwise. But Abbas is relying on U.N. resolutions as “agreements.”

Since he has the support of most of the United Nations and foreign media, he can get away with the semantic trickery.

Abbas referred to Israel as an “occupying power” five times in his 40-minute speech, and he played on theme of the “Holy Land” six times, alleging that the “occupying power” prevents Muslims from worshipping at the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to tell the General Assembly in his speech that the Palestinian Authority is behind vicious incitement on the Temple Mount in an effort to change the status quo and prohibit Jews from the holy site.

Abbas’ speech was filled to the brim with accusations against Israel, which afterwards called the address one of “incitement,” while he acted as the eternal peacemaker.

He rewrote history for a receptive audience and media, stating in part:

We entered those negotiations with open hearts and attentive ears and sincere intentions, and we were ready with our documents, papers and proposals. But the negotiations broke down just weeks after their launch…..

Sincere efforts and endeavors undertaken by international parties were repeatedly wrecked by the positions of the Israeli government, which quickly dashed the hopes raised by the launch of negotiations last September.

Unsurprisingly, Abbas weighed into “settlements.” an issue on which he has the full backing of the Obama administration. He told the United Nations:

Settlement activities embody the core of the policy of colonial military occupation of the land of the Palestinian people and all of the brutality of aggression and racial discrimination against our people that this policy entails.

This policy, which constitutes a breach of international humanitarian law and United Nations resolutions, is the primary cause for the failure of the peace process, the collapse of dozens of opportunities, and the burial of the great hopes that arose from the signing of the Declaration of Principles in 1993 between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel to achieve a just peace that would begin a new era for our region.

He repeated what has become an Arab mantra, totally unsubstantiated by facts, that Israel is conducting “excavations that threaten our holy places, and its military checkpoints prevent our citizens from getting access to their mosques and churches.”

Abbas managed to bring Israeli Arabs under his umbrella, warning that the Israeli government is imposing “new conditions…that will transform the raging conflict in our inflamed region into a religious conflict and a threat to the future of a million and a half Christian and Muslim Palestinians, citizens of Israel.”

His speech exposed the Palestinian Authority strategy of using the original peace agreement with Israel as a basis to demand that all its conditions be met under “negotiations,” which in essence have left nothing to be negotiated.

Abbas recalled that in 1988, “We agreed to establish the State of Palestine on only 22% of the territory of historical Palestine – on all the Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967.”

Thousands at Western Wall for ‘Birkat Kohenim’

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Thousands of Jews gathered at the Western Wall (Kotel) Wednesday morning for the “Birkat Kohenim” priestly blessing, and police kept the peace to allow Jews to visit the Temple Mount.

Another 13 Arab Muslims, including five minors, were arrested on charges of trying to create disorder and violence. Nearly 200 have been arrested in Jerusalem since the Rosh HaShanah holiday began two weeks ago.

President Reuven Rivlin and Israel’s chief rabbis plan to be at the Western Wall Wednesday afternoon for the once-in-7-years “Hakhel” ceremony

A video of police arresting a Muslim woman Wednesday morning for trying to harass Jews on the Temple Mount.

2 Arab Women Arrested for Temple Mount Rioting in Jerusalem

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Israel Police arrested two Arab women on Monday in connection with an attack on Jews earlier in the day in the Old City of Jerusalem, according to Ynet.

One of the female suspects is a resident of Jerusalem’s Old City, and the second lives in Kfar Aqab, in the northern part of Israel’s capital.

Both were arrested and taken from the Temple Mount compound to a nearby police station, where they were questioned by security officials.

In August, a recent U.S. immigrant to Israel was punched in the ribs by a burka-clad Muslim Arab woman while touring the grounds of the Temple Mount.

Because she was wearing a burka, however, as were those who surrounded her as she stepped back into the crowd, it was impossible to immediately identify the woman’s attacker.

Israel Police Detain Jewish Teen for Pepper-Spraying Arab Attackers

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Israel Police have arrested a Jewish teen for allegedly pepper-spraying a group of Arabs who he said attacked his family on Rehov Shalshelet in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The incident took place late this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 29), when the teen and his family was passing the Shalshelet Gate.

The youth allegedly released the spray after a group of screaming and cursing Arabs harassed his family near the Gate.

Family members told the Honenu organization they had come to the Old City to celebrate the Sukkot holiday. It was only after they arrived in the city and heard the Arabs screaming and the invectives they yelled, however, that they began to realize the danger they were in, they said.

Honenu Attorney Rehavia Pilz traveled to the police station in an attempt to sort out the situation for the youth who tried to defend his family from screaming and cursing Arabs in Jerusalem.

Last month an older Jewish woman who immigrated to Israel on aliyah from the United States almost a year ago was punched in the ribs by a screaming burka-clad Muslim Arab woman while touring the Temple Mount grounds.

The problem with Muslim Arab harassment here in Israel is that it is impossible to predict when the shrieking “Allahu Akbar!” howls will transform themselves from war cries into true, active jihad (Islamic holy war). It is precisely this dilemma that daily faces Israel’s military, its police force, its government and worse, its civilian population.

The Israeli government has stiffened the penalties for perpetrators of terror, including those of younger ages, their parents, and those who throw stones.

But the government has yet to contend with the perpetrators within its own midst who nurture, incite and encourage terrorism aimed at our own population.

These are the Israeli Arab Knesset members who have traveled to hostile enemy governments in order to promote new forms of attacks on the country they purport to represent, or who have joined hostile, illegal flotillas aimed at breaching Israel’s maritime blockade that exists to prevent terrorists from smuggling weapons to each other.

Some, like MK Jamal Zahalka, joined rioters on the Temple Mount Tuesday morning (Sept. 29) in order to curse and malign the very security forces that are there to protect their lives and those of Israeli citizens who come to visit the site.


7 Palestinian Arabs Arrested in Temple Mount Violence

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Israel Police have arrested seven suspects in connection with Arab violence perpetrated at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, according to spokesperson Luba Samri.

The arrests were made in connection with rioting on Monday, during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Palestinian Arabs at the site threw stones, firebombs (Molotov cocktails), firecrackers and other ammunition at police.

The Arabs hurled their ammunition from within their barricade inside the Al Aqsa mosque, which is located within the grounds of the Temple Mount compound.

Israeli Arab MK Jamal Zahalka joined Palestinian Arab demonstrators Tuesday morning at the Temple Mount, together with fellow Israeli Arab Mks Massoud Ghanayem and Abdel Hakim Hajj to further heat up protestor passions at the site.

Video footage filmed by the Hebrew-language NRG news site documented Zahalka’s attempt to block Jewish visitors from entering the grounds, and vicious curses and other remarks to the visitors and to the police who were protecting them.

As does every other Israeli parliamentarian, Zahalka and the other Mks who came to join the rioting against Jewish visitors and Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount, are supported by Israeli tax money.

Under the current laws, no matter how or when they complete their terms of service, they will each receive generous severance payments and subsequently continue to receive liberal pensions for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, Jerusalem police arrested a 15-year-old terrorist-in-training after he was caught throwing stones at a bus.

Upon searching the teen police discovered the youth was also carrying brass knuckles and individual gas cylinders. Individual gas cylinders are often used as fuel for firebombs (Molotov cocktails) and sometimes for other types of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

The young terror suspect was taken to a police station for questioning.

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