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September 20, 2014 / 25 Elul, 5774
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Live Updates: Ceasefire? More Insane Amount of Rockets, Dead and Wounded in Southern Rocket attacks (Latest Rockets: 7:15 pm)

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

7:16pm Ceasefire?

7:15pm 08-26-2014 Kerem Shalom
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Erez
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Kfar Aza / Saad, Erez
7:09pm 08-26-2014 Kfar Aza / Saad
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Beeri
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Beeri
7:05pm 08-26-2014 Nir Oz, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha
7:04pm 08-26-2014 Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Nir Oz, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha
7:04pm 08-26-2014 Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah

7:02pm 08-26-2014 No ceasefire.
Kfar Maimon, Nachal Oz, Kfar Aza / Saad

7:00pm Ceasefire?

6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:59pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Ashkelon / Beit Shikma
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Ashkelon, Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon
6:58pm 08-26-2014
Zikim / Carmiya, Ashkelon
6:57pm 08-26-2014
, Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz
6:56pm 08-26-2014
Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne
6:56pm 08-26-2014
Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak
6:57pm Ashkolon, Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

6:56pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

6:56pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak

6:55pm Ashdod, Beer Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak

6:55pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

6:55pm Ashdod

6:55pm Kissufim

6:53pm Hatzerim

6:53pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Hatzerim

6:53pm Beer Sheva, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Hatzerim

6:53pm Beer Sheva, Hatzerim

6:52pm 08-26-2014
Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva / Gilat, Hatzerim
6:52pm 08-26-2014
Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva / Gilat

6:52pm Kfar Aza / Saad

6:51pm Nachal Oz

6:51pm Kfar Aza / Saad, Nachal Oz

6:50pm Nir Oz

6:49pm Beeri
Dead and wounded in Eshkol rocket attacks.

6:48pm Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:48pm Netivot, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:48pm Netivot, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa, Ashkelon

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon, Gaza perimeter, Ashkelon / Zaroa

6:47pm Netivot, Kfar Maimon

6:46pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosh

6:44pm Hatzerim

6:44pm Eshkol Region, Hatzerim

6:44pm Eshkol Region

6:42pm Eshkol Region

6:42pmSufa / Hulit, Eshkol Region

6:42pm Sufa / Hulit

6:41pm Beer Sheva

6:40pm Beer Sheva

, Otef Aza – Avshalom, Dekel, Pri Gan, Yavol, Sde Avraham, Yated, Talmei Yosef, Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim, Neve

6:37pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

6:35pm , Otef Aza – Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim,

6:35pm Sufa / Hulit, , Otef Aza – Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim

6:31pm Kissufim

6:31pm Nir Oz, Kissufim

6:30pm Nir Oz

6:27pm Kerem Shalom

6:27pm Kerem Shalom

Rumors of a ceasefire at 7pm

6:20pm Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah

6:06pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

6:00pm Ashkelon, Ashkelon

5:56pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha I CAN’T TYPE THIS FAST!

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha I CAN’T TYPE THIS FAST! Arggghhhh!

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim, Patish/Orim

5:56pm Beer Sheva/Ofakim

5:55pm Eshkol Region

5:53pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne

5:53pm Ashdod, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Givati

5:53pm Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Givati

5:53pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Bnei Ayish / Gan Yavne, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut, Givati

5:52pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut

5:52pm Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, Masaot Yitzchak, Menucha / Nachala / Komemiut

5:52pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:51pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:51pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:48pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz, Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha, , Mivtachim, Talmei Eliyahu, Tzochar, Sde Nitzan, Ohad, Yesha, Amioz

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:47pm Kissufim, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

5:29pm Otef Aza – Avshalom, Dekel, Pri Gan, Yavol, Sde Avraham, Yated, Talmei Yosef, Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim, Neve

5:29 pm Ashkelon, Gaza Belt

4:11pm Gaza perimeter/Sderot, Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Erez, Miflasim

4:06pm Zikim / Carmiya

4:06pm Ashkelon, Zikim / Carmiya

3:29pm Gaza perimeter/Sderot, Erez

2:30pm Beeri

2:28pm Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

2:19pm Beeri

2:16pm Kerem Shalomn

2:08 pm pm Be’eri

2:07pm Kissufim

2:07pm Kissufim

2:02pm-2:03pm Ashkelon Ashkelon Coast, Ashdod – Multiple Barrages

2:02pm Sdot Negev, Shaar Negev

12:58pm Sdot Negev, Shaar Negev

12:36pm Ashkelon Coast

11:32am Gaza Belt, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim

11:23am Gaza Belt, Ein HaShlosha, Nirim

11:20am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:38am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:33am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:32am Eshkol, Kerem Shalom

10:22am Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim

9:46am Eshkol

9:40am Eshkol

9:26am In 7:06am rocket strike on home in Ashkelon, six people were lightly injured, and another 26 people were treated for shock. Three of the physically wounded were small children. The rocket launched at Ashkelon was a new type of short-range 136mm rocket, according to Reshet Bet. Most of the injuries were from broken glass. The parents were moving the children to the bomb shelter when the rocket directly hit the parent’s bedroom. Several surrounding homes were damaged.

8:24am Eshkol

8:18am Kissufim

7:11am Rocket alert Eshkol region

7:10am Terror target hit in Gaza last night by IAF airstrike….see building before and after photos of a 13 story building terror target.

Gaza Building Before and After Aug 26 2014

7:06am Direct hit on a house in the Ashkelon region.

Emergency forces responding. 21 people lightly injured, with additional 20 in shock.


Photo: Yossi Ashdodi / Rotter.net

Photo: Yossi Ashdodi / Rotter.net

A house in Ashkelon was hit by a rocket. Photo: Sderoti B'Neshama  Rotter.net

A house in Ashkelon was hit by a rocket.
Photo: Sderoti B’Neshama / Rotter.net


6:58am Another rocket alert in Eshkol

6:32am There was a simultaneous, large scale rocket attack on Israel….Ashkelon….Ashdod…Tel Aviv…Herziliya…Kfar Chabad…Hod Ha Sharon…Yahud (near the airport)…Savyon…Rosh Haayin…Shoham…

Iron Dome interception over Tel Aviv

Rocket Map Morning Aug 26 2014

Ahmed Jibril Dead at 76

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Ahmed Jibril, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, has reportedly died in Damascus.

Conflicting reports surrounded the death. Initial reports indicated that Jibril suffered a stroke, while others said he was killed by a roadside bomb detonated by the al-Qaeda-linked Jabha a-Nusra terror group. Israel Radio reported that Jibril was known as a supporter of the Assad regime in Damascus.

Born in Yazur, Mandatory Palestine in 1938, Jibril was one of the Palestinins’ most notorious killers. He was responsible for a 1974 attack on the city of Kiryat Shemona, during which three members of PLFP-GC infiltrated Israel from Lebanon and murdered eleven civilians in their homes. The same year, a terror cell under Jibril’s command committed the Ma’alot massacre the same year, followed by the Savoy Hotel Attack and Kfar Yuval hostage crisis in 1975. In 1976, Jibril’s followers hijacked an Air France to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, sparking Israel’s legendary rescue operation on July 4 of that year, claiming the life of IDF soldier Yoni Netanyahu (brother of the current prime minister) and knocking the United States’ bicentennial celebration off newspaper front pages around the world.

3 Children Hurt in Jerusalem Rock Attack

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Three children were hurt Monday night when an Arab hurled rocks at the car they were riding in as it traveled through eastern Jerusalem.

The children were treated by medics at the scene, according to sources quoted by the Hebrew-language Ynet website.

Jerusalem District police arrested a masked Arab, age 22 in connection with the incident after he attacked officers.

During questioning over the incident the suspect reportedly confessed to having carried out rock attacks against other Israeli motorists as well.

4 Beheaded Victims Found in Sinai

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Signs that Islamic State (ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) terrorists have arrived in Egypt seem to have appeared just a few kilometers from Israel and Gaza: four beheaded bodies were found Wednesday in the Sinai Peninsula.

Security personnel in Sinai and Cairo said residents in Sheikh Zuweid discovered the disfigured bodies two days after the victims were kidnapped by armed terrorists while traveling through town in a car.

All four victims were civilians but it is believed they may have been targeted due to possible loyalty to local police or the military, the sources said. Their identity was not revealed, and their murderers were suspected terrorists battling against the Cairo government.

Turkey’s President-elect Erdogan Building PR via Israel & Gaza

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Turkey’s President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan — the country’s current prime minister — is scoring major public relations points at home via Gaza, through Israel.

Erdogan is raising millions for Gaza residents left homeless in the wake of a war on Israel started by their Hamas terrorist leaders.

The Ankara government has raised $20.8 million dollars so far to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza since the start of Operation Protective Edge, according to the Yeni Safak newspaper, which quoted Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah Isler.

The country’s international development agency, TIKA, provided 15,000 Gaza families “through its permanent office in Gaza, under the ongoing heavy Israeli attacks,” Isler claimed in a written statement to the paper.

A rundown of benefits provided by the Turkish government included:

  • Daily food for more than 350,000 Palestinian Authority unity government Arabs since the beginning of Ramadan (but it was not made clear whether they were all residents of Gaza);
  • ‘Desperately-needed fuel’ for the Palestinian Energy Authority; and
  • Medicine and generators delivered by the Turkish Red Crescent.

In addition, Turkey transferred 18 wounded people to Ankara for medical treatment “as part of a plan to evacuate “thousands” from Gaza.

What was not mentioned was the pivotal role of Israel and Egypt in all of this: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was careful to first visit both nations to formally request the use of their airspace prior to sending aircraft to collect anyone from Gaza or deliver any form of aid.

As a matter of fact, Turkish aircraft have been using Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport to transfer all of the supplies and transport patients between Gaza and Ankara.

In addition, all aid deliveries to the region have been carried out with the full cooperation of the State of Israel via the land crossings into Gaza.

That, despite some rather vicious, anti-Israeli rhetoric by Turkish president-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country’s prime minister to date, including comparing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Hitler.

Also not mentioned was the fact that the top terrorist in Hamas, Salah al-Arouri, is living safely in Turkey, far from the reach of Israel and well within range of those from whom he can raise funds to finance more attacks against the Jewish State.

Erdogan has tightened Turkey’s ties with Iran and has equated Zionism with racism, leading the country in an anti-Semitic direction that has threatened the good relations Turkish Jews have always enjoyed with their neighbors. Breitbart News this week quoted one businessman as saying that Turks now swear at Jews in the street. The site reported that “one hotel warned in response to an email message requesting to book a room that ‘for your further safety concerns it is our duty to inform you that the Palestine embassy is our next door neighbor and we do not have private security within the hotel.’”

No need for that warning: Israel has already slapped an alert against travel to Turkey by its citizens. Most — if not all — all kosher production supervisors reportedly left the country several weeks ago following riots and attacks on Israel’s embassy in Ankara and near its consulate in Istanbul, in addition to harassment by various individuals.

A statement by Erdogan pressuring Turkish Jews to issue public condemnations of Israel’s counter terror Operation Protective Edge against the Hamas terrorist group — launched to silence incessant rocket fire on citizens of southern Israel — makes clear his position regardless of any future ‘business’ arrangements with the Jewish State.

Will Iraq Become the Next Syria?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Baghdad’s new leader faces a fight from his predecessor and a raging tornado from the tornado of ISIS raging across his land. Will Iraq be able to weather the storm or will it become the next Syria?

Two-term Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki lost his job yesterday (Monday) to Haider al-Abadi, but he has yet to concede defeat.

Al-Maliki had cherished hopes of serving a third term in office. But the consensus of world leaders was that Iraq was badly weakened by an existential threat from the Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It was, however, equally weakened by its own folly, having thrown out American troops in 2011, thus assuring a lack of support from the United States, which pulled its forces from the region as demanded, leaving al-Maliki and the largely unprepared Iraqi army to wrestle with the terror threat alone.

Iraq’s new president, Fouad Massoum yesterday formally appointed al-Abadi, a former finance minister and moderate Shi’ite politician in a nationally televised address and gave him 30 days to form a new government.

The move was supported by US President Barack Obama, who congratulated al-Abadi in brief remarks delivered from his holiday retreat in Martha’s Vineyard. Obama said that both he and Vice President Joe Biden had already spoken with al-Abadi.

Al-Maliki could, however, make trouble for al-Abadi since he still controls a number of military units who are personally loyal to him. A political or even military civil war in Iraq a la Syria, given the current terrorist war already raging there, would ignite the tinderbox that would blow the country to Kingdom Come.

The Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terror organization has swept through much of northern Iraq, conquering the region’s largest city, Mosul. In addition to trapping tens of Iraqis at the top of a mountain and threatening to exterminate them, ISIS is now threatening Baghdad itself.

The United States sent some 400 ‘military consultants’ to the country several weeks ago to help the overwhelmed Iraqi army reorganize its forces to meet the threat. Last week the US also air-dropped food, water and other essential humanitarian supplies to those trapped on the mountaintop.

But the Obama administration has been adamant about where the military line will be drawn: ‘No boots on the ground,” said White House spokesman John Earnest. Instead, the US began carrying out targeted air strikes against the terror group last week. Obama justified the move in a statement in which he said the American people could not stand by and watch a terror group attempt “genocide.”

It is not clear how ISIS – an extremist Sunni Muslim group – differs in its intent from attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas and other Palestinian Arab terrorists — other than the relative success of Israel to defend itself. The only difference seems to be the identity of the victims, and the fact that oil is involved.

ISIS has seized Iraq’s valuable oil fields, raking in some $3 million per day. The terror group is also rampaging through central parts of the country and continuing to spread through the region into Syria and now even into Lebanon, where the group is proving to be a threat now to the Iranian-backed Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah terror organization as well.

Several months ago ISIS seized control of two border crossing with Syria, and one with Jordan, where its guerrillas began to trickle in to the Hashemite Kingdom. Even Iran is expressing concerns over the impending threat to its borders. And ISIS operatives have already been spotted in Gaza.

US Posture of Deterrence and Islamic Terrorism

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

According to the July 30, 2014 Rasmussen Reports, 59% of likely US voters believe that there is a global conflict between the Muslim World and Western civilization, only 17% disagree and 24% are undecided. Likely voters also believe that the “Arab Spring” does not bode well for the US.

The US posture of deterrence played a key role in bolstering Western civilization in face of intensifying threats, checking global violence and instability, bolstering the confidence of US allies, and constraining the maneuverability of rogue regimes.

However, the current perception of the US posture of deterrence among US Arab allies is reflected by a July 27, 2014 OpEd in the leading Saudi daily, A-Sharq al-Awsat, which is one of the most influential Arab newspapers, owned by the Saudi royal family: “…. Secretary John Kerry is representing a weak US administration…. He visits Baghdad to represent an administration that lacks decision-making. He shuttles between Tel Aviv and Cairo as a mediator with no real clout…. Barack Obama’s weak foreign policy is weighing on the deteriorating situation across the world…. Washington’s position on Egypt has changed over the course of the past three years in a manner which demonstrates America’s confused vision and weak foreign policy…. Obama did not even bother to issue a statement regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forcing Mosul’s Christians to flee. Obama’s increasingly isolationist policy is damaging Kerry’s credibility….”

In order to improve the US image in the Muslim World, President Obama issued a July 27, 2014 statement on the occasion of the Muslim holiday, Eid al Fitre:”…. In the United States, Eid reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” That statement was consistent with Obama’s June, 2009 speech at the University of Cairo: “America and Islam are not mutually-exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings…. Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality…. I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story…. Since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States…. [The] partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is….”

President Obama’s view of Islam has been reinforced by CIA Director, John Brennan, who was Obama’s Advisor on Counter-Terrorism: “Our enemy is not ‘terrorism’ because terrorism is but a tactic. Our enemy is not ‘terror’ because terror is a state of mind and as Americans we refuse to live in fear. Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘Jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because Jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community….”

While Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Oman dread the clear and present lethal threat of Islamic, Jihadist terrorism – initially and mostly bankrolled by Saudi Arabia – President Obama claims that there is no Islam-driven terrorism or radicalism, but local cases of Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS terrorism and Major Nidal Hasan Ft. Hood “workplace violence.” Therefore, he ordered the revision of the US National Security Strategy and the training literature of the military, intelligence and homeland security agencies, deleting all references to Islamic terrorism. Thus, the Los Angeles Times editorial stated on June 8, 2010: “The [Obama] administration has assiduously avoided terms that recognize the distinct threat posed by those who cite Islam as a rationalization for terror.”

President Obama’s ideological ambiguity undermines operational clarity in the battle against Islamic terrorism. It further erodes the US posture of deterrence among increasingly vulnerable US Arab allies, who are also concerned about Obama’s core belief in multilateral diplomatic engagement of – rather than unilaterally confronting – rogue regimes, such as Iran.

The anxiety of Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Gulf states – which are afflicted by domestic and regional Sunni and Shite Islamic terrorism – was expressed by a series of July 2014 columns in A Sharq al Awsat. For examples, “… it is clear that the policy of withdrawal and isolationism practiced by President Barack Obama’s administration has helped set instincts loose, encouraging [Middle Eastern] groups and people who show no respect for peaceful coexistence…. What if Egypt was left to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the wishes of the Obama Administration?…. The Obama Administration is still dithering and preoccupied with the illusion of an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program….”

The Arab Tsunami-driven threat of Islamic terrorism is not limited to the pro-US Arab regimes. It has afflicted India (the largest victim of Islamic terrorism), China (XinjIang province), Russia (Chechnya), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa. It constitutes a clear and present threat to Europe and the US mainland, emboldened by US ideological and operational ambiguity and indecisiveness.

When it comes to “third down and ten yards to go” in the battle against Islamic terrorism, the US quarterback can rely on the Israeli wide receiver, which provides a uniquely reliable and effective battle-tested laboratory and training ground for America’s defense and homeland security forces and industries, the unconditional and democratic ally of the US.

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