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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777

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When the State of Israel Rules Against an Israeli Soldier [video]

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

An angry Ari Fuld discusses when the boundaries get blurred between the good guys and the bad guys.:

Ari Fuld

Pope Using Religious Terminology to Bewail ‘Plague of Terrorism’

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Pope Francis has condemned the deadly terror attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, in which a gunman opened fire just one and a half hours into 2017 at revelers, killing at least 39 people and wounding at least 69.

Speaking to pilgrims and tourists gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the New Year’s Day recitation, Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims and their families, as well as the whole Turkish people.

Departing from his prepared text, Pope Francis said, “Deeply saddened, I express my closeness to the Turkish people, I pray for the many victims and the injured and for the whole nation in mourning, and I ask the Lord to support all people of good will who courageously roll up their sleeves to face the plague of terrorism and the bloody stain that envelops the world with a shadow of fear and bewilderment.”

The term “Plague of Terrorism” is relatively recent – the earliest mentions we could find are all later than 2010. It depicts terrorism not as a movement, an ideology, or a strategy – which all describe essentially human behavior, but rather as an act of nature or, if you will, something whose source might be supernatural.

Metropolitan Hilarion, a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, proclaimed back in 2015 that “Terrorism is Satanism,” writing: “We must clearly realize that it is not a war of one religious confession against another. The very notion of ‘religious terrorism’ can only lead us astray. There is no religious terrorism whatsoever. Those who have unleashed this war do not deserve to be called the faithful. They are Satanists because they do the will of the Devil, bringing to people grief, death and destruction. They are cursed by both religious leaders of all confessions and ordinary people – believers and non-believers alike throughout the world. And the only way to cope with them is to destroy them systematically and purposefully, tracking them down wherever they are hiding and eliminating them collectively and individually, for each of them poses a threat to tens, hundreds and thousands of lives.”

A Pakistani blogger calling himself Tyler Durden (after the central protagonist and antagonist in Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel Fight Club), wrote in the summer of 2016 that “the plague of terrorism was born and nurtured in Afghanistan and Pakistan in prayer houses (mosques) of God under control of fundamentalist clergies trained and funded by the same country that has supported and granted sanctuary to tyrants, dictators, political criminals, unjust rulers, oppressors and murderers.”

Pointing out to a similar conversion of a religion into a Satanic, murderous cult, Tyler Durden asserts: “The plague spans not only the Muslim countries but even the USA and European nations. […] Whether they belong to Al-Qaeda, Taliban or the Islamic State (ISIS), these bearded terrorists are products of extremism and religious fundamentalism, brainwashed in mosques by the Saudi trained clergy to indiscriminately kill men, women and children.”

And in October 2016, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari warned that “the plague of terrorism will rebound” on the governments funding it. But then Al-Jaafari also expressed Syria’s strong condemnation of the crime of using chemical weapons, stemming from its convection that using weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, is unethical.


Shin Bet Agents, Israeli Soldiers Foil Terror Attacks in Judea, Samaria

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

IDF soldiers and Shin Bet intelligence agents arrested five wanted terror suspects over the course of this weekend. Among the suspects was an Arab terrorist on his way to carry out a stabbing attack on Israelis.

On Saturday afternoon, IDF soldiers foiled a terrorist attack in Samaria at the Dir-Sharaf intersection.

The forces captured a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist armed with a knife, who confessed that he intended to carrying out a terror attack.

In the wee hours of Sabbath (Saturday) morning, three wanted fugitives were arrested in the Arab village of Ya’abad, located in southwestern Jenin. The area is patrolled by the Menashe brigade.

The three were taken into custody in connection with accusations of involvement with shootings aimed at IDF soldiers on Friday night. Forces also discovered and seized the vehicle with which the shootings were carried out.

An additional arrest was made in the Hebron suburb of Yatta, in Judea. IDF soldiers seized a cache of weapons parts and arrested the terrorist responsible for their repair and maintenance.

Hana Levi Julian

Arab Terrorists Smash Windshield as Israeli Drives Through Jerusalem’s Wadi Joz Neighborhood

Friday, December 30th, 2016

On the sixth night of Chanukah, another miracle took place in the holy city of Jerusalem.

An Israeli driver and passengers narrowly escaped death while being targeted by rock-throwing Arab terrorists who succeeded in smashing the car windshield and damaging the side panels as it traveled through the Wadi Joz area of Jerusalem on Thursday night.

The neighborhood is located in the eastern section of Jerusalem, at the head of the Kidron Valley, north of the Old City.

None of the passengers were physically injured.

Earlier in the evening, another Israeli driver was attacked near the Issawiya neighborhood in Jerusalem as well.

Hana Levi Julian

Major Sting Operation Uncovers Terror Attack Plans in Northern Negev region

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Israeli security forces prevented a major terrorist attack in the northern Negev when they captured the members of an Israeli Arab terror cell last month, the General Security Service (Shin Bet) intelligence agency revealed on Tuesday.

Shin Bet agents and Israel Police forces captured two operatives in a joint operation carried out in the Negev region.

The terrorists were planning an attack against IDF soldiers, according to a statement by the Shin Bet, but there are other pieces in the puzzle not yet completely put into place.

Muhammad Masri, 37, of Be’er Sheva and Abdullah Abu Ayash, 26, were arrested by Shin Bet agents. During questioning one of the suspects revealed that Masri suggested carrying out a terror attack to avenge Israel’s ban on the northern branch of the Islamic Movement.

Abu Ayash agreed to the suggestion and the two planned the attack against IDF soldiers in three potential sites: the northern Negev cities of Dimona and Arad, and the Nevatim Air Base.

It is ironic that in all three of the target sites, the potential victims would inevitably include Negev Bedouin, Druze and Israeli Arab citizens, who live and own businesses in both cities, and are in all three places.

As part of the preparations for the attack, the operatives conducted a preliminary tour to gather information about the potential sites for their attack.

During the investigation, the forces also confiscated a Carl Gustav submachine gun and a large amount of hardware to be used for triggering explosives from a distance by one or both of the terrorists.

The leader of the terror cell, Muhammad Masri, has been employed for the past year as a deputy branch manager at the King Store Mashadawi” in Be’er Sheva, where Abdullah Abu Ayash was also employed. The two formed their relationship while working together at the store.

Masri has a long history of terrorist activity: He was released from prison just three years ago, in 2013, after serving a 12-year prison term for his involvement in planning a terrorist attack by the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades at a banquet hall in Herzliya.

While in prison, Masri developed a strong relationship with Hamas terrorists from Gaza, Judea and Samaria, including a friendship with senior Hamas leader Yechiyeh Sanwar. In the years following, Masri pledged his loyalty to the flag of the Islamic Movement in Israel, and took part in its activities.

In addition, three Israeli residents of Negev communities were also detained for questioning in connection with allegations of involvement in weapons sales and similar transactions with Masri and Abu Ayash.

Bakhar Abu Tuqfa, 21, and Rami Abu Tuqfa, 22, both residents of Segev Shalom; and and Mahmoud Abu Kaf, 26, a member of the Bedouin tribe of Daw’it, near Nevatim, were all taken into custody.

Preliminary investigation from questioning of these individuals revealed information about the involvement of other Negev residents in weapons trade and other criminal activities.

“Indictments are pending against Muhammad Masri and Abdullah Abu Ayash,” the Shin Bet said in its statement. “The investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.”

Hana Levi Julian

IDF Prepares for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

The IDF is preparing to deal with unconventional threats on Israel’s northern border, including those involving nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.

The “Yahalom” Special Operations Engineering Unit has established the new Seyfan company for this purpose, which last week joined the unit for its first training exercise.

Another new company is to be established next year, according to military sources. At that time, Yahalom is expected to move from its base near Petach Tikvah to Camp Julis in southern Israel.

Military forces fighting on behalf of the Syrian government have been cited numerous times for their use of chemical weapons against the civilian Syrian population during the ongoing civil war across Israel’s northern border.

In addition, there has been recent evidence that the Islamic State (Da’esh or ISIS) terrorist organization may also have begun using chemical weapons in some of their operations as well. As early as 2015, ISIS was trafficking in chemical weaponry in Europe, according to a European Union parliamentary report.

Hana Levi Julian

Palestinians: Welcome to the World of Western-Funded Terrorism

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

{Originally posted to the Gatestone Institute website}

Killing Jews has become a profitable business. Palestinians who think of launching a terror attack against Jews can rest assured that their well-being and that of their family will be guaranteed while they are in Israeli prison. Here is how it works:

The Western-funded Palestinian Authority (PA) government, through its various institutions, provides a monthly salary and different financial benefits to jailed Palestinian terrorists and their families. Upon their release, they will continue to receive financial aid, and are given top priority when it comes to employment in the public sector. Their chances of getting a job with the PA government are higher than those who went to university, because by carrying out an attack against Jews they become heroes, entitled to a superior job and salary.

For the record, these people have not been imprisoned for running a red light. Most of them are behind bars because they have masterminded suicide bombings and other terror attacks that have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians during the past few decades. In the U.S., these convicted Palestinian terrorists would have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty. What they would not be receiving are the privileges offered to them by Abbas and the PA leadership.

Ready for a dose of linguistic reality? In addition to his title as president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas is also chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). So it makes no difference at all whether the PA or the PLO is paying salaries to the terrorists: the same man is authorizing the funds. In reality, the PA and the PLO are one and the same. Israel signed the Oslo Accords with the PLO, and as a result of these agreements, the PA was created. We are dealing with the same people and same ideology.

So, when you hear that it is the PLO, not the PA, that pays the terrorists’ salaries, you might want to mention that this statement is a sleight of hand designed to dupe unsuspecting and well-intentioned American and European donors.

Let us look beyond the smoke and mirrors: Palestinians and their families are being financially rewarded by the West for taking part in terror attacks against Jews. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that this promotes terrorism. A Palestinian who kills or wounds a Jew can lie comfortably in his prison cell, secure in the knowledge that his future and that of his wife and children taken care of.

Welcome to the world of President Abbas and his government. By providing financial and other aid to those involved in terrorism against Israel, these leaders actively encourage Palestinians to choose the path of violence, and not peace, in dealing with the Israelis.

Let us get specific. The more time you spend in an Israeli prison, the more prestigious the job you will receive. If, for example, you spent more than 15 years in an Israeli prison, and you are affiliated in one way or another with Abbas’s ruling Fatah faction, you will most likely be offered the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant General in one of the Western-funded PA security services.

If, by chance, you masterminded a series of terror attacks that resulted in the deaths of multiple Jews, and your name is Marwan Barghouti, your chances of becoming the next Palestinian president are very high. Barghouti, who is serving five life terms in an Israeli prison for his role in a series of terror attacks that killed at least five Jews, is so popular that he won the first slot in the Fatah “primaries” that were held in Ramallah in late October.

Issa Qaraqi, the head of the Palestinian National Commission for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs, described the election of Barghouti as a “victory for the prisoners and their sacrifices.” In other words, the terrorists should be happy because a bright future awaits them.

Qaraqi’s description is accurate. Like many Palestinians, he too believes that a terrorist who was responsible for the killing of Jews should be honored and offered the finest privileges. Palestinian public opinion polls indicate that Barghouti’s chances of succeeding Abbas as the next PA president are very strong. According to these polls, Barghouti, who has been imprisoned for 15 years, is the Palestinians’ front-runner for the presidency.

These polling results should come as no surprise whatsoever. Palestinians regularly rise to power on the fact of having killed or wounded a Jew. These are, shall we say, optimum credentials for leadership. “Graduating” from an Israeli prison is better than graduating from an Ivy League university.

Moreover, the payments made to the prisoners and their families are far from “humanitarian” in nature. Many of those who receive the benefits are, in fact, not in need of the money: they own their own houses and their families own agricultural lands and farms. In addition, the Palestinian tribal system, where the clan rallies behind one of its members, allows for the prisoners and their families to benefit from financial and moral support. The family bond is very strong in these instances, and it is the duty of each member of the clan to help in accordance with his or her abilities.

Instead, the payments have a political and national goal, as Palestinian leaders themselves remind us again and again. The declared goal is to support the “steadfastness” of the prisoners and their families, “alleviate their suffering,” and pave the way for their “rehabilitation and reintegration” into Palestinian society.

The Palestinian leadership and many Palestinians consider the terrorist prisoners “heroes” — “soldiers” in the fight against Israel. These are the “good boys,” who “sacrificed their lives and freedom” in order to fight the “Zionist enemy.” Take, for example, Maher Hashlamoun, a 32-year-old Palestinian man from Hebron who was recently sentenced to two life terms in prison for murdering a Jewish woman and wounding others in a car-ramming and stabbing attack near Bethlehem. Hashlamoun is now being praised by the PA and many Palestinians as a “hero” and “struggler.” At his sentencing, Hashlamoun laughed, sarcastically telling the judge: “Do you think you will remain on my homeland for another 200 years?”

The terrorist had good reason to laugh in the face of the judge. He knows that Abbas, the Palestinian Authority, or some other entity will look after his family and him while he is sitting in prison. He knows that thanks to Western donations to the Palestinians, his family and he will enjoy monthly payments. The family will even be exempt from paying school and university tuition, as well as their electric and water bills, which will be fully covered by the PA government, directly or indirectly. He also knows that if and when he is released from prison, his chances of finding a job in the public sector are much higher than those of someone who did not kill a Jew or spend time in an Israeli prison.

Until a few years ago, the PA government was dealing with the Palestinian prisoners held in Israel through the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, which was established in 1995, shortly after the signing of the Oslo Accords.

The ministry aims, among other things, to “ensure a decent life for prisoners and care for their children and their families.” Its mission also includes the “rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-detainees into Palestinian society.”

In 2014, the Palestinian Authority, under pressure from Western donors, abolished the ministry and replaced it with a new body called the Higher National Commission for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs. The decision to abolish the ministry and turn it into a PLO-associated commission was seen as an attempt by Abbas to appease Israel and the Western donors. As a consequence of the change, the PLO, and not the PA government, would be in charge of paying salaries and other social benefits to the prisoners and their families. The move was aimed at showing Western donors that their financial aid to the Palestinian Authority was not going to support terrorists in Israeli prison. (The PLO does not receive direct funds from Western donors).

But Abbas’s move was nothing but another dirty deception. The so-called Higher National Commission for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs is actually the same abolished ministry, but under a different name. The commission is directly linked to the Palestinian Authority government and appears as one of its institutions on its official website. The website declares that the Commission provides the prisoners and their families with “legal and material services,” as well as professional training, health insurance, loans, grants and university scholarships for ex-prisoners.

While many in the international community have fallen for Abbas’s trickery concerning the support of convicted terrorists who are imprisoned by Israel, a few have discovered the ploy. Earlier this year, the British government’s Department for International Development reportedly froze part of its aid to the PA, following demands for action from UK lawmakers, after revelations that British aid was being used to fund payments to Palestinian terrorists. Some of the funds were reported to have gone to families of Palestinian suicide bombers and teenagers who have attacked Israelis.

But the world according to the PA is still not the world according to the international community. Taxpayers have the right to know if their money is covering the dental expenses of a terrorist and his family. It is time to tell Abbas and his associates, in terms that they understand, that the West will no longer fund terrorists. This message, above all others, will discourage terrorism — and perhaps even encourage peace.


Bassam Tawil

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