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August 24, 2016 / 20 Av, 5776

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3 Arrested at Holland Tunnel With Combat Gear, Weapons Cache, Driving to NYC

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Three people were arrested Tuesday morning with a large weapons cache, just before entering the Holland Tunnel on their way to New York City.

Two men in their fifties and a woman in her thirties were stopped by police on the New Jersey side of the tunnel when they were spotted in a car with a cracked windshield.

Port Authority Police initially stopped the trio at a toll plaza at around 7:40 am Eastern Time, police said. They were soon joined by agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a source said, when a search of the vehicle turned up the cache of combat gear.

The collection of combat gear included body armor (several ballistic vests), a camouflage helmet with night vision goggles, multiple rifles and handguns (some loaded), a number of knives, and several magazines filled with ammunition.

Two senior law enforcement officials told NBC 4 News the suspects were “gun enthusiasts” and had “no nexus to terror.”

The trio reportedly may be from Pennsylvania, where a police source said “gun laws are more relaxed.”

Hana Levi Julian

What Would You Do if Israelis/Arabs Put Down Their Weapons?

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Corey Gil-Shuster goes around the Land of Israel asking local people interesting questions from viewers around the world.

Q: PA Arabs: What would you do if Israelis put down their weapons?

and the reverse:

Q: Israelis: What would you do if Arabs put down their weapons?

Video of the Day

Waves & Weapons

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Once again, the calendar has rolled around to Sivan. Congratulations to all those who have successfully counted all 49 days of Sefiras Ha’Omer! Now let’s move on to an analysis of Sivan – the month of the Torah.

For those of you who are familiar with the Arizal’s modus operandi of matching each of the months with one of the twelve tribes, I am sure Sivan has got you perplexed. The Arizal aligns Sivan with Zevulun – the sea merchant. One could ask a fair question: What led the Arizal to the conclusion that Zevulun should be aligned with Sivan instead of perhaps Yissachar – the scholar who spends all his time studying the Torah which was given in this month? Now, one might suggest that since Zevulun pays all of Yissachar’s bills, he is considered Yissachar’s equal. However, while it may be true that Zevulun will receive an equal portion of Heavenly reward, we still don’t know why Zevulun should be matched up with the month of the Torah any more than Yissachar who actually does study the Torah all his days.

Before we answer this question, let’s add one more. The Sefer Yetzirah writes that every month is aligned with a particular letter – with Sivan being aligned with zayin. In what way can we understand this enigmatic idea? Come; we have a way to go.

In order to answer these questions, let’s take a detour to discuss the origins of the name Zevulun. The Torah (Bereishis 30:20) describes how Leah stated “Ha’paam yizblni ishi – Now [that this child is born] my husband will make his permanent dwelling with me, for I have borne him 6 sons. And she called his name Zevulun.” The Torah is explaining that the name Zevulun comes from the word “zevul” – a permanent dwelling place. This is strange considering Zevulun’s is known as an overseas traveler. While a sea merchant may indeed have a house, he rarely spends time there. If anything, the sea would be called his dwelling place more than the dry land. While one may suggest that Leah’s statement was of limited significance, the Midrash (Bereishis Rabbah 71, 3) debunks this theory by explaining that the names of the Shevatim are laden with significance and, indeed, define who they and their descendant are. So why is the frequent flier associated with dwelling places?

Perhaps we can begin to answer this question by looking at the Vilna Gaon’s explanation of Sefer Yonah. Although he does not Heaven forbid negate the historical veracity of this book, the Vilna Gaon explains that Sefer Yonah can also be understood as a parable to the soul’s journey through the world. The traveler is the soul, the boat is his body with which he moves along, and the sea is planet Earth. Yonah describes how the soul often tries to flee from the Will of G-d but is unable to escape his spiritual calling. What can we draw out from this exposition? It seems that the Vilna Gaon understands that this world can be compared to the sea! So Zevulun is not one who stays away from the dwelling place of civilized men, but rather his abode typifies such places.

However, we still must wonder why this world should be made into a permanent dwelling. Does Pirkei Avos (Chp. 4) not teach us that this world is but a corridor to the next world? What benefit could there be in assigning a tribe the job to make this world a permanent dwelling place?

The answer is, we are not commanded to make the world a zevul for us but rather for Hashem. Hashem made the world so that we can earn eternal reward by making the world into a dwelling place for Him. Our Sages teach “Rotzoh Hakadosh Baruch Hu laasos dirah B’tachtonim” – Hashem desired, as it were, to have a dwelling place in the physical realm. But how can the Holy One dwell in the lower world? Through the Torah. The Torah describes precisely how we must live our lives. When we follow the laws and ways of the Torah, the world becomes a Hashem-centric place. If we cause the whole world to be run in accordance with G-d’s will then the world indeed becomes a “dwelling place” for the Holy One.

However, one could still ask, why is this specifically Zevulun’s job? Doesn’t everyone have an obligation to make the world a godly place? The answer is that of course everyone has this obligation. But Zevulun is uniquely suited to fulfill this task because he is the one who is out there in the world. The businessmen who interact with the peoples of the Earth are in just the right position to show everyone what it means to live according to the Torah. Yissachar, indeed, makes the globe a godlier place by increasing knowledge of Hashem’s way of thinking. Also, Yissachar is the one who provides guidance in how to live properly according to halacha. His contribution cannot be understated. Nevertheless, Zevulun is the one who enables all this by supporting Yissachar financially. Secondly, while Yissachar’s halachic renderings are truly the only way we know how to live in the world, it is Zevulun who actually brings those psakim to the world. The opportunities Zevulun has to make a dwelling place for Hashem are that much more encompassing. So in reality it is Zevulun who is most suited for the month of the Torah, for it is he who extends its reach the farthest.

Let’s wrap it up by explaining why Sivan is aligned with the letter zayin. You see, zayin is not just the seventh letter; it is also a word which means “weapon.” In the month of the zayin Hashem gave us a weapon with which we can fight the world war. You may not have realized we are engaged in a war, but it is a fact that we are. The nations of the world struggle mightily to crown man as the king of the universe, while we Jews contend that Hashem is the King of the universe. The nations fight to create a man-centric world, while our people battle to construct a dwelling place for the Almighty. The Torah is our only weapon, because without it we have no way of knowing how this holy abode can be built. Molding the world in accordance with Hashem’s plan cannot be done simply by following our hearts. We must work to incorporate halacha into every aspect of our lives. We must act in a way befitting the bearers of G-d’s Word and we must cause G-d’s Name and ways to become beloved in the eyes of all humanity. All this can only be done with our secret zayin – the Torah. May we merit this month to receive the Torah with a full heart and learn to use it in fulfillment of Hashem’s Master Plan.

Shaya Winiarz

Smuggled Rocket/Mortar Parts Shipment From Hebron to Gaza Foiled

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

A recent joint operation by Israeli military, police, customs and tax officials and Shin Bet intelligence agents has turned up a massive shipment of military parts headed for Gaza from Hebron. It is also now clear there is a Hamas manufacturing facility in the ancient Judean city.

Terrorists were caught red-handed with contraband – weaponry parts – at the Tarqumiya crossing near Hebron with a large shipment headed for the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza.

Intercepted pipes for rockets and mortars

The shipment was listed as textiles and jewelry, and was huge, according to a statement by security officials.

But hidden among the goods were a lot of electric motors that are useful for building tunnels – attack tunnels – and special cuttings for mortars and rockets.

Intercepted electric motors for tunnels

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization has, in fact, a manufacturing and distribution center set up in Hebron, with a plant there to produce parts for its war machine.

Imagine what might have happened, if the Tarqumiya checkpoint no longer existed?

Or if the Kerem Shalom crossing were simply wide open, as Turkey continues to demand?

Hana Levi Julian

Hamas Exploits Easing of Gaza Blockade to Smuggle More Weapons

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Palestinian terrorist groups continue to exploit Israel’s relaxation of Gaza’s naval blockade to smuggle weapons meant to strike the Jewish state, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, said in a Times of Israel report.

Israel’s Navy detained a Hamas-affiliated operative last month, accused of smuggling weapons and outlawed building materials into the Gaza Strip. Under interrogation, Salim Jamal Hassan Naman admitted that he helped smuggle in “materials used in the production of rockets, like fiberglass resin,” Shin Bet said.

In April, Israel allowed Gaza’s boats to operate up to nine nautical miles from the shores, extending the permitted distance from six miles. Naman was detained after deviating beyond the new threshold. Though the operative is most closely aligned with Hamas, he acknowledged that the smuggling operation involved supplying weapons to various Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Naman also revealed Hamas’ plans to exploit Gazan fisherman as a “camouflage” for the group’s terrorist operations.

“The information revealed in this interrogation, along with the interrogations of the other Hamas terror operatives who have been arrested recently, reveal another aspect of the numerous efforts made by Hamas in order to prepare itself for advancing its violent terrorist actions. This time, it’s through taking advantage of the relief provided by Israel for the population of Gazan fisherman,” the Shin Bet said.

Hamas continues to focus its efforts on enhancing its terrorist capabilities to confront Israel militarily and terrorize its population. Instead of utilizing the extra nautical miles off the coast to the benefit of Gazan fisherman, Hamas squanders the opportunity to improve the Strip’s economic situation. Whether by rebuilding its underground tunnel infrastructure or exploiting naval smuggling opportunities, Hamas clearly prioritizes its violent Jihad against Israel over the well-being of its citizens

IPT-Investigative Project on Terrorism

Israel Seizes Thousands of Grenade Springs, Explosives, Weapons Headed for Gaza

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

by Michael Bachner

Israeli police have seized pipe bombs, ammunition, and thousands of springs for grenades and rockets in two separate raids over the past day, thwarting plans to attack Israelis both within Israel and from Gaza.

The suspected pipe bombs and ammunition were found during a search of a house in the Israeli-Arab town of Qalansuwa, located in central Israel, police announced Thursday. The objects were seized and the residents, a 25-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, were arrested and were set to appear in court in Petach Tikva on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the police and Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency announced Wednesday that they thwarted an attempt to smuggle 60,000 spring kits for hand grenades, mortars, and rockets into Gaza. The springs were loaded onto a car by a man in his twenties from the Bedouin town of Rahat, after he fraudulently purchased them from an Israeli factory that works with the military. The materials were hidden in a warehouse in the community of Ami Oz, near Gaza.

According to the police, the man was planning to smuggle the springs into Gaza to be used by Hamas and other local terror organizations. He allegedly planned on smuggling 500,000 springs in total, police said. He has been arrested, along with two other suspects, and taken for questioning.

“Had the smuggling attempt succeeded, the springs would enable the terror organizations to produce 60,000 hand grenades, mortars, and rockets to be used against Israeli citizens,” said a police spokesperson. “Our activities against the attempts to smuggle weapon parts and materials into Gaza through the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings are ongoing.”

“This is another blow to Hamas’s enormous efforts to produce weaponry while it abuses Israel’s humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza,” said Ofir Gendelman, the prime minister’s official spokesperson to the Arab media.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

Security Forces Seize Weapons Cache near Eastern Jerusalem

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Security forces early Thursday morning discovered a weapons cache in Abu Dis, an Arab town in the PA, bordering Jerusalem, Israel Radio reported. The weapons included a Carl Gustav sub-machine gun, ammunition, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and commando knives. Two lathes used to produce improvised explosive devices (IED). A local resident was arrested.

Israel Radio also reported that security forces arrested in Judea and Samaria overnight eight Arabs suspected of terrorism and membership in terrorist groups.

Also on Thursday morning, a search for weapons and ammunition in an Arab casba revealed knives, a weapons strip, gunpowder, four Molotov cocktails, improvised weapons, and knee protectors. One man was arrested. Military sappers detonated the explosives.

David Israel

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