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Buchanan Revisited

9 Sivan 5768 – June 11, 2008
The Monitor requests some forbearance from readers; with preparations in high gear for an extended 10th anniversary column which, barring catastrophe, will appear as the front-page essay in the July 4 issue, this week’s offering is a reprint of a piece that garnered significant reader feedback when it first appeared several years ago.

Star-K’s Kashrus Seminar To Benefit Polish Jewry

10 Av 5767 – July 25, 2007
Prior to the outbreak of World War II, Poland contained the second largest Jewish community in the world, with nearly 3.5 million Jews.

Title: The Fugu Plan: The Untold Story of the Japanese and...

29 Elul 5764 – September 15, 2004
Title: The Fugu Plan: The Untold Story of the Japanese and the Jews during World War IIBy: Rabbi Marvin Tokayer and Mary SwartzPublisher: Gefen...

Title: No Greater Glory: The Four Immortal Chaplains And The Sinking...

27 Sivan 5764 – June 16, 2004
During the Second World War, a top-secret mission was organized to establish a military base in Greenland that would enable the recent invention of radar to be tested.

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