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As we witness the terror attacks and murder of innocent people recently in France, and the world “leaders” reaction including the forthcoming demonstration today, it becomes more clear than ever how important Israel is not only for the Jewish people, but indeed for the entire world.

The famous saying, “history repeats itself” is even more pronounced today with the reality of the Islamic global terror and sadly how the world continues to focus on Israel and the so-called occupation. 


How can the world and indeed even Israel forget history and for example the Moslem connection with the Nazis during WW11, and how they planned the mass murder of the Jewish people not only in the Land of Israel, but in Arab countries and indeed all over the world.  The “Grand Mufti” not only collaborated with Hitler he actively worked along side of the Nazis planning to massacre the Jewish people wherever he could.

As they say, “the writing was on the wall” with the latest terror attacks in France, under the flag of extreme Islam, which as of yet of course has not received any condemnation from the UN or the special committee for acts against humanity (which by the way has only met with accusations against Israel- we who despite the terror try and save lives even of those involved in terror because of our high level of morality -perhaps too high in these cases)

Given the reality of the continuous incitement against the Jewish people and indeed the Christians along with the terror organizations who receive funding from Iran, and other fanatic regimes, one realizes that these terror attacks are only a minute part of what is in store for the free world in the future.

We are aware of the intense blind hate that is pounded into even the smallest Arab Moslem children even here in Israel, and the honor given to murderous terrorists by even those who are referred to as “leaders of the Palestinian people such as Abbas”, whose teachings are a denial of the Holocaust.

We, the Jewish people are taught always to treat even outsiders with decency and kindness, and to remember the time when we were held as slaves in Egypt.  The Moslems are taught that anyone other than a Moslem is to be destroyed in the name of Allah- the exact opposite of the teachings of our Torah.

Here we are before elections to the Israeli Knesset – yes- again- but it is imperative to remember who we are as a Jewish people, what our history is and the importance of a Jewish National Zionist home to grant safety to the Jewish people but also literally to be a light to the world.