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Yearly Archives: 2018

Measles Exposure Warning at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport

Any person at the airport on Dec. 24 between the hours of 12 noon and 4:00 pm could have been exposed to the measles virus. Symptoms might appear up to Jan. 14.

Admiration, Honor, But No Mention of Brazil Relocating Embassy to Jerusalem

"President Bolsonaro said in the synagogue today: 'I come to learn from you what you are doing.' They have so little and do so much. We have so much, and have done so little.... "

Ambassador Danon to Remain at UN

“During this challenging period, I intend to continue advancing Israel's position at the UN."

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Our rightist government managed to knock over an inside wall with tweezers as the family of the terrorist looked on and laughed. Yet, the same government displayed amazing perseverance and thoroughness when it came to destroying entire Jewish neighborhoods because somebody there built one meter of his home on ownerless land.

LeBron James Committed a Foul and Doesn’t Deserve a Free Pass

Apologies filled with rationalizations, explanations and deflections are not apologies. LeBron’s apology is the perfect example of how not to say you are sorry.

INTO THE FRAY Palestine: What if the Six-Day War Never Occurred?

If the “West Bank” was part of the “Hashemite Kingdom” up to 1967, how did it suddenly become the Palestinians’ long-yearned-for homeland which, up until then, they were submissively willing to cede to an alien potentate?

92 Redux: Is This the End of the Israeli Right, Or a New Beginning?

Bennett and Shaked's breakaway party will either strengthen Israel's right, or completely destroy it in the upcoming elections...

Bennett’s, Shaked’s ‘New Right’ Party to Challenge Netanyahu

According to Bennett, Netanyahu's contempt for religious Zionism has reached an intolerable peak.

Bennett, Shaked, to Announce Leaving Habayit Hayehudi Tonight, Form New Party

The two will deliver a statement to the media at 8:15 PM in Tel Aviv.

Rocket Launched from Gaza Strip after 6 Quiet Weeks

A week ago, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders threatened to renew the fire after four Arab rioters had been killed during Friday demonstrations near the border fence.

It’s Friday: More Hamas Violence at Gaza Border with Israel

At least one rioter was killed and five more were injured during Friday's clashes at the Israeli-Gaza border.

Amos Oz, World-Famous Israeli Novelist Dies at 79

"We are not alone in Israel and in Jerusalem, and neither are the Palestinians.... The house should be divided into two families.”

Parshat Shemot

The women believed that Hashem would free the Jewish people and they showed their belief by having children.

The Plane Truth

It was getting late, the plane was set to take off soon, and the boy had no idea what to do.

Why Bnei Yisrael Had To Suffer

Why was the suffering justified? What was so terrible about what Dasan and Aviram did that explained this question to Moshe Rabbeinu?

Does Anyone Care About The Prisoners Of Zion?

High schoolers in the dati-leumi school system remember us because the struggle for Soviet Jewry is a part of the curriculum. Otherwise, to most Israelis, I am just another beard in the street.

Not Enough, Say Yeshiva Groups, As NYSED Backpedals On Private School Requirements

The New York State Education Department issued clarifications to the lengthy, and sometimes, vague educational guidelines it had released on November 20.

Q & A: What Constitutes Charity? (Part II)

Question: I have three questions. First, what exactly constitutes charity? Second, how much does a person have to give? Third, can one consider a tip to a waiter at a restaurant charity considering how little waiters make? Zelig Aronson Queens, NY

Lined Up in Teveria

Chabad Tzedaka boxes in Tiberius.

Making The Jewish Nation Great Again

Over the past two years, we have repeatedly heard the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” What would it take for the Jewish people to be “great again”? What would it take for us to restore the glory of the kingdoms of King David and King Solomon?

Terror Returns: Incendiary Balloon Lands Next to Negev Kindergarten

This verbal escalation apparently stems from an increase in self-confidence among the terror groups inside the Gaza Strip, which perceive that Israel is not interested in a confrontation with Gaza.


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