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‘Simple’ Essays From A Brilliant Maimonides Scholar

Pathways to Their Hearts is the logical fruit of Rav Rabinovich’s unique personality, pen, and work. It is everything you might expect from the rosh yeshiva: Optimistic and patient, full of simple faith and intellectual curiosity.

Kohelet Files Criminal Complaint Against Retired General Who Called for their Annihilation

Kohelet’s attorney urged Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara to investigate and prosecute Nehemia Dagan.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Shelach: Choosing Yokes

The more you depend on forces outside yourself, the more you are dominated by them. -Harold Sherman

Im Tirtzu vs. Daniel Bayorin: A Response to David Israel

Political Disagreements are Fair Game; however, Existential Threats to Israel should not be Funded by the Israeli Public 

Pinchas: A Man Of Shalom And Kehuna

A puzzling feature of the story of Pinchas and Zimri is the striking omission of Zimri’s name from the story as it is first told in Parashas Balak. Only afterwards, when recounting the story again in Parashas Pinchas, does the Torah name the perpetrator of this evil act. Why is this so?

Watch: IDF Destroys Home of Ramallah Terrorist Who Murdered Two in Jerusalem

In an unusual move, the IDF entered the city of Ramallah overnight to destroy the home of the terrorist Islam Perok who carried out...

Officials in Netanyahu’s Circle: If Yariv Levin Wants to Quit, Let him Go Ahead

Another bone of contention between Levin and others in the coalition is the justice minister's delay of investigating the Pegasus affair.

President’s Residence Talks Frozen Pending Vote on Committee to Appoint Judges

The draft of the president’s staff's proposed agreements on judicial reform appears to be to the left of the opposition.

Israeli Ex-Pat Shot to Death in Los Angeles

The victim was talking to another man, who pulled out a handgun and shot him multiple times at point-blank range.

A Humanizing And Accessible View Of Gedolim

One of the strengths of these biographical vignettes is that they are represented through the eyes of people who are deeply vested in the subject – be they actual talmidim of the gadol when they were alive...

Former Vice President Mike Pence Joins GOP Presidential Race

"Anyone who asks someone else to put them over the Constitution should never be president of the United States again.”

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Prompts New York to Hand Out N95 Masks

“The best way to stay safe right now is to stay indoors.”

The Shape Of The Menorah

The author of the essay asserts that David HaMelech had this mizmor in the shape of a menorah inscribed on his shield that he carried into war, and his enemies fled before him.

R. Elchanan Wasserman’s Letter About His Son And Arba Minim

Reading through correspondence of great Jewish leaders of old never fails to inspire, though for me, the most exciting letters are the ones that are personal in nature and that deal with challenges of the communities they led.

From CUNY to the Pandemic, Systemic Anti-Semitism is the Real Problem

The Biden administration does not want to investigate the systemic antisemitism of its political allies, whether at CUNY Law or in New York in general because it’s complicit in it.

Tom Nides Approved Nearly $1 Million Grant to Support Delegitimizing Israel

The involvement of the outgoing U.S. ambassador to Israel “is certain to attract congressional scrutiny,” reported The Washington Free Beacon.

Grover Cleveland: A Champion Of The Jews

Even after leaving office, Cleveland continued to stand up for the Jewish people.

All Tied Up

The term asirah derives from another triliteral root, aleph-samech-reish, which appears close to ninety times in the Bible.

Anarchists Desecrate Monument to PM Netanyahu’s Father

"It's time for them to stop trampling every norm of common sense and decency."

Flawed UN Report May Lead to a Blacklisting of Israel

The UN report is based on reports from anti-Israel NGOs, some designated as terror organizations.

All Things Caribbean And Kosher Jerk Chicken

Some Jews will only come to Montego Bay because they can daven and get kosher food. We have a nice crowd among those who will book their vacation where Chabad is, Raskin said.

Likud MK Amit Halevi Proposes Plan to Divide Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

"No one needs to examine the stones to know that it is ours ... King David bought the land from the Jebusites."

Freedom Of Speech Implies Responsibility – It Is Not A Lic ense To Harm...

Freedom of speech also presupposes that participants will not be singled out as individuals or as members of a group.

Rare 2,000-Yr-Old Coin Minted by Mattathias Antigonus Seized in Eastern Jerusalem Raid

Matatthias minted bronze coins in three denominations: large, medium and small. The seized coin is of medium value, and is rarer than the large value.

Are Hat And Jacket Required Dress Code For Prayer?

More recent halachic authorities, however, recognize that hats and jackets are no longer a component of standard dress, especially in warmer climates.

Two Israeli Bedouin Arrested in IDF Ammunition Theft

This is not the first time – or the second -- that ammunition has been stolen from an IDF base.

Raging Wildfire No Longer Threatens Homes in Jackson Township, New Jersey

Jackson Township is about eight miles’ distance from Lakewood, home to a large Orthodox Jewish population.

Kherson’s Chabad-Lubavitch Emissary Rescuing Jews After Kakhovka Dam Breach in Ukraine

"Hundreds of thousands are going to lose everything they had in life."


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