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Crusader Era Stables Discovered in Apollonia National Park

A stone shelf was found there which the researchers estimate was used for mangers, as well as tying stones with rock-hewn rings that were probably used to tie horses.

Recently Unearthed Ramban Prayer Available Online and in English for First Time

It was found in a manuscript written just after the Expulsion, which was likely used by Catalonian exiles living in Provence.

Israel Hayom Started WW3 between Ambassador Friedman and Ramallah and They’re Very Sorry

This was a big oops. Because, as IH itself put it, Mohammed Dahlan is a bitter political rival of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Report: UAE National Carrier Emirates to Launch ‘Kosher Arabia’

“With recent developments, we expect that demand for kosher food in the UAE and region will grow quickly,” says Emirates Flight Catering CEO Saeed Mohammed.

Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Can’t Do Under the New Lockdown

One may go out from one's residence up to a distance of 500 meters only. This restriction enables going out into the public sphere (including parks and playgrounds) up to 500 meters.

Tense Clash Between Netanyahu, Gamzu, Reveals Great Misgivings over Coronavirus Lockdown

PM Netanyahu: "You're saying I'm pointlessly imprisoning the citizens at home?"

Large Outdoor Dining Space Erected To Serve Charity Meals For Rosh Hashanah In a Safe Setting at Masbia of Boro Park 

Masbia Soup Kitchen will be reopening for communal sit-in meals, starting on Rosh Hoshanah 2020.

New Coronavirus Lockdown ‘Simply Not Enough,’ Further Steps Needed

"At this point it's already clear: It's simply not enough. We are, at the moment at a morbidity level that requires us to take further steps."

Prayers Needed for Sanzer Rebbe in Netanya, Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Rebbe’s name for prayers is: Tzvi Elimelech ben Chaya Nechama for a swift and complete recovery.

Breslov Hasidim Won’t Leave Belarus-Ukraine Border Ahead of Rosh Hashana

“Ukraine has shut its borders to foreigners, and no exclusions will be made for the Hasidic pilgrims.”

Amount of People Fed at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Varies, Depending on Generosity of Donors

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, the only kosher soup kitchen in NY, has had a drastic increase in demand at all three of their locations since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Why I’m Not Going To Uman

I’ve learned a great many things from him about serving Hashem, about teshuvah, about simcha, about emphasizing the good points, about always striving to ascend higher and higher.

INTO THE FRAY: Oslo as Political Kryptonite

For the Labor Party, the fall from the heights of political hegemony to the depth of political oblivion is a fitting fate for the perpetration of the Oslo Accords, which ran counter to every prevailing Zionist norm of the time

Crown the King or Corona the King?

Stop focusing on Covid and start focusing on Kavod

Why Is Harvard Giving Saeb Erekat A Job?

Saeb Erekat has declared Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu “a war criminal that’s not worth the bullet it would take to shoot him.”

The Left’s Moral Compass Isn’t Broken…

On the left, the concept of objective truth is increasingly deemed a form of white supremacy.

A True Fairy Tale: The Jewish Bahraini Princess

Rivka Abramovitz reads the e-mail, her curiosity intensifying into shock. She looks up at the Hasidic Jewish family seated around her. Should she tell them what the e-mail said? Definitely, no. Her long-lost mother’s sudden e-mail appearance had just told this Jewish woman that she is actually Arab.
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The Abraham Accords with Our Father in Heaven

First, Malkah Fleisher on getting ready for Rosh Hashanah, but dealing with the challenge of a Coronavirus resurgence in Israel. Then, Rav Mike Feuer on why Ishmael is featured so prominently in the Rosh Hashanah liturgy. And finally, US foreign policy expert, Matthew Brodsky, on why the United Arab Emirates wants sovereignty from the Palestinian issue.

The Current Events Of Lashon Hara

There is no reason why we should have a monopoly on kind speech, and Telushkin has gone so far as to initiate a bipartisan group of senators to introduce Senate Resolution 264 calling for a national “Speak No Evil Day” in America.

Not Fearing Crises – Reflections on the Sounds of the Shofar

Rosh Hashanah is a seemingly a "deprived holiday." Almost nothing is written about this festival in the Torah, certainly less than about any other festival. Even the shofar is not mentioned explicitly in the Torah in the context of Rosh Hashanah. All that is mentioned is that Rosh Hashana is Yom Teruah - “a day of blasting”, or Zichron Teruah - “a remembrance of blasting”, but nothing more.

Rabbi Wagensberg on Rosh Hashana

May you all have a very Good Shabbos, a Kesiva V’chasima Tova

Leaving It Up To The Almighty

It follows therefore that if vengeance is wrong, it could not have been commanded by G-d – not to Christians, and not to Jews. If it was commanded, we must be able to make some moral sense of it, whether we are Jews or Christians.

The Power of Teshuva and Corona

The challenges and difficulties are not easy, but we believe that Hashem is taking the world to a better place. I believe that with God’s help, everyone will succeed in discovering new strengths and talents, and reach greater heights that they could not have reached without the Coronavirus.

How To Renew A Nation

Note the inclusivity of the event. It would be anachronistic to say that the Torah was egalitarian in the contemporary sense.

It’s Not All About Us

I took counsel with my grandfather who has already passed away and with my grandchild who has not yet been born.

Sneaking Into A Soccer Stadium

This is a big atonement for me. My conscience was tormented. The purpose in my publication of this story is to set an example for our youth that they should not steal.

TORAH SHORTS: Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech: Egocentric Theology

The egoism which enters into our theories does not affect their sincerity; rather, the more our egoism is satisfied, the more robust is our belief. -George Eliot

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