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Panels Politics Poll following Knesset Dissolution: Netanyahu Government with Shaked, Meretz Eliminated

On paper, had all the eligible Israeli Arabs exercised their right to vote, they could win between 20 and 24 seats.

Gush Etzion 19-Year-Old Completes Shas for Second Time

Nadav intends to continue setting aside time for Torah every single day, despite the demanding upcoming military service.

Secure Community Network Issues Guide to Judaism for Law Enforcement

“Introduction to Judaism for Law Enforcement Officers and Security Professionals” seeks to promote a greater understanding of the Jewish community by those who help protect it.

Israel and Azerbaijan Sign Bilateral Aviation Deal

The agreement strengthen the political and strategic relations of Israel and Azerbaijan.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Dead at 49, Promoted the ‘Zelenko Protocol’

On March 21, 2020, Zelenko posted a video to YouTube and Facebook addressed to President Donald Trump.

Elbit Systems Closes Asia-Pacific Deals for a Total $768M

Elbit Systems is engaged in networked warfare programs in several countries, among them Switzerland, Israel, the UK, Sweden, Canada and others.

How the South African ‘Apartheid’ Label was Hijacked to Attack Israel

"The antisemitic apartheid campaign will be defeated because it is built on lies and hate.”

Health Ministry Recommends COVID Vaccine for Infants Over 6 Months

The Pfizer dose for children is one-tenth of the adult dose.

Israeli Electricity & Water Charges Next to Rise

By Friday morning, Israelis will be paying more for gasoline, electricity, water and dairy products.

Ben & Jerry’s Condemns Parent Company Unilever’s Decision to Sell Rights to Israeli Franchisee, Defanging Boycott

“Unilever rejects completely and repudiates unequivocally any form of discrimination or intolerance. Antisemitism has no place in any society."

Israeli Schoolchildren Start Summer Vacation, Teachers Still Wrestling with Finance Ministry

"Summer school" begins next week for children in kindergarten and grades one to three.

Michael Crichton And Our Unchanging Media

Speculation is one of the services the media provides -- it is a handy substitute for reasoned argument and debate.  

ARABS to Biden: Shut Down Iran’s ‘Expansionist Project’

The Arabs are saying that they expect the Biden administration to reverse its stance on the mullahs and act in accordance with reality: that Tehran poses a catastrophic threat to America's allies – all of its allies, Arab and Israeli alike – in the Middle East.

Masafer Yatta: Fact vs. Fiction 

Israel has allowed the delusion that it can gain Arab and international approval by compromising on its national interests

Ban Landmines Globally

Landmines should be banned worldwide because they are indiscriminate weapons that kill and maim innocent men, women, and children.

Let Them Wear Burkinis

This is the country where religious symbols, including head coverings, are verboten in schools, civil service and sports competitions.

CUNY Faculty Members Plead For An End To Antisemitism On Campus

It is clear to me and others that there has been a concerted effort to limit Jewish hires at CUNY, especially when it comes to Orthodox and openly Zionist Jews, Lax told The Jewish Press.

The Radio Show Must Go On: Jewish Icon Nachum Segal Is Undaunted After Studio...

Every possible strategy seemed to go through my mind that day and during the subsequent days. I don’t think I ever considered giving up, but I did think of just how difficult it would be to start from scratch and rebuild.
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Ben & Jerry’s Red Heifer Flavor

First, Yishai and Malkah Fleisher rap about Israeli teacher's strikes, anti-Israel tourists, and read your emails. Then, Jake Bennett on defeating Ben & Jerry’s BDS hate antisemitic hate movement and on building the Holy Land with your hands.

Blind Faith – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Are some mysteries better left hidden? Listen to Andrea and her good buddy Simon Anstey tussle over the state of affairs in the world. Lots of schmooze, news and laughing with Jews!

This Debate Aborts the Life of Our Society – News From The Torah [audio]

What's wrong with American abortion debate, what does the Torah think about fetal life and the legacy of the Lubaitvcher Rebbe that can turn this challenge into a blessing

Unexpected Consequences in Real Life – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, commentator on mid-east and world issues, and author of the book: Muslim Winter

The Rebbe’s Legacy: Become a Living Mezuzah for Another!

Like the Mezuzah, the Shluchim are committed to the physical and spiritual safety and wellbeing of the Jewish people wherever they may be.

The Impetus For Two Improbable Movements

By 1939, not only had Novardhok reestablished itself on Polish soil, but it also had a network of 85 yeshivos! This dynamic phenomenon, unparalleled in Jewish history, came about as a result of a single statement.

Breaking An Engagement

It goes without saying that it is not always so simple to secure such a letter. Very often, the one who initiated the breakup will be expected to make financial amends to the other party in order to obtain it.

When Truth Is Sacrificed To Power

That Moses needed to resort to force was itself a sign that he had been dragged down to the level of the rebels. That is what happens when power, not truth, is at stake.

From Loneliness To Oneness: The Endless Expansion of Self

Adam and Chavah are created as one before being split apart to model the oneness that we are striving towards as husband and wife.

Good Within Bad

The difference between the current era and the future messianic era is our ability to recognize Hashem's goodness within the bad. This is the meaning of Hashem's name currently lacking Oneness.

Malachi’s Friends

In the Torah portions that we are currently reading, it is noted time and again that as soon as the people arrived at a new place, they immediately erected the Mishkan, the people's spiritual center and beating heart.

The Value of Effective Communication – Parshat Ḥukat

Communicating the Jewish people's deepest aspirations can often serve to raise morale & strengthen Israel’s position on the battlefield.

Wealth Is A Poor Prerequisite For Power

It is worth understanding why Korach’s argument against Moshe was found to be utterly without merit while Shmuel’s is held up as the apogee of righteousness.

What’s The Real Purpose Of Aleinu? (Part II)

The Rokei’ach teaches us that the author of Aleinu is none other than our great leader Yehoshua.

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