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Shabbos Safe Hotplate

The up-and-coming TechYidCo. startup company is making noise within the Jewish community! The newly launched online campaign for the ‘Shabbos Safe Hotplate’ has gone viral with over 13,000 views on the Internet. Observant Jewish homes are showing interest in the new hotplate and the Frum Electronic Engineering Technician that has designed the fire safety hotplate with Shabbos and Yomim Tovim observance in mind.


With only two weeks left in the campaign over 500 Jewish homes have already invested in a Safer Shabbos, you can also back this project.

Every Shabbos Safe Hotplate will have a full Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Being engineered by a frum company the Shabbos Safe Hotplate has also been certified and under the strict supervision of not only the prominent Beth Din of Crown Heights, but also the Oregon Kosher Vaad Hakashrus. The Shabbos Safe Hotplate will be 100% guaranteed safety certified and tested by the national recognized ETL applicable published standard.

To participate in The Safer Shabbos Campaign and get your hotplate CLICK HERE

What inspired BenTzion Davis to create his hotplate?

After the recent tragedies in the Orthodox community, he had become extremely frustrated with the quality of hotplate available on the market and in most Hamish stores. He knew that none of the hoplates being sold today are made to operate safely for more than a few years.

He has designed a Low Risk Fire and Shock Hazard Safety Hotplate that is designed for demands of a Kosher family kitchen. Our hotplates are left on every week for 26 to 74 hours repetitively for years and they are used in a busy family environment where almost anything can happen. They need to exceed the minimal safety standards. What makes the Shabbos Safe Hotplate superior and safer?

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate operates between 220 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit but only consumes 240 Watts of Electricity. This low power consumption is not only safer and avoids unnecessary Amperage draw from your household wiring but it will pay the difference in your kilowatt hour electric bill before the warranty is even finished.

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate has a three prong ground circuit breaker and thermal circuitry that will cut the flow of electricity under most any abnormal emergency. Also the electric cord is an industrial grade PVC insulated power cord. The unit is raised high above the countertop to avoid heating the surface.

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate’s tubular insulated heating element avoids electric shorts and has an extremely long service life that will last for years. There are no internal breakable parts. Each unit is drop tested and guaranteed not to break.

All of this is incorporated into a beautiful brushed solid stainless steel housing that is not only easy to clean but impact resistant and the top surface is kashurable. You can rest assured that I have designed and built this unit with yours and my family’s safety in mind, and I did not cut any corners or do anything that would compromise quality.

I want people to know that I have engineered a superior appliance and that there is no other hotplate that is even close to the quality and safety standard. I am very passionate about what I am doing because it was inspired by tragedy. I am an Electronic Engineering Technician and I put my heart into this design so that you and your family will be safe.


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